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Mini Glider balance bike

The important thing that comes to mind when purchasing a bike is safety, design, and comfort. It is important to buy a bike your kid will love, this is why you need to buy a bike that offers safety and comfort ability.

If you want a bike that promises comfort, safety and will last a long time, then look no further than a, balance bike. Go for the Mini Glider balance bike. This is a child-friendly product.


A Mini Glider balance bike is designed for kids between ages 2 to 5 years. It is the safest bike available on the market solely for kids due to its geometry and lower centre of gravity design. It is a flagship 12' model balance bike and is slightly different from other bikes of its category.

The Mini Glider helps in building confidence in bike riding in kids, helping them to learn how to focus and maintain balance as they learn how to ride on a bike. It also helps kids to improve motor skills, and balance and coordination. This bike does not come with training wheels and pedals, thus enabling a child to learn the most important step to take when learning how to ride a bike. With this bike, crashes and worries associated with it are not necessary because kids can learn how to ride. Parents do not have to worry as the child's safety is secured and guaranteed with the Mini Glider balance bike.

This balance bike will help your kid learn the basics of bike riding and how to achieve balance faster than any other bike. The transitioning to a real bike with pedals and wheels becomes easier as well because of the skills your kids pickup from using this bike.

The plastic rims in this bike make the bike lighter in weight, easier to handle and ride around.

Whom is this product designed for?

  • The bike is designed for preschoolers
  • For 5 years old school who wants to how to balance
  • Designed for the youngest kids that want to learn bike riding.

Important Features of Mini Glider Balance Bike

Mini Glider balance bike with patented slow speed geometry is packed with rare features. It features

  • Mountain bike geometry
  • Detachable foot pegs
  • A well fitting handbrake design for kids between ages 2 to 5 years, and many more unique features all for the purpose of delivering a fun riding experience and training.

1. EVA Foam Tires

The EVA Foam tire in Mini Glider balance bike offers a smooth riding experience. This bike comes with features that make it easy to maintain. It comes with no inflation breaks so the anxiety of a flat break is not an issue with this bike. It is designed to enable the feet on your kids easily reach for the feet while riding. The lightweight tire does not require pumping and is built on sturdy wheels that have a longer life cycle.

2. Portable Handbrake

Another important feature of this bike is the child-sized handbrake which is a rare feature in balance bikes. The handbrake is designed to help your child understand the usefulness of brakes and how to apply them.

The handbrake provides kids with full control of riding and helps them stay safe even when riding. With the Mini Glider balance bike, your child will easily learn how to make use of brakes even with their feet on the ground. It also allows your kid learn how to stop without using the feet to halt the bike.

The handbrake slows down instead of stopping suddenly. The handbrake also plays a vital role in preparing your kids for the encounters they will face with a real bike. This bike will fit well for your child’s little fingers and small hands.

3. Detachable Foot Pegs

This is one rare feature even with balance bikes. With the detachable foot pegs, your child can ride without any fear. This feature allows your kid learn how to learn balancing without difficulties. The bike detachable or removable foot peg enables your child learn the basics they will encounter when they upgrade to a bike with wheels and pedals. The 10 inch long foot peg is wide enough to fit any foot size. It will fit perfectly and comfortably to your child's little feet. The pad in the footrest also provides comfort to your child’s feet while riding.

4. Lightweight Frame

The lightweight and sturdy frame is made with high quality aluminum which will never wear out or rust. The Mini Glider balance bike is also lightweight and easy to assemble and dissemble. The frame is free of toxic chemical, guaranteeing optimum safety for your child.

5. Mountain Bike Geometry

Mini Glider balance bike design is based on downhill mountain bike geometry. The low-to-the ground design of the bike is one unique feature that distinguishes it from other bikes. It has a lower center of gravity which ensures full control and stability. The lower center of gravity also enables a rider to balance at a relative lower speed thus, ensuring their safety. This is the ideal bike for a toddler that is learning the basics of bike riding.


  • This bike comes with an ergonomic kick-stand that offers complete support when it’s not in use.
  • The kick-stand helps kids understand all they need to know before transitioning into riding real pedal bike.
  • The foot pegs are detachable, which enables riders rotate around conveniently. When in rotation, the foot pegs offers very good balance.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble. The bike with manual that explains how to assemble and dissemble it with ease.
  • Well padded grips that provide additional protection for the kids from long hours of riding.
  • The padded grips also protect kid's hands from getting injured and bruised.
  • Easy and quick adjustment of the seat
  • Adjustable handlebars that provide proper arm alignment.
  • The bike is lightweight making it easier for kid to wheel about.
  • The bike is relatively affordable when compared with other balance bikes.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Rear brakes of the bike are clumsy.
  • The bike is not safe for narrow sketches due to the broad rear wheels.
  • If kids are not familiar with the foot pegs, it can interfere with the rider’s experience.
  • The handbrake will be a bit difficult to use for beginners.
  • Not putting up the kick-stand can be risky for kids. Parents need to ensure the kick-stand is put up before riding.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Final verdict

Looking at the reviews above, the PROS of this bike outweigh the CONS, and coupled with its unique features, this is the ideal bike for your child. It is a nice addition to your child’s toy collection. This bike is affordable, portable and fun to ride.

This is the best bike you will find on the market, and it’s ideal for children. With the lightweight feature of the balance bike, parents and guardians do not need to get bothered over safety concerns. Your child is guaranteed to learn all the basics of bike riding with this bike.

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