Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Review for 18 Months to 5 Years

strider 12 sport balance bike

Sometimes parents would prefer their child learn to balance without going through the traditional transition from training wheels to a real bike. Maybe you are thinking of a way to enable your child to learn balancing on their own. Then, the Strider 12 sport balance bike is the most suitable option.


Strider bike products are well designed and built. Although there are many competitions in the market, the company has held its position as parent’s favourite choice in balance bikes because of their trusted quality, to which the Strider 12 sport balance bike is no exception.

This bike stands on top of the list of balance bikes highly rated by a lot of customers. Its beneficial features will help every child enjoy their riding. It will help every child's face and overcome their fear of riding without training wheels and learn to balance without relying so much on the training wheels attached to their bicycle.

The Strider 12 sports balance bike comes with a high quality and reliable design which is also safety-conscious and durable. Using this bike will help to improve children’s balance and coordination and even transition to bigger bike much quickly.

Features to Consider When Buying a Balance Bike

Frame material

When buying a balance bike, parents prefer a bike whose frame is lightweight and durable. Steel frames are cheap, but they are heavy.


It is wise to consider if the bolts are exposed or covered. Exposed bolts can scratch kids’ inner legs and may also become scratched over time, reducing their beauty and durability.

Whom Is This Bike Best for?

  • Kids aged 18 months to 3 years old
  • Preschoolers from age 2.5 to 4 years old

Product Specifications

  • Comes with footrest
  • No brakes attached
  • No steering limiter
  • Bolts are exposed
  • Weighs 6.4 pound
  • Steel frame
  • 2 12” tires
  • Seat height of 11 – 19 inches

Primary Features of the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

1. Height Adjustable Seat

The Strider 12 sport balance bike features a padded seat made of weatherproof material and specifically designed for the kid’s tiny hips. They are made smaller, narrower and lighter to ensure the most proper and comfortable riding position and posture. Also, it comes with a seat post that allows the seat to be adjustable to a height of 48 cm, hence taller kids from age 3 to 5 can use this bike. With this feature, kids of varying heights and age can use this bike.

strider 12 sport balance bike_Tire Seat

2. A brake mount

The Strider sport balance bike like most balance bike comes with no brakes but there is a provision for installation of a rear brake when the child has mastered balancing and control of the bike and can ride with both feet on the footrest. At this point, a child can be taught on the use of brakes and a brake operated by foot can be bought separately and installed on the provided space.

3. Maintenance-free tires

strider 12 sport balance bike_Tire

The Strider 12 sport balance bike runs on Ultralight one-piece wheels. They come with the 5-spoke design system with 10 bearing support gussets to provide strength as the child rides. Besides, the tires are made of EVA polymer, industrially called foam. This design system makes them solid and needs no air as they never go flat, also lasting longer.

4. Ergonomic handlebars

The handlebar of the Strider sport balance bike is designed to help the child maintain better control as he or she rides, measuring 12.7 mm. Mini-grips made of soft urethane and having protective ends are attached to ensure a firm and comfortable grip for the child’s little hands. These handlebars also have quick-release aluminium clamps that make its heights adjustable from 46 cm to 56 cm.

strider 12 sport balance bike_handel Bar

5. No-pedal design

As most children below the age of 5 could have lower motor skills, having them control their hands and feet at the same time could be a hard and complicated task. Due to this reason, Strider 12 sport balance bike has no pedals but has footrests positioned just under the saddle to promote natural bike balance. With this, the child can place their feet on the footrest as the bike gains speed. This way, they can learn balance and control the bike’s movement.

6. The ideal size

With a minimum height of 11 inches, the Strider 12 sport balance bike can be used by an 18 months old kid. Its proper fitted parts also allow the seat to be set less than a child’s inseam.

7. Geometry

When riding on a balance bike, kids naturally lean forward. The Strider sport balance bike is designed with ample space between the handlebars and the seat which allows kids lean forward comfortably and extend their legs to run. This also makes getting on and off the bike easy.

In addition, the seat is placed close to the rear tire when lowered to its lowest height. This provides a center of gravity that promotes balance and control.



  • This bike is designed with mini-saddle that can perfectly fit the hips of toddlers
  • Handlebars and wheels can be adjusted without the need for tools
  • Tires are made from materials that are long-lasting and can be used on various terrain
  • Its wide range of adjust ability makes it shareable between siblings of various heights
  • Wheels are lightweight and do not require maintenance
  • Hand grips are customized to accommodate kids’ little hands
  • No-pedal design helps kids develop confidence quickly and transfer to a larger bike
  • An extra XL seat for bigger kids
  • It comes with a footrest that will not interfere with obstructing the rider’s legs
  • Tires cannot go flat because of the make-up material
  • Some versions may not come with the extra XL seat for larger kids
  • The design may be a bit tall for kids with petite body build
  • Bolts are exposed and could hurt a kid
  • Compared to rubber tires, foam tires lose traction and provide no cushioning for the rider when they go over curbs.
  • Its handlebars are a bit tight for some children

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What are the tires really made of?

Q. Where can I buy this bike?

Final Verdict

This Strider bike is a favourite of more than one million parents and children around the world. This is because of the Strider’s easy and quick learning design. Strider balance bikes are great starter bikes. They are easy to ride and maintain and can be used by kids of varying heights.

Parents wouldn’t need to spend money buying a new bike as the Strider 12 sport balance bike is durable and can be passed to younger siblings.

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