SXL Expressway Bike Review: Let Downtown Cruising Become Fun

SXL Expressway Bike Review: Let Downtown Cruising Become Fun 1
sxl expressway bike review

SXL introduces its premium Expressway bike to enable excellent urban cruising experience. It offers lots of advantages on the track, thanks to the outstanding built-quality. The model is indeed the simplest form, considering the single speed bikes. Right there, you should take a good look at the SXL Expressway bike review to unveil the details. Guaranteed functionality gives you the ultimate riding experience.

Unless you have plans to attend a racing, you’re to settle down for the option. The particular model is strictly an urban bike intended for general commute, trip or errand. The bike is pretty basic with low maintenance, simplified parts & limited versatility. Of course, SXL covers the whole bucket for its urban bike right here.

Features of SXL Urban Fixie Bike

Of course, the choices have to differ in terms of your personal requirements. Why you should keep SXL Expressway on the top of your list? Well, the basic mechanism seems more or less the same with all fixie bikes. But the performance on road draws the line between SXL & others. You should look into the model for several good reasons. Explanation for each integrated feature is likely to suffice in this regard.

Singular Gear Ratio

Fixie bikes come with one gear ratio only, quenching its single-speed term. It involves the varying number of chainring at the front & rear. The calculation mainly accounts for its number of cogs or teeth. Not to mention, the ratio itself controls the on-road speed for the bike. Only one ratio delivers a constant speed to meet the urban road movement.

Aluminum Frame & Fork

One essential feature concern with the mainframe material. In general, the same material makes up the frame & fork for common models. As it happens, SXL features 6061 aluminum to ensure maximum on-site efficiency. The featured metal imparts superior weight carrying capacity without compromising the quality. Also, slightly forward-leaning geometry triggers a stylish appeal. Of course, the bicycle remains lightweight enough to let you handle it rather easily.

Flip-Flop Hub Movement

Driver side of the rear wheel happens to contain the bike cogs. But flip-flop hub includes one cog on both sides. One goes for a single speed freewheel option whereas the other resembles fixed gear cog. The intended bike includes a supporting 46T crankset of sturdy material. And you’ll have 16T cog to pair with the crankset. Using its built-in Joytech Flip-Flop Hub, you can switch between fixed gear & single-speed movement. All you have to do is mounting the rear wheel in the reverse position.

Standard Wheel System

Movement on the road directly depends on wheel configuration. You have to take the trail condition into account to keep it straight. Not to say, you’re to have a pair of deep V 30mm wheels right here. It allows you to control the commuting motion in a convenient mean. The tire is 700c for almost all the fixie bikes & it’s no different. The wheel size supports up to 700 x 32c tire to fulfill your cause.

Clean Cable Routing

Internal cable holds the entire mechanical function intact. It’s basically the same with any bike system. The included cables remain hidden inside the hollow aluminum frame. Again, you can get two eyelets on its end sides ahead of an excellent fendering facility. There are 2 bottle cage bosses that include enabling extra load carriage.

Rising Handlebar Integration

You have to ensure maximum bike control on the trail. And short & flatten handlebar is indeed the ultimate option toward a comfy grip. Expressway includes a convenient 31.5” riser bars to initiate maximized performance. Though riser bars are somewhat uncommon for any standard single-speed bicycles. However, minimal curling with slight swept-back design gives a solid grip. Likewise, top-quality rubber covers the metal on top to enable a sticky holding.

Radius Brake on Ends

Brake itself is one crucial feature of any bicycle system. Local regulations barely approve the use of riding bikes with no brake. Fixie ones can have only one brake at the front side. And single-speed bikes mostly feature dual-end brake to support the mechanism. The model comes with a radius brake for its front & rear.

Comforting Seat Design

Integrated seat has to hold your back comfortably on a prolonged ride. Somewhat narrow & swept seating design can help the system to borrow bike elements. And it’s the same with SXL Urban Fixie. The seat here is pretty solid from inside out with minimum cushioning. Unfortunately, problems with cracked Seatpost is rather common in this regard. But you necessarily don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the long run.

Different Fitting Sizes

Fitment is never the same from a user perspective. Size of the bike has to vary to accommodate the rider physique perfectly. SXL comes with 3 different sizes to ensure a perfect user fitment. You’re to choose from small (S), medium (M) & large (L). The difference occurs over its top tube, head tube & standover length. And the fitment follows 5’-0” to 5’-5”, 5’-6” to 5’-10” & 5’-11” to 6’-4” respectively.


  • Simple design with black appeal.
  • Lightweight frame of aluminum.
  • Particular sizes for perfect fitting.
  • Wider clearances through fork.
  • Simple, hassle-free maintenance.
  • Riser handle with comfy rubber.
  • Interchangeable setup options.
  • Lack of complex, heavy gearing.


  • No extra padding for seat.
  • Slight bending of front rim.
  • Poor quality of brake pad.

Final Verdict of SXL Expressway Bike Review

The intended model is one excellent choice in the market for passionate riders. Regular exercising, downtown cruising, or city commuting – the bike fits all your purposes. Going through the in-depth Expressway Urban Fixie should elucidate the facts.

Purchasing fixie bikes seem pretty difficult at first attempt with lots of similar options in hand. But you can skip all others at once for SXL to start enjoying immense benefits. Even the price tag is low enough to start hitting the track with such details. 

SXL Expressway Bike Review: Let Downtown Cruising Become Fun 2

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