How to Lock Your Bike Properly? Most Important Tips!

how to lock your bike properly

Many people buy a lock, and they think that their bike is secured. But little do they know, a bike's security mostly depends on the object they attach it to. Most of the people face bike theft because they don't know how to lock their bike correctly. Want to learn how to lock your bike properly? Then you have visited the appropriate place.

We will teach you how to secure your bike while you are in the street or at home. So, for a better result, follow each step mentioned in this article.

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How to Lock Your Bike Properly While You Are in the Streets?

Choose a crowded place

While you are in the street, you might feel like locking your bike to the object that is close to your destination. Well, it's not a good idea. It would be best if you always looked for a busy area. This way, you can save bike your bike from being stolen as thieves are afraid of the crowd. A place with CCTV is perfect.

It is a better idea to lock your bike where other bikes are already locked up. It is because in such areas, the cyclists come and go, and this might disturb the thief. And if you keep the bike securely locked amidst other bikes, be sure, no one can steal your bike. Because face it, a thief will get less room to use their tools effectively.

Choose a stable object

It's always safer to lock your bike to an immovable, fixed object. Your bike is not secured with a secured lock only. The object your bike is attached to secures the bike too.

However, while you are locking your bike to the object, you must check if the object can be unscrewed or dismantled easily. Don't forget to check whether your bike can be lifted over against the grips you used.

Do not secure your bike to a wood-made object or trees. A thief can quickly release your bike. Locking your bike to a tree might cause damage or scratch to your bike as well as the tree.

In city areas, you will find bike parks or other areas specially designed for parking bikes. Those are your best options. Give the bike robbers a hard time to release with a secure attachment to bike rails!

However, nowadays, thieves are damaging the bike rails and covering them up with tapes when they are empty. So when you park your bike there, they can easily cut through the section and take away your bike. Be sure to check the rails for damages like a dent, split, rust, or other weakness.

Don't give the thieves any clue!

If you are away from your bike for a significant time, never let the thief know that. Say you are going to the cinema. Now, if you lock the bike there or if the thief sees you locking your bike then going to the cinema, they will know that they have enough time.

Don't lock your bike at an unknown or dangerous place

If you are out to an unknown place, leave your bike to a familiar place. Because you never know, locking your bike can make it more vulnerable to the thieves.

If you are traveling in a dangerous area prone to bike theft, don't lock yours there. Well, if you have to lock there, then take extra locks.

How Can You Lock Your Bike Correctly at Home?

where to put bike lock

We give so much attention to bike theft outside in the street, but most of us keep our bikes loose when we are at home. You should know that over 50% of stolen bikes are stolen from the owner's house.

Many thieves consider residential areas as less likely to be caught. So they prefer stealing a bike from home instead of stealing it in the city center.

Here are some precautionary steps that you can take:

Lock your bike inside your house

Inside the house is the safest place to keep your bike. Firstly, it will be out of the sight of a thief, and secondly, a thief is less likely to break into your home. However, some don't like the idea of sharing their space with their bike.

Now, if you have space issues, you should know that many companies provide wall mounts to keep bikes inside the house.

However, if you don't have any problem with keeping your bike inside the home, you must go with it.

Lock your bike in a bike shed or garage

If you can't keep your bike inside your home, the next option is to store it in a bike shed or a garage. It would be best if you never kept your bike unlocked in either of the places.

Since a bike shed is designed to secure your bike, it can easily fall into the thief's target. So you must lock your bike inside even if your bike shed has a lockable door.

Generally, garages are considered to be more secure than sheds as it has the advantage of brick walls and concrete floors. However, a thief will first look into the garage as it is the most common place to store a bike. So lock your bikes from inside as well as secure the garage with lockable doors.


The first step to ensuring the safety of your bike is to buy a good quality lock. However, always remember that no lock is unbreakable.

You must lock your bike's components in order of worth. This will minimize the chance of your bike being stolen. Also, you can use a bike cover. This way, it will be in sight of a thief easily. While in the street crowded place or a place with CCTV is always preferable.

We hope to provide you with enough information on how to lock your bike properly. If you follow these ways, you can avoid your bike being stolen.

How to Lock Your Bike Properly? Most Important Tips! 1

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