Roadmaster Granite Peak Review: Mountain Bike Under $200

Roadmaster Granite Peak Review: Mountain Bike Under $200 1
roadmaster granite peak review

Simplicity has always been praised everywhen it comes to mountain bikes. Maybe that's why the pacific cycle company brought the durable, sturdy, and nicely performing roadmaster granite peak bike that doesn't have any complicated design or technologies. Our today's pick has some simple but more efficient features that will drag your attention. In our roadmaster granite peak review, we have tried to bring up all the facts about the cycle.

The roadmaster granite peak bike will provide you with 26-inch wheels, adjustable seat, 18-speed with twist shifters, steel frame, alloy wheels, and other essential features. And the surprising fact is, you are getting all these significant features at less than two hundred dollars. Though the bike is not based on superior technologies, our researchers found that its simple features serve enough to give you a joyful riding on those hilly roads.

The Features of Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike

As we have mentioned earlier, the manufacturer decorated this bike with some heavy-duty but straightforward features. Its steel frame, front suspension, rim brakes, adjustable seat, etc are completely perfect for riding from your neighbourhood street to rugged mountain trails. Let's take an in-depth look at its various features.

Steel Mountain Frame for Long Time Durability

Mountain bikes need a more robust structure than regular cycles. Because, if the frame is not strong enough, then the whole structure will get broken. Besides, beginners and less experienced MTB bikers fall a lot, that's why the bike needs a strong structure.

So the manufacturer used a steel frame to build the structure of the bike. As a result, the granite peak bike will provide more sturdy performance than any other bikes. It’s true that the bike gets a little heavy because of the steel frame. But the same steel frame makes it able to withstand any worst situation.

18-speed with SRAM Twist Shifter for Total Control

Roadmaster granite peak bike comes with 18 speed and an SRAM twist shifter. 18 different speed is undoubtedly perfect for riding through hill tracks. Because, when you are on those rugged trails, you will have to change speed more frequently. That’s when 18-speed will help mostly.

And the SRAM twist shifter will help you change the gear smoothly. Many bikers don’t like trigger type gear shifter because of its hard function and malfunction. But twist shifter is so easy to use that you can smoothly change the gear with a simple touch of your hand. Besides, its accuracy is pretty remarkable.

Linear Pull Brakes for Crisp Stopping

It's apparent that you won't get disk brakes with this type of low budget MTB bikes. But it’s undeniable that brakes are vital component of mountain bikes. That's why the manufacturer used high quality, strong front and rear pull brakes in the cycle.

And our researchers also found the brakes to be powerful and durable. It also works pretty well in a wet or muddy situation. So don't doubt the stopping power of this bike. Trust us, it's really quick and works almost as good as disk brakes.

26 inches Grippy Alloy Wheels for Greater Balance and Speed

To keep the weight of the bike at a limit, the company used alloy wheels on the bike. As a result, wheels don't add much weight to the cycle. Besides, they kept the size of the wheels to 26 inches. This wheel-size is famous for great aerodynamic action which helps to accelerate fast. Again, it has knobby tires that help to have a better grip on the road.

Special 3-piece Mountain Crank for Smooth Paddling

Roadmaster granite peak bike has a special three-piece crank, which is lighter, stronger, and offers the widest assortment of padel types. It helps to paddle smoothly, which is very helpful in long rides. So to have the most exciting mountain biking experience, you can rely on the roadmaster granite peak MTB bike.


You can’t expect much advanced or fancy features from a two hundred dollar bike. But the granite peak bike holds some such features that can be helpful while you are on regular biking or mountain biking. We have collected some exciting advantages that you will get from this bike.

  • Its solid frame can withstand severe damage
  • The bike has a simple but smart-looking design
  • Its high absorbing suspension fork can take all the lumps and bumps of the roads
  • The bike has an adjustable padded seat which provides enough comfort
  • The V-brakes works perfectly
  • It comes with an assembling guide which is really helpful
  • Its price is low and affordable


It’s pretty normal for a low budget, entry-level bike to have some drawbacks. Let’s grab a look at those also.

  • Roadmaster granite peak bike is not suitable for pro bikers
  • For log rides, the seat may not be enough comfortable
  • Some customers complained about the spokes of the rim

Some Other Features of Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike

We have already talked about various essential features of the bike. But to give you the whole idea about this cycle, we have gathered some more features of it.

  • Its 18-speed gear helps to have the fastest riding experience
  • The 26-inches wheels accelerate in a short time
  • It has twist shifters which are easy to use than trigger shifters
  • You will get to choose it from two different colors, black and blue
  • The seat of the bike is adjustable for everyone

Final Verdict of Roadmaster Granite Peak Review

Look, Roadmaster granite peak bike won't provide you such premium technology-based features like a thousand dollar bike. But trust us, it is an excellent value for money. Steel frame, premium quality V-brakes, adjustable seat, SARM twist shifter, and 3-piece mountain crank under two hundred dollars is quite hard to believe.

All of Its features are very significant for starting mountain biking. Moreover, it has excellent customer review. So, to get the shivering feelings of mountain biking, we recommend you to buy the roadmaster granite peak MTB bike.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Review: Mountain Bike Under $200 2

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