How to Fix Bicycle Bell Step by Step? A Complete Guide!

how to fix Bicycle Bell step by step

If your bicycle bell isn’t working that is not ringing properly; you can solve the problem following proper techniques. If you don't know the process and wondering how you can fix your bicycle bell, then you have come to the right place. If you go through this article (which we recommend), you will know how to fix bicycle bell step by step.

Whether you have a gear style or tab style bicycle bell, we have a fixation procedure. However, first, you need to learn the tools you require. So. Let's see.

Tools You Need:

  • A robust small rubber band
  • A pair pliers
  • And obviously, the broken bell that needs to be fixed
how to fix Bicycle Bell step by step

How to Fix Bicycle Bell Step by Step Guide:

Open The Bell:

The lids of the bell are usually made of metal. You can easily remove it by twisting it counterclockwise. Once the inner parts are revealed, you can see the broken section to be fixed right away.

Internal Operation:

Once you open the cover, inspect the inside of the bell. It would help if you observed the movement of different gears.

You can remove the small nut once you open the lid. You might need a pair of pliers. Beneath the nut, there is a plastic piece holding two washers loosely.

On depressing the bell actuator, the washers rotate around the center of the bell. This way, the “ring-ring” sounds are created. Washers hit the inner sides of the bell. You should know that a lot of movement happens with the washer piece if the actuator moves even a little.

If you see a loose gear, you need to secure it back in place. If the problem is a worm out gear, then you should look for a replacement. However, you might not find the exact one, and you might need to buy a new one.

But if the problem is with a loose arm and doesn't spring back when you press it, you should inspect the mechanism that operates the arm. The reason behind the inactivity of the “spring action” is the plastic arms breaking away from the actuator. This happens due to overuse.

A Smart Fix:

Most of the bicycles use spring to actuate the arm. If you can, then replace the spring. However, if you can't rely on the plastic spring fixation, you can use rubber bands instead. Wrap the actuator aperture with the rubber band; pull it through itself. It is a widely known technique. People call it the "rubber band knot" technique.

Add Tension:

Generally, a lot of tension is needed on the rubber band on pressing the actuator. To attain this tension, you need to stretch the band around the gear pegs. You can pull the looped part of the rubber band around the center post for more stress.

Now, put the actuator back on the pivot peg with the aperture over the center post. The rubber band will then pull the actuator against the center post. Check if the rubber band does its work. You might need to do this process again.

When done, place the gears back in position. First, put the small
toothed gear to the right peg. Then, the washers holding pieces in the center peg. Lastly, place the nut back on top.

Test The Mechanism:

Screw back the bell top. You need to place the bell top in position so that the bell can make noise. Now, the rubber band fixation is not a permanent solution; it will break eventually. However, this smart fix lasts for a few weeks.

When the rubber band breaks again, follow the same procedure. And it definitely saves the extra money on a new bell.

If You Have a Tab-Style Bell, Then How Can You Fix It?

You must check if the tab is hitting the cover (metal bowl). Well, there may be a loose plastic arm or a loose or broken spring. In case you have a broken or loose spring, see if there is a spring at the bottom of the arm. If there is, check if you can remove and replace it with another one.

A spring causes the loud "ring" noise by hitting the metal bell with the arm. Well, if the broken arm is the problem, then you probably can't fix it. In this case, the best option is to buy a new one.


If you have a bicycle, you should learn how to fix bicycle bell step by step beforehand. Because it is common to have a bicycle bell, not in action after a lot of use, moreover, you can face other problems with bicycle bells like rust, dirt, debris, and bell positioning. It’s good to be prepared beforehand.

A bicycle doesn't need much maintenance. If you know how to take proper care of a bike, you can keep it long term. So is the case with a bicycle bell.

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How to Fix Bicycle Bell Step by Step? A Complete Guide! 1

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