Schwinn Volare 1300 Review: 56cm White Men’s Road Bike

Schwinn Volare 1300 Review: 56cm White Men’s Road Bike 1
schwinn volare 1300 review

Drop bar road bikes are preferred by most of the athletics. So we have come up with the Schwinn Volare 1300 review which is one of the best drop bar bikes. The bike consists of a nice white color and is made only for men. The whole body is made with medium frame aluminum and the wheel size is 700 inches.

Also, the fork of the bike is pretty much rigid and the whole frame is made by the aluminum. The bike has a speed factor of 14 units and the A050 shifter is included. The Shimano derailleur is situated in the rear position for fast shifting. For brake operation, alloy caliper pull brakes have been used.

The Features of Schwinn Volare 1300 Review

Schwinn Volare is one of the best brands for producing high quality road bikes that are dedicated to men. You know that the paddle force given by men is very high and by concerning this issue the bike was manufactured. All the features are collected by us for you to make you understand better.

56 Cm Total Size

The total size of the bike completely depends on the customer requirement. Because the satisfaction level is the main target of the Volare brand. The developer has been trying so hard to improve the size of the bike. The bike was manufactured with 56 cm total length which is enough for the average person.

Aluminum Body Material

We know that aluminum is one of the lightest materials on earth. But the tensile strength of the metal is so high that it can take a lot of force. Our mentioned bike is made of aluminum and it is coved to all over the bike. As a result, the bike becomes so light, and the portability of the bikes increases.

700 Inches Wheel Size

Wheel size is a very important issue for a road bike. Because the comfort of the rider depends on it. Also, the reaction force from the ground is completely consumed by both wheels. So to make the situation perfect the wheel size of the bike is kept 700 cm which is enough for comfortable riding.

Rigid Fork With High Hardness Metal

The fork of the bike is situated in the middle of the seat and the handlebar. The long road is used to bring balance and strengthen the connection between two main components. So the fork needs to be hard and durable enough to make a good joint. High hardness metal is used to make the fork of the bike.

14 Speed Factor

Speed is desired by not only the average biker but also the professional biker. The speed will determine how far you will go with the help of the road bike. The developers of the company are examining the high potential speed of the bike that can be given. The speed factor is kept 14 to perform a long drive easily.

A050 Shifter

There are several gears of the bike that are available in the below area of the bike. But all the gears will become useless if the shifter of the gears is not so good. The main objective of the shifter is to make the change of the gears while it is needed. A050 shifter has been used to the gears to make shifting smooth.

Shimano Derailleur In Rear

The derailleur is the main part of the bike that gives protection to the gear area of the bike. Because the gear can get damaged by any kind of unusual force that is got by any other big objects. To make the gears functional for a long time, the gears are covered with Shimano Derailleur which is situated in the rear position.

Caliper Pull Brake

Brake is one of the main functional components that is used to stop the bike instantly. So the brake of the bike needs to be strong enough to stop the speed of 14 units because that’s the highest speed of the bike. For this amount of speed, the caliper pull brake is more than enough and is used in both wheels.

High-Quality Alloy Rims

Rims are situated inside the spherical area of the tires. It is the only object that holds all the pressure of the tire that is reacted by the ground. So the rims need to be made with metal and the tension taking capacity must be higher. The high-quality alloy has been used to make the rims stronger than before.

Crank Made With Mixed Metal

The crank is connected with a shaft and the shaft is connected with the paddle. So it is important to consist of a strong crank because the full pressure on the shaft depends on it. To make the crank harder, a mixed metal or alloy is being used to manufacture it. It gives support for enough time.


There are a lot of products available on the market. It becomes confusing to buy the perfect product as all the features of the bike are quite common. We have collected some reasonable points for you,

  • The bike is dedicated to the men and made based on the strong paddle reaction force.
  • Having a bar to the below-faced position can help the biker to ride with comfort.
  • The outer frame of the bike is made medium to obtain the maximum average use.
  • Volare 1300 consists of white color at the outer surface to make the outer look more gorgeous.
  • The aluminum frame has been used to manufacture the bike and the metal is very strong and light.
  • There are 2 wheels included and the size is kept at an optimal measurement of 700 inches.
  • As the fork of the bike is pretty much rigid, the fame can gain more support for this.
  • The speed factor of the bike is kept 14 units to ensure the average speed for newbies.
  • Having a brake made with caliper alloy can ensure the proper safe while at a high speed.
  • The rims of the wheels are made with hydroformed alloy to maintain proper tension while moving ahead.
  • A050 shifter has been included with the bike for fast shifting while driving in a fast situation.


  • The spokes of the rim need to be washed often to maintain a longer functional life.
  • Assembling the bike is not so easy and you might need to take expert help for this job.

Final Verdict of Schwinn Volare 1300 Review

Riding a bike can improve the health of a person as well as can increase the stamina. Road bike like the Volaro 1300 is one of the best bikes for having a little amount of weight. Also, the bike consists of a strong fork to gain more balance while driving at a higher speed. This bike is made mainly for men and based on their paddle force on the given paddle of the bike. So make sure to choose the perfect bike for you. We hope this review will help you to make your understanding better about road bikes.

Schwinn Volare 1300 Review: 56cm White Men’s Road Bike 2

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