Hyper Havoc Bikes Review: Top Performance Within Budget

Hyper Havoc Bikes Review: Top Performance Within Budget 1
hyper havoc bikes review

Not a lot of options can meet budget & performance like Hyper Havoc. In fact, you can have optimum satisfaction without cutting your pocket. Hyper Bicycles comes with the right solution to ride the terrains with enjoyment. The designed adult MTB can compete for highly-priced ones in terms of serviceability. You need to stick with our Hyper Havoc Bikes review to explore the details.

Buying high quality MTB under a certain price tag may seem daunting. But Hyper Havoc steps forward to help you out. Its premium Genesis Bike remains within an affordable budget without compromising with quality, elegance, or competence. The frame comes ready to overcome all the lying obstacles on the way. You’re to receive an unmatched performance worthy of its required investment for sure.

Essential Features of Hyper Havoc

There are obvious reasons for you to settle down for the intended bike. Of course, you shouldn’t expect highly decorated advanced features here. But the bike itself definitely introduces a solid mix of essential features against the price. All the fundamental features are there in perfect combo to ensure a pleasant ride. You need to look into the features closely to understand the functionality & relevant benefits.

Quality Aluminum Construction

It all has to begin with construction materials. And almost all high-end MTB features aluminum framework. The men’s bicycle includes commercial aluminum to induce maximized durability. Despite the lightweight characteristics, the material delivers outstanding strength. Self-weight measures 50 pounds, sounding quite heavy.

As it happens, top-quality supporting materials contribute to the weight. Meanwhile, the assembled structure is ready to hold up to 275 pounds of rider weight. Therefore, the body can withstand all the bumps, shocks & impacts.

Dual Suspension Mechanism

You’re to expect lots of undulations on the track. And it obviously leads to frequent bumping to affect your peach of mind, attention & physical steadiness. Almost every MTB has to include a fork to counteract the issue in favor of the rider. The same goes for the targeted Hyper Bicycles model.

Not to mention, the features include a suspension system for the front as well as the back. Reduction in imposed shock encourages a more comfortable cycling adventure. Combined action initiates somewhat smooth movement, even on the roughest surfaces.

21-Speed Gear Integration

Off-trail riding has to involve an immense number of impediments every now & then. Constant speed may end up causing accidents in no time. That’s where MTBs feature variable drivetrain to change the cycling motion. Likewise, standard bicycles mostly include 21-speed gear to ensure satisfactory convenience.

It’s the same with the intended option, featuring Shimano gears. You can switch between 21 different speed settings as per your necessity. Of course, the variance promotes rider safety on risky slopes, terrains, or tracks.

Precise Drivetrain Shifting

Without a doubt, you got sufficient variations for the drivetrain to tackle the roughness. What you’ll need to keep the feature effective is the gear shifter. Built-in twist shifter by Shimano allows you to trigger the change with accuracy. Apart from a faster change in gear, convenient action ensures your safety.

It remains on the metal handlebar to ensure immediate & simple access. Also, there’s a rear derailleur to accompany the shifting mechanism. Together, the system enables smooth change in trailing motion.

Shimano Front & Rear Brakes

Obviously, you have everything in order to enjoy the right speeds. But you don’t get to forget the brake under no circumstance. Responsive braking mechanism can immediately halt the movement, ahead of uncertainty. Featured gears are from Shimano, the same goes for integrated brakes.

Both the front & rear adorn the commendable pulling brake mechanism. Pricey ones tend to include disc brakes, but linear-pull can get the job done. Simplified engaging functionality results in superior stopping power.

Supportive 3-Piece Crank System

Crank or chain requires attention to assure smooth & responsive riding movement. And Genesis Havoc happens to adopt a standard 3-piece crankset. The reciprocating motion reaches the rear wheel without the slightest distortion. Forwarding speed completely relies on your leg’s rotational motion.

Integrated pedals of quality plastic hold your feet with comforting stickiness. Unfortunately, many adult cyclists happened to face slight difficulty with the plastic. Of course, you’re free to replace the pedals with reliable metal ones.

Convenient 26” Sized Wheels

The wheels remain in contact with the unsolicited obstacles. Aluminum wheels keep the constantly rotating portion secure against all odds. Reasonable 26” sized wheels trigger even distribution of body weight throughout the journey.

Not to mention, the frame measures 18” against the wheels. Aside from distribution, the wheels are to tolerate all the bumps on the track. Excellent sturdiness keeps the system intact all along, thanks to the supporting wheel.

Reasonable MTB Seating

One essential feature to ensure comfy ride concerns with the seat. Unfortunately, Hyper Havoc seems to achieve higher marks in this regard. Plush MTB seating is set to support your back with optimum comfort.

But customers mostly complained about the padding & softness. Unless you can’t bear with the seat, it’s better to make a replacement. Meanwhile, the Seatpost allows adjustment to fit the rider height. As it happens, the bike can accommodate riders 5’-0” to 6’-3” tall, matching the weight limit.


  • Highly durable metal framework.
  • Excellent splash of exterior design.
  • Increased capacity to hold weight.
  • Standard variation for bike speed.
  • Least shock/impact on physique.
  • Good stopping power on demand.
  • All-terrain supported plastic pedal.
  • Effective crank, smooth drivetrain.
  • Uniform imposed load distribution.
  • Adjustable handlebar & Seatpost.
  • Minimal requirement for setting


  • Insufficient seat padding.
  • No pre-load suspension.
  • Less room for fork upgrade.
  • Loosening of handlebar.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

We already covered the basic parts to clear the facts. Aside from the fundamental features, there are extra supports to ensure further excellence. You obviously don’t want to miss the additional features towards a memorable cycling experience.

Authentic Hyper Graphics

Any smart, passionate, stylish rider would like to get something elegant. And the first impression often comes with aesthetics. Hyper Bicycles certainly knows the marketing strategy to attract customers. Its unparalleled authentic graphics is likely to allay the eyes at first sight. All the connecting tubes & rods primarily feature black exterior. But almost every segment includes white & grey labels or marks to effervesce the beauty.

Controllable Handlebar Specs

Apart from the seat itself, the handlebar has a lot to play towards comfortable riding. You’re to keep your hands on the bar all the time. And there comes rubberized cover on both end portions to save your palm. You don’t have to deal with uncomforting stickiness or slippery sweating. Again, the handlebar flexibility remains sufficient to enable quick frontal movement. All the connecting cables have a secure positioning to implement your command.

Standard Rim to Secure Tires

Arrived tires stand against the terrain roughness to push you forward. Both wheel tires come in standard sizing to ensure perfect functionality. The included rim measures 1.0” wide to keep the confined interior completely intact. Though neither of the parts features a quick releasing mechanism. You should remain prepared to face slight issues to handle regarding the rim performance. But the specs won’t endanger your ride under no condition.

Minimal Assembly of Parts

Partially assembled arrival saves your effort ahead of your adventure. Of course, it calls for certain setup processing by yourself. Putting together all the remaining parts is incredibly easy for anyone to complete. You just need to set the wheels, handlebar & seat in their intended position carefully. The entire process is likely to cost you 45 minutes or so.

Final Verdict of Hyper Havoc Bikes Review

Satisfactorily workable MTB is not easy to find with lots of cheap, poor options. But you can consider the dependable frame for your outdoor adventure. All the benefits combined qualify Hyper Havoc as one reliable choice.

The construction enables fun, function, safety, stability ahead of your biking session. And you’re not to pay too many dollars to experience a comfortably secure rougher ride. With the intended model, you’re set to conquer the terrain's extremity.

Hyper Havoc Bikes Review: Top Performance Within Budget 2

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