Kent Thruster KZ2600 Review: A Dual Suspension MTB Bike

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Review: A Dual Suspension MTB Bike 1
kent thruster kz2600 review

How will it be, if your age doesn’t matter in mountain biking anymore? Stop imagining and roll up with all new Kent thruster kz2600 to get the most exciting MTB biking experience you ever had. The KZ2600 comes with a double suspension, alloy rims, knobby tires, raised handlebars, and many more exciting features. We came up with our kent thruster kz2600 review to give you a whole idea about it.

The kent thruster KZ2600 will provide you with 21-speed Shimano gears, ultra-lightweight, heavy-duty brakes, precise wheels, and a few other beneficial features. The combination of all these useful features made the bike ideal for any beginner or professional MTB biker. And guess what, the bike costs less than 300 dollars. So, if you want a world-class bike without spending a lot of money, give it a shot.

The Features of Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike

The kz2600 has paved a better way to ensure proper comfort and functionality for bikers of all ages. Its unique features are quite enough to give you memorable experiences of those rough mountain tracks. Let's dive deep into its features.

26-inch Ultralight Weight Aluminium Frame

When it comes to mountain bikes, weight is an important issue. And a lightweight MTB bike is like a dream to every biker. That's why Kent brought this ultra-lightweight KZ2600 MTB bike. Its frame is made of aluminum. So the weight of the bike is comparatively lower than most of the cycles of the market.

To give it more perfection, the company incorporated a butted design to the bike's frame instead of a traditional tube frame. Because the butted frame makes the cycle more speedy. So to get a joyful ride on mountain tracks the KZ2600 is an excellent option.

65-mm Heavy-duty Suspension

The KZ2600 comes with a 65mm dual suspension. That's why it would be a great companion for long rides or riding through rough trails. Because 65 mm dual-suspension is quite enough to absorb all the lumps and bumps of the rugged mountain tracks. Besides, the suspension supplies ample stand against road shocks which will give you proper comfort on long rides.

Combination of Disk Brake and Pull Brake for Proper Safety

To ensure proper safety, the manufacturer used a front disk brake and a rear pull brake on the bike. As a result, the cycle will supply excellent stopping power in any situation. Because disk brakes can work properly even in wet or muddy conditions.

And the rear pull brake will support you when you need small resistance to the velocity of the bike. Also, the brakes of this bike are made of good quality material. So you won't have to worry about their durability.

Alloy Rims with Knobby Tires for Strong Grip on the Road

The manufacturer used alloy rims and durable knobby tires to make the bike more robust. The tires have a strong grip ability which will help you on rough or slippery trails. The company also kept the wheel size to 26 inches. Because of safety, stiffness, and lightness, 26 inches wheels are more popular than any other wheels of the market. It also helps to accelerate fast.

21-Speed Shimano Gears

Mountain bikers always crave for more speed. And upon understanding the need of the mountain bikers, the kent thruster brought their speedy addition KZ2600 which features three front gear and seven rear gears.

And trust us, with this 21 speed, you will get the fastest bike riding experience of your life. Besides, the gears are very easy to shift. Shimano smooth gear shifters are used in this bike. That's why you can easily shift gears with the thumb of your right hand without facing any trouble.


All the features of the kz2600 can be very beneficial to young as well as old bikers. If you buy this masterpiece MTB bike, you will be benefited in many ways. Let's see some useful facts about the cycle.

  • The bike has a glossy, attractive design
  • It has a very lightweight
  • It has 21 speed which will help you move faster
  • 65 mm dual suspension will easily absorb shocks and bumps of uneven trails
  • The disk brake will help you to stop quickly
  • Its price is very much affordable
  • Suitable for people of all ages


  • Rear-wheel don’t have a disk brake
  • You will have to assemble the bike manually
  • It doesn’t come with a kickstand
  • You won’t get any bottle holder with the bike

Some Other Features of the KZ2600 Mountain Bike

In this article, we have already discussed some essential features of the KZ2600 mountain bike. But to surprise you with a little more, we have collected some more significant features of the bike.

  • The aluminum body of the bike is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The alloy rims have 36 strokes for proper strength and longevity
  • It has a rear Shimano derailleur
  • Kz2600 have a quick-release seat post
  • The rear wheel of the bike helps a lot to maintain static friction so that you don’t spin out

Final Verdict of Kent Thruster KZ2600 Review

Not every available mountain bikes of the market provide features that will help bikers of all ages. The Kent thruster kz2600 is a bike that is made for all. From a 16 years old teen biker to a 40 years old aged biker everyone will find it as a perfect option for mountain biking. Besides, the bike has an expensive and smart outlook at a budget price.

It’s quite hard to believe that premium features like dual suspension, alloy frame, disk brake, Shimano smooth gear shifter, 21 speed, knobby tires, etc come at a price less than 300 dollars. Maybe the manufacturer considered customer satisfaction over extra profit because of their long time fame. So if you want the best experience of mountain biking without spending much money, we strongly recommend the Kent thruster kz2600 MTB bike.

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Review: A Dual Suspension MTB Bike 2

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