Northrock XC00 Review: 7 Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Northrock XC00 Review: 7 Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike 1
northrock xc00 review

We are here with the Northrock xc00 review especially for those who need the medium-size fat-tire mountain bike. Northrock has a full aluminum alloy body structure and the wheel size is 26 inches. The maximum speed that can be covered by the bike is around 7 units.

The bike has a very strong disc styled brake on both of the wheels. The color combination of red and black make the bike eye-catchy. The suspension is pretty much strong and consists of a dual-suspension feature. Kenda tires have been used on both sides of the bike. The rims are lightweight and responsive.

The Features Of Northrock XC00

Our mentioned bike is not only a fat tire bike but also a mountain bike. So the features of all the components need to be perfect for beginner to professional riders. Northrock bikes are well known for manufacturing fat-tire bikes. All the important features have been collected with proper caution.

18-Inch Medium-Sized Structure

The size of the bike is a very important factor as the eligibility for riding the bike depends on it. The size of the bike is kept optimal and medium for the usage of all the riders. The measurement is kept 18 inches.

Made of Aluminum Alloy 6061

The outer surface of the bike is made with a special alloy which is very light in weight. But the tensile strength of the material is huge. For the body, aluminum alloy 6061 is used to make the product light and portable.

26-Inch Wheel Size

The wheel size of the bike is unique than any other mountain bikes available in the market. This bike is all about the wheels. Because the type of bike is a fat-tire mountain bike. The wheel diameter of our mentioned bike is kept 26 inches to make an increment of the balance for safety purposes.

KMC Z51 Tektro Disc Brake

The brake is related to the hydraulic system and for that, the bike can be stopped at once. You know that the brake is a very important factor for a bike because the safety completely depends on it. So the brake of the bike needs to be very strong. The bike that we have mentioned consists of a disc brake of KMC z51.

Speed Up To 7 Units

As our mentioned bike is a fat tire bike, the speed can not obtain the limit like an ordinary bike. The high speed is always preferred by any biker. But it completely depends on the components of the bike that will be used for driving. So the maximum possible speed can be achieved around 7 units.

Dual Suspension

Most of the time, the speed breaker causes the front-tier to be reacted with a big force. The suspension is used to maintain the balance of the force acting on the tires. The force is acted for several reasons. To reduce that kind of force, the suspension is integrated with both of the tires to perform dual-action.

32-Hole Kenda 26 x 4.0” Tires

We know that tires play a very important role in this kind of bike. Because the bike consists of a pair of fat-tires. It is mainly used for keeping balance. The tires have 32 holes and the Kenda 26 x 4.0” tires have been used on both sides.

M310 Rapid-Fire Shifting Feature

The shifting is very important for a mountain bike like this. Because the included fat tires are used to make the symmetry perfect and that’s why the shifting of gears needs to be perfect also. M310 rapid-fire shifting feature is included with the Northrock bike.

Ergonomic Grips

The grip area is situated to the front side where our hands are going to hold while driving. So the grip needs to be very strong and have to consist of high friction capability. The ergonomic grips are used in both handles of the bike.

36T Bottom Bracket

The bike consists of a bracket on the lower side of the bike. The bracket is very important to clean the tires of the bike from mud and dust. For that, the quality is kept pretty much high. The 36T bottom bracket is used in both of the wheels.

32H Alloy Front-Hub

There is a front hub that is attached to the corner hub of the bike. This component is less important but has a unique purpose. To build the front-hub of the bike, 32h alloy material is used to the panel where the component is situated.

31.8 Mm Low-Risk Handlebar

The handlebar is situated to the front side of the bike where the grip area is situated. The risk of the handlebar is kept low to maintain a safe driving experience. 31.8 mm low-risk handlebar is used to the front side.

30.9 Mm Seatpost

The Seatpost of the bike is situated in the middle of the bike where the rider can sit for driving. But the Seatpost needs to have a very optimal measurement to bring comfort. 30.9 mm measurement is kept to build the Seatpost.


Northrock is a medium-sized fat tire mountain bike that can be driven by almost any bike lover. Before buying the bike you need to understand all the priorities of the bike. Here are some important line that might help,

  • The medium size of the bike can be adjusted to any person who has height related issues.
  • Having an aluminum body structure can make the whole bike very light in weight and portable.
  • Two big fat tires are included with the bike having a size of 26 inches for extra balance while driving.
  • As the bikes are made with light material, the whole design is pretty much responsive and safe.
  • The brake of the bike is an essential component and for better performance, disc bake is added.
  • Having a hydraulic type resistance in both of the tires can make the bike stop in real-time.
  • The speed of the bike is optimized to a unit value of 7 and the Shimano Altus is used as the speed factor.
  • Having a dual-suspension means not only the rear but also the front side of the bike can take reaction.
  • For rolling with higher speed in the road the Kenda tire is used in both wheels of the bike.
  • The rims of the bike are completely made with alloy and the material is very light in weight also.
  • As the bike is a mountain bike, the gear of the bike is set with a perfect tune for better shifting.


  • You can drive the bike alone and cannot carry anyone behind because the bike doesn’t have any back seat.
  • If your bike breaks down somehow, you cannot fix the issue all by yourself unless you are an expert.

Some Other Features Worth Mentioning

northrock xc00 review Feature

There are some other features of the bike that are last but not least. These features are not needed for ordinary or beginner level riders. The professional riders may benefit from this. The list is being displayed below.

Black & Red Color Combination

The color combination of a bike is very important. Because eye satisfaction is also needed for a biker. The bike consists of two major colors. The combination of the color is very good and the used color is black & red.

Replaceable Derailleur Headset

The derailleur is the component to adjust the moving speed with real-time action. The headset is related to the derailleur because the speed can make a sudden accident. A replaceable derailleur is used to increase the performance of the headset.

Cartridge Sealed Bearing

Bearing is used to make the driving smooth while at a high speed. The sealed bearing is always needed for a bike like this one. Cartridge type sealed bearing is used in the major speed-related components.

Cranks With Threadless Feature

Cranks are very important for a bike because the cranks are connected with the shaft of the bike. The shaft is the only reason for the bike to be rotated to the front. Threadless cranks are used to bike for more flexibility while driving.

Alloy Rims

The rims are situated inside the ring of the tires. The rims are the only reasons the tires are stable for a long time. To make the rims stronger, the alloy material is used to manufacture the whole structure of the rims.

Final Verdict of Northrock XC00 Review

Fat tire mountain bikes are mainly for having extra balance while driving. But size plays an important role here. Medium-sized bikes are always preferred by the rider. Northrock is one of the highest quality mountain bikes which has a medium size and the whole structure is very light. The brakes are very strong because the disc styled brake is used. The rims are very strong for being made with high hardness alloy. So if you get any information lacking, read the review again.

Northrock XC00 Review: 7 Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike 2

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