Learn How to Reset Bike Lock Combination Step by Step!

how to reset bike lock

In some cases, cyclists buy a bike lock and don’t reset the lock combination. Well, this tendency is not right. Because a person can easily find out what the combination was when you bought it. You must know how to reset bike lock.

Resetting a bike lock is not hard at all. It is a simple process and takes a few seconds to be done. We will discuss the steps you should follow while resetting a bike lock. You will be able to do it yourself after you go through this article.

Why a Bike Lock?

If you have a bike, then a bike lock is a necessity. Anyone who has a bike must look for the ideal lock for the bike.

  • A bike lock ensures the security of your bike.
  • In many cases, cyclists leave their bikes carelessly, and the bikes fall or get misplaced. It can damage your bike. This won't happen for sure when you have a bike lock. Your bike will be standing in a fixed place.
  • Most importantly, no one will be able to steal your bike. The number of bike theft is increasing day by day. People are becoming more conscious. You don't want to lose your companion. So, for your bike, get the best bike lock.

There are mainly three types of bike lock:

  • D locks
  • Chain locks
  • Folding lock
how to reset bike lock

How to Reset a Bike Lock Combination?

Combination bike locks are simpler to use, and you don't need to have any keys. The locks come with a combination when you purchase them. Generally, the original combination set by the manufacturer is written in a piece of paper in the original packaging.

But you must always reset the locks; try not to keep the combination that the lock had when you purchased it. Good for extra safety, you know.

Again, you might be using the same combination for a long time, and now you want to change it. You don't have to worry if you don't know how to reset a bike lock combination. Because here, we will provide you step by step guideline.

So, let’s start!

  • First, you have to unlock the lock using the present combination and discharge the cable from lock housing.
  • Check if your lock comes with a reset lever or if you need a reset tool. Don't you know what a reset lever is? It is a small lever positioned close to the dials. Now, if you don't see a lever, then you have to use the reset tool. The reset tool usually comes with your lock.
  • Put the reset lever down, keeping it flat against the lock head (flip it up 180 degrees). It would be best if you flipped the reset lever so that you can change the combination. Or, if you have a reset tool with your lock, insert it into the corresponding holes. Instantly you will get to hear a click.
  • Now rotate the dials one at a time and place the new combination of your choice. Choose the numbers that are easier for you to remember. Keep in mind that you should not turn the dials when you are flipping the reset lever down.
  • Detach the reset tool or turn over the reset lever to its original state. Reset the cable. Dial the digits for security purpose. You can write down your combination in case you forget it.
  • Lastly, verify the combination. If not, then try to unlock it with the previous combination. And set the combination again. Maybe it wasn’t effective at the first try.

However, in some bike locks, when you unlock the lock, you will see a dial on the inside with the word "set." To change the combination, rotate the dial and turn the "set" mode. Now you can set a combination of your choice. Some locks come with a handy light so you can see it in the dark.

After you create a combination, you can turn the “set” dial into the original position. Now check if your combination is effective. If not, then try again by unlocking with the previous combination.


Resetting a bike lock is an easy task. You can reset it at any time. But it would be best if you always kept the combination simple so that you can remember it.

While buying a bike lock, you must check the reset feature. Check if it has reset tools or if it supports reset. Sometimes, after you purchase a lock, you find that you cannot reset the combinations. Maybe because of technical defects. So check it properly.

It is a good idea to change your lock combination after some time. This way, your bike will be safer. And most importantly, ride safely.

Happy riding!

Learn How to Reset Bike Lock Combination Step by Step! 1

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