Takara Kabuto Bike Review: Road Bike for Regular Use

Takara Kabuto Bike Review: Road Bike for Regular Use 1
takara kabuto bike review

Need a simple bike for neighborhood riding? If you do, then we have the best solution for you. The new Takara kabuto single speed bike can be a great company at your daily riding. The use of fundamental and uncomplicated features made the bike one of the best available single speed road bikes. Carefully read our Takara kabuto bike review if you don’t want to miss out on this masterpiece.

While buying the bike, you won't have to worry about your budget. It costs around two hundred dollars. And you are getting features like an alloy frame, 32 hole alloy wheels, V-brakes, a flip flop hub, wide handlebar, and alloy cage pedals. It's quite challenging for any bikers to expect all these premium features at such a low price. So, to experience enjoyable daily riding for a long time, you should give it a try.

The Features of Takara Kabuto Bike

The Takara company is famous for its simplicity at work. Their single-speed kabuto bike has all the vital features to support you at your daily riding or exercise riding. Let’s talk briefly about the bike’s features.

21.2 inches Hand Crafted Durable Steel Frame

The manufacturer used a tubular strong steel frame to build the structure of the unisex kabuto bike. It's a great advantage for new or less-experienced bikers. Because new bikers usually fall quite often. So the bike needs to have the ability to withstand any worst situation. That's where the steel frame is so useful.

Besides, the company also took great care of the bike's design. The Kabuto bike has a superb handcrafted design that will win anyone's heart at first glimpse. Besides, the manufacturer has different colors of the cycle. So you will get to choose one according to your preference.

Rear Flip-flop Hub for a Trouble-free Riding

The kabuto bike has a flip flop hub that helps the bike to run at a fixed gear. It can also be said as a free-wheel single speed mode. It allows the rider to ride at a constant speed because you don't need to change speed very often when you are riding at neighborhood roads.

So single-speed won't be a problem at all. Moreover, it will free you from gear adjustment botheration. So, to hang simply around your house or use it as regular transport, we recommend trying this fantastic bike.

Front and Rear Pull Brakes for Incredible Braking System

The Takara Kabuto bike comes with front and rear pull brakes. These brakes are alloy brakes that will give you full control over the cycle. Besides, it weighs very little. So brakes don't add up much weight to the bike's total weight, which is an excellent advantage for less-strong bikers.

And if we talk about the brake's strength, they performed well in our test. These brakes can firmly stop the bike, whether the situation is wet or muddy. So, you can buy this Kabuto bike without worrying about its V-brake’s strength.

Bigger Rims and Wheels Provide More Precise Performance

Many of us don't know that one of the significant parts of a bike is the rims and wheels of the bike. And wheels have a generous contribution to the bike's performance. So wheels need to be as perfect as other parts of the cycle.

Focusing on the fact, the Takara company used wider rims and wheels in the kabuto bike, that are made from lightweight alloy material. The rims of the bike feature alloy hubs with 32 spokes. And they used 700cx32 wide profile tires to give the kabuto bike more precise performance than other bikes of the market. Besides, the tires come in different colors, which is very attractive.

Alloy Cage Pedals with Toe Clips for Slip-free Pedaling

Slipping of foot while pedaling is one of the main reasons for cycle-accidents. That’s why customers are considering grippy pedals in their cycle nowadays. Keeping the customers need in mind, the manufacturer used alloy cage pedals that hold extra toe clips. The toe clip makes sure that your foot stays at the same place while pedaling.


The Takara Kabuto bike has some simple but very efficient features that can help you ride smoothly at your daily riding. It has got some positive and opposing sides. Let’s dive deep into those.

  • It has a good looking design that enhances confidence
  • The bike is very lightweight
  • Kabuto bike has a tig-welded steel frame which is very durable
  • The assembling process of the bike is so straight-forward
  • The bike has a fixed gear so you won’t have to face trouble with gear adjustment
  • It has one front and one rear pull brake that works strongly
  • It is very reliable for long term use


  • This bike is not suitable for short people
  • Some buyers complained about the bike’s tires and brakes

Some Other Features of Takara Kabuto Bike

Not convinced yet? Okay, we have a solution for this too. Now we are about to provide you with some more features that are so premium at this price range, and these features will surely win your heart this time. Let's get down to those.

  • Even though the bike costs very low, it comes with a kickstand.
  • The seat of this cycle is made with a unique cushion that gives a long time comfort.
  • The bike has a 44-tooth steel chain that helps to move smoothly.
  • It is available in the market at various colors and sizes so that you can buy one according to your preferences.
  • The bike has yellow kenda 700 x 32 tires, which are mostly known for excellent performance.

Final Verdict of Takara Kabuto Bike Review

The Takara Kabuto bike is not made for adventurous or mountain bikers; instead, it is a bike for people with a tight budget but still wants to roll up on a two-wheeler at neighborhood roads. Because you will hardly find any bike that offers essential features like the Kabuto bike at such a price.

Besides the comfort, performance, and durability that the cycle provides is such a great value for the money. So to bring some thrill to your monotonous daily life, buy a Takara Kabuto bike and roll-out to explore your neighborhood roads.

Takara Kabuto Bike Review: Road Bike for Regular Use 2

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