Reaction Silver Ridge Mountain Bike Review: Easy Riding on Tougher Trails

Reaction Silver Ridge Mountain Bike Review: Easy Riding on Tougher Trails 1
reaction silver ridge mountain bike reviews

If you’re planning to explore the off-trails with your kid, Kenneth Cole comes ready. You can count on its Silver Ridge to get your little one on track. The bicycle comes with everything your youngster is likely to need for skill improvement. You should look into the reaction silver ridge mountain bike reviews to get the details. You’re sure to get impressed with the bucket of offerings.

MTB happens to feature sturdiness, reliability & performance. But the problem arises with the intended users. Obviously, you have to think otherwise when it comes to kid’s mountain bike And Silver Ridge can get you out of your trouble. It’s one MTB you should check out, considering all the aspects. Immense benefits make it one excellent purchase for playful young riders.

Reaction Silver Ridge Mountain Bike Review

MTB for kids has to include & exclude certain features, taking adult models into account. That’s why you need to pay attention to all the details for once. Of course, there are a good number of features to make it one popular choice. It’s essential for you to attend various elements to understand all possibilities & limitations. You need to look into the explained features along with relevant benefits right below.

Elegant Exterior Appeal

Every little kid remains fond of colored beauty, regardless of category. It’s nothing different from MTBs specifically designed for youngsters. The monocoque styled bicycle is likely to win the innocent hearts immediately.

All the connecting tubes have bright white appeal against black colored supporting portions. Resultant aesthetics from black & white exterior gives a premium look for the frame. Even the exterior labels represent outstanding design for the overall elegance.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

Lightweight aluminum is indeed the favorite choice for adult MTBs. But you’ll need a sturdier frame for kids’ bike to withstand all the rigors. And high-quality stainless steel can serve the purpose rather well.

As it happens, Kenneth Cole Reaction keeps the fact in mind to design the bicycle. The steel can easily resist an immense number of damaging elements. Thanks to its smaller measurements, the assembled weight is about 25 pounds only.

50mm Suspension Fork

No matter what, you don’t want the little rider to get hurt. Off-trail biking is all about bumps, undulation & roughness. You have to check in a convenient fork system to reduce the impact. Even the system comes with solid metal construction to ensure longevity.

The integrated suspension fork comes with 50mm travel to counteract the shock. Provided spec may seem insufficient for grownups but it’s pretty okay for youngsters.

21 Different Speeds

You’re to require a satisfactory drivetrain for overcoming all the obstacles. Obviously, facts tend to get complex around here. Your little buddy is out to improve cycling skills for sure. What you need is a good number of variations in bicycle speed.

Not to mention, the featured bike allows your young apprentice to switch between 21 different speeds. There are supporting features to ensure a trouble-free shifting of on-trail motion.

Simple Coaster Brake

Effective brake mechanism is essential to ensure optimum riding safety. Of course, the young rider is likely to understand the basics only. Therefore, it’s necessary to skip pro-level break for kids’ MTBs. Likewise, Silver Ridge integrates a simple yet dependable coaster braking system.

The responsive action basically implements the command in no time. Of course, incredible simplicity poses no difficulty. It allows the kid to trigger an immediate halt without the slightest issue.

SRAM MRX Shifter

It’s undeniably the single most important feature to encourage speed change. Switching between different motions requires precise & exact mechanical implementation. That’s where you have to ensure the integration of quality shifter. For the best part, Kenneth Cole already included premium SRAM MRX GripShift to shift trail speed.

Your kid is set to enjoy a smooth transition of riding movement upon necessity. The shifting switch remains on the handlebar to allow quick, easy & simple access.

16” Wheel with Tires

Rotating wheel will get your kid ahead of its intended destination. Considering the overall fitment, the bicycle includes 16” wheels to tackle every tough element. The weight distribution remains uniform throughout the frame. Meanwhile, the aggressive tires covering metal wheels impart excellent traction.

Again, premium rims lock the tire from inside to promote maximum safety against on-trail garbage. The combined functionality leads to sticky yet smooth movement on rougher terrains.

Supporting Pedal System

Satisfactory wheel movement calls for sticky, smooth & reasonably shaped pedals. Unfortunately, you’re to get polymer here for the pedal structures. Medium-quality plastic delivers sufficient serviceability against adverse riding conditions.

Interconnected steel rod enables easier rotation with less physical effort. Keeping the durability sideways, you can certainly rely on the built-in options. You can also replace the integrated pedal with aluminum or steel pedals.

Removable Training Wheel

Cycling experience is likely to start with Reaction Silver Ridge. But the ultimate objective often ends up in training for future upgrades. And the intended bike still manages to make it at the top. The frame comes with extra wheels to let your kid train on the terrain. You can easily install or remove the additional accessory whenever you need it.

Comforting Control

The designed MTB can establish a bridge for the kid ahead of developing skills. And one particular fact concerns with controlling ability from the very beginning. Apart from training wheels, you have to take handlebar flexibility into account.

Reaction Silver comes with a supportive handle to allow reasonable maneuverability for the youngster. There are protective rubber covers for each handle portion. Therefore. The soft hands can’t get stains or uncomfortable over time.

Adjustable Seatpost

Another important consideration comes with sitting comfort by any means. Any rider wants to relieve the stress from the backside. Satisfactorily thick padding initiates excellent softness to release the body weight. Not to mention, the entire seating platform is incredibly durable to withstand outdoor inconveniences.

The high-quality Seatpost enables height adjustment within a convenient range. Your kid can easily make himself/herself comfortable adjusting the lever.

Perfect User Fitment

Appropriate fitment is likely to differ from person to person. Several influential facts like physical size, weight, or capability have to take into consideration. The targeted MTB suits rather well for 4 – 6 yrs old, according to manufacturer recommendation. But customers ended up buying the bicycle for 10 – 14 yrs old as well.

Not to mention, the fitment went quite well with almost every case. Therefore, you should check out the dimensional measurements to ensure perfect fitment.


  • Enduring steel frame for support.
  • Seamless changing of speed gears.
  • Premium design, elegant outlook.
  • Tough suspension for movement.
  • Easy operation without complexity.
  • Optimum shock reducing action.
  • Well-treaded tire for good traction.
  • Seat adjustment toward comfort.
  • Only partial assembly is necessary.


  • Slightly heavier for kids.
  • Lacking advanced features.
  • Difficult riding on steep.

Final Verdict

Not a lot of bikes can withstand childish rigors. There are fewer choices to meet the budget & quality simultaneously. But Kenneth Cole nails the certainty with its premium Reaction Silver Ridge.

Specialized design keeps your learning buddy secure all the way. It’s indeed a great choice to introduce your kid to cycling. And the price is just right enough to serve the purpose satisfactorily.

Reaction Silver Ridge Mountain Bike Review: Easy Riding on Tougher Trails 2

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