Royce Union Mountain Bike Review: A Comfortable Bike for New Bikers

Royce Union Mountain Bike Review: A Comfortable Bike for New Bikers 1
royce union mountain bike review

If you are a newbie to adventurous mountain biking, then why don’t you start your journey with all-new Royce Union RTT mens 21-speed mountain bike? This entry-level mountain bike can make you familiar with all those uneven and rough hill tracks in a short time. To provide you with a better idea, we have done an in-depth analysis and came up with our royce union mountain bike review.

Frame, wheels, brakes, handlebar, chain, paddles are the main components that you consider while buying a bike. And the Royce RTT bike is a winner in every section. The bike comes with an ultralight weight aluminium frame, adjustable height, derailleur guard, quickly shift able gear, SHIMANO EZ trigger and other essential features that will provide you proper comfort and safety at your outdoor riding.

The Features of Royce Union Mountain Bike

The bike is specially engineered for coping up with any situation. Whether the road is dusty, muddy or slippery, you don't need to worry at all. Because it comes with linear pull brakes and wheel rims to provide extreme braking power and a derailleur guard to protect it from dirt. As such, it has many other beneficial features. Let’s dive deep to learn more.

Lightweight Aluminium Frame for Comfortable Riding

The body of the Royce Union RTT bike is built with premium quality aluminium. That's why it has got a very lightweight. So, you can ride with it comfortably, and you can also carry it without facing any difficulties. After all, 41 pound is not very much for any healthy man.

If you are a design freak, you might be curious about the bike’s design. The bike will appear before you, with a patented glossy paint. It will drag your attention at the very first look. Besides, its design will also match with your personality so easily.

Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger for Smooth Gear Shifting

Every mountain biker craves for good quality gear and smooth gear shifter. That's why the manufacturer provided Shimano EZ plus trigger, and TY 300 rear indexed derailleur with this bike.

As a result, it gives you 21 speeds with precise and smooth shifting between gears. You can quickly shift the gear with your index finger and thumb without moving your wrist a bit. So to enjoy a joyful riding, you should give it a try.

Linear Pull Brakes for Maximum Stopping Power

It’s a little surprising that the company used linear pull brakes instead of disk brakes in their bike. Perhaps, they still believe in the old mechanism of slowing down. But we can assure you that the brake is more powerful than you think.

On the bike, the manufacturer used lightweight alloy pull brakes with machined alloy wheel rims. And they have also attached a very high-quality brake pad with it. As a result, the bike delivers smooth but an extreme stopping power.

Alloy Quick Release Binder for Adjusting Height

To ensure good comfort, the manufacturer used a quick release binder on the bike. It lets you adjust the height of the saddle according to your choice. They have used a padded saddle that comes with quality stitching. It helps to sit more comfortably. The bike also has a suspension fork to absorb bumps and dips easily. So we can assure you that with this bike, you will get a delightful riding with better comfort.

Alloy 3-piece Crank for Smooth Pedaling

People don't often consider cranks as significant as other components of the bike. But the truth is, the crank is as essential as other parts of your bike. Because a good quality crank will help you pedal smoothly.

The Royce Union used 3-piece pedals and crank on their RTT 21-speed mens bike. As a result, you won't face any trouble with your leg, while riding for a long time.

Precisely Raised Handlebar and Krayton-grips for Easy Balancing

To ensure proper stability, the company used a slight-rise handlebar on this bike. The slight-rise handlebar provides easy balancing for the new bikers. It is twist-proof. Besides, the manufacturer used premium quality krayton-grips in the grip section. It enhances better holding on the bike. So with this good quality equipment, it will be very easy for you to control the bike while riding through uneven terrain.

26 inche Royce Union RTT Mens


The Royce union RTT bike is a total package of many essential features. Whether you do mountain biking or regular biking, this technology-enriched bike will give you an enjoyable ride in any situation. Its features might have already made you interested upon it. But to make you aware of all facts of this bike, we have collected some advantages and disadvantages of it.

  • Its ultralight weight aluminium frame makes it easy for you to turn or carry the bike
  • The bike has multiple frame sizes, so you can choose one according to your height
  • Shimano EZ trigger lets you shift gears easily
  • The quick-release binder will help you to adjust the height according to your preference
  • The bike has Shimano drivetrain which is very durable and dust resistant
  • The company will provide you with all the necessary tools for assembly without any extra charge
  • It has super working linear-pull brake system which ensures proper safety
  • It has high-quality suspension forks that can take any impact


  • If you keep the bike outside for a long time, it might rust or wear down because of the aluminium frame
  • Some customers complained that the inner tubes leak very often which means you may have to change the tire very often
  • The manufacturer doesn't provide a kickstand with the bike

Final Verdict of Royce Union Mountain Bike Review

To get started on mountain biking, you can hardly find any better choice than the Royce Union RTT mens bike. Though the bike doesn’t come with fancy features, it will provide you with all the necessary features that are mainly needed for mountain bikers. Great wheel, 21 mega speed, great brakes and gear shifter, dustproof drivetrain and a specially engineered handlebar is attached to the bike.

Look, we are not claiming that this is the best bike in the market. What we are saying is, Royce union RTT mens bike provides a lot of beneficial features at a low price. So to get the best mountain biking experience with proper safety and comfort, Royce Union RTT mens bike would be the best choice at such low price.

Royce Union Mountain Bike Review: A Comfortable Bike for New Bikers 2

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