Mongoose Malus Review: 4 Inches Wide Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Malus Review: 4 Inches Wide Fat Tire Mountain Bike 1
mongoose malus review

Fat bikes are well known for their very good balance. So we are here with the mongoose malus review which is a high-quality fat tire bike. The size of the tire is around 26 inches. It was manufactured with high hardness steel. The speed of the bike can be obtained up to 7 units.

A mechanical disc brake is used to the front and rear wheel. The suspension is rigid enough to take extra reaction from the ground. The included tires are 1/4” knobby tires which are very durable. The maximum amount of clearance is kept for safety. All the features are described with details in this review.

The Features Of Mongoose Malus

Malus bikes are popular among those people who don’t like to deal with speed but want to enjoy safe driving. The bike has a moderated amount of speed units integrated and the wheel size is pretty big to provide enough balance. All the features are being examined with a detailed point of view to make the proper description of them.

26-Inch Wheel Diameter

This bike is all about the wheels. Because the type of bike is a fat-tire mountain bike. The wheel size of the bike is unique than any other mountain bikes available in the market. The wheel diameter of our mentioned bike is kept 26 inches to make an increment of the balance for safety purposes.

Made of Steel Frame

The outer surface of the bike is made of very light material. You know that the steel is very light and the tensile strength of the metal is pretty much high. To make the bike portable, the whole body structure of the bike is manufactured with steel. For that, the portability of the bike is being increased.

Speed Up To 7 Units

The high speed is always preferred by any biker. But it completely depends on the components of the bike that will be used for driving. As our mentioned bike is a fat tire bike, the speed can not obtain the limit like an ordinary bike. So the maximum possible speed can be achieved around 7 units.

Shimano Drivetrain Is Included

Talking about the drivetrain, it is always necessary to provide enough support to conduct safe driving. Mongoose malus consists of a high-quality drivetrain. The component is manufactured by Shimano which is very well known for making a good quality product. It can be used anytime while driving at a higher speed.

Integrated Disc Brake

You know that the brake is a very important factor for a bike because the safety completely depends on it. So the brake of the bike needs to be very strong. The bike that we have mentioned consists of a disc styled bike. The brake is related to the hydraulic system and for that, the bike can be stopped at once.

Uncompromising Suspension

The suspension is used to maintain the balance of the force acting on the tires. The force is acted for several reasons. Most of the time, the speed breaker causes the front-tier to be reacted with a big force. To reduce that kind of force, the suspension is integrated with the malus with uncompromising circumstances.

1/4 Inches Nubbly Tires

The tires of the bike are special as the bike is all about fat tires. The tier can reduce a great amount of reaction force from the ground. Because the nubbly tires are used on both sides of the bike. The measurement of the tire is 1/4 inches which are good enough for a bike like this.

Several Clearance-Factor

The clearance factor is needed for every bike. Because it is uncertain that the bike can be crashed if the safety factor is not included as clearance. Several positions are integrated with perfect clearance. The brakes, suspension, crank area, etc are being adjusted with the optimal value of clearance.

4” Wheel Width

As the bike is a fat-tire bike, the wheel size is not like an ordinary bike. Also, the width of the tire is not similar to the other bikes at all. The tires are comparatively wider and it has a measurement of 4 inches. The wide tire helps to have more balance and increases the controlling capability.

3 Piece Of Cranks

Crank is an important component which is connected with the shaft. The shaft is connected with the metal chain and with the help of the chain, the wheel can rotate. There are a total of 3 pieces of crank available in the shaft area. These cranks increase the total safety measurement of the bike as well.

Mountain Type Bike

The mountain bike can be used on the rough road for having a very good suspension system. Because the reaction from the rough ground can be minimized by strong and similar types of force. Our mentioned bike can be used as a mountain bike because the suspension is very strong.


Those who need more balance and want to ride not only on the road but also in the rough place, this bike is for you. We have collected some important advantage that might be useful for you before buying.

  • As the bike consists of fat tires, it will increase the balance of the bike while driving.
  • The wheel size of the bike is big enough to confront any kind of reaction force from the ground.
  • Having a very light outer surface due to being manufactured with steel can make the bike portable enough.
  • There is a minimal level of speed integrated with the bike which is Shimano drivetrain.
  • A mechanical disc brake can make the bike instantly stop while at a high speed.
  • Two different color combinations can be observed which make the bike look premium.
  • The suspension of the bike is pretty much strong and it can take enough compressive load.
  • Having the 1/4 inches knobby tires can increase the rigidity for long functional life.
  • There are different types of clearance included with the bike to make the driving safe.
  • The number of the crank piece is three which helps to turn the shaft better than any other bikes.
  • The bike is like a mountain type, so driving on the rough road can be done without any trouble.


  • You need to pay attention to the nuts while assembling the bike, as the nuts are sensitive.
  • The disc brake is related to hydraulic pressure, so the installation of the brake should not have any flaw.

Final Verdict of Mongoose Malus Review

Mongoose malus is one of the best fat tire bikes nowadays. The build quality is quite one of a kind. Having a steel frame can reduce the oxidation effect on the outer surface. Also, the brake is very strong and can stop the bike while at a high speed. The wheel size is pretty much optimal for any type of rider. The handlebar is situated at an optimized angle for the comfort of the biker. So it is high time for the bike to be chosen. Happy riding.

Mongoose Malus Review: 4 Inches Wide Fat Tire Mountain Bike 2

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