How to Clean Bike Helmet? 10 Simple Tips!

how to clean bike helmet

How To Clean Bike Helmet: Ten Simple Steps To Go Through

No matter whichever time of year you're riding a bike in, it doesn't need long to develop a better sweat on your bike. However, it's not a problem as the whole thing ends up and goes into your washing machine everything after an exercise session of 2 to 4 hours.

Well, it's almost everything, but you might neglect your helmet, and it generates terrible smell. Thus, it goes far further than a prompter or 'character' for a better discussion over coffee.

It can be most excellent to attempt some of the suggestions if you don't find its caring instructions. It's because, honestly, we're on the same ship as you're on its topic.

That means knowing how to clean bike helmet is extremely vital to keep away from its bad smell and to extend its durability. Here are some steps to clean your bike helmet.

First Step: Get Essential Bike Helmet Cleaning Materials

In this very first step, you have to collect essential materials that need to clean your helmet. With any production, while washing your bike helmet, get things from the beginning.

It's because it'll go far off towards providing the best utilization of the time. A large number of people like to get their preferences for the thing that works best.

That's because lots of viable alternatives are out there. But, an essential set of supplies is all the time good to work with. They're great when it's time to wash your bike helmet as well as the faceshield.

Second Step: Remove Any External & Electronics Accessories

Although it may sound fundamental and really it is, this step very often has overlooked. Before you go through the cleaning processes of your helmet, there are some things to do.

For example, you should take out all electronics and other external accessories from your bike. The accessories may include antennas, microphones, Bluetooth, batteries, etc.

Moreover, it is straightforward to remove these accessories and clean one by one when you work on an off-road or dual sport helmet with a peak.

how to clean bike helmet

Third Step: Remove The Interior Of The Helmet

Some manufacturers make a few different designs. So, removing the inner liner and pads hardly ever want more than some planned tugs. In many cases, comfort liners and pads have attached with snaps.

However, some of them come with hook & loop magnets or material. You'll get more specifics if your check the owner's manual. After removing the main liner and cheek pads, put them aside. We're going to wash them at the fifth step.

Fourth Step: Prepare The Outer Shell Of The Helmet

When you need to untie bugs and caked-on dirt, use a soaked microfiber towel in boiled water and swathe it on your helmet. It'll work to lightly soften to dislodge fixed-on gunk that reduces the cleaning effort later.

Also, this will enable you to scrape the helmet and faceshield while going through the process. Put this wet microfiber to aside to use it at the fifth step.

Fifth Step: Clean The Internal Lining

Very often, your bike helmet needs a better wash. Your bike helmet's lining soaks up lots of grime from hair oil to face sweat. To clean the inner lining of the bike helmet, fill a tub, bucket, or sink with boiled water with baby shampoo.

After that, scrub, dunk, and massage every piece of helmet's inner lining in this foamy water. Because of its ultra gentleness, baby shampoo is suitable for these tasks. Also, it has designed mainly to wash out hair oil and sweat.

Sixth Step: Clean The Bike Helmet's Exterior

Remove the faceshield with keeping it aside after taking away the soaked rag to place that one on your helmet in the fourth step. Now, you have to use a wet softer cloth for gentle work on the exterior of your bike helmet.

It'll help you to wipe out if there are any leftover grime and dirt. Always ensure to work with just warm water when washing the bike helmet. But, don't forget some solvents as well as cleaning agents or solutions may damage your helmet's exterior.

Seventh Step: Blow The Vents Out (If Required)

Sometimes, a dirt portion or glowing fed insect can get lodged in the vent's channel of the helmet in the warmth while riding hard. Clearing the trails to allow let its airflow liberally is excellent, with a rapid blast from the air compressor works well.

It's because air compression works excellent for flashing out obstructions of your helmet's vents as well as its channels.

Eighth Step: Clean Your Faceshield

Faceshields of these days come with some type of secured coating to protect you from anti-fog and UV rays. That's why you must avoid using any other thing than boiled water while cleaning a bike faceshield. It's most likely the outer part of the helmet.

Make sure to look into its owner's manual to confirm you're not voiding any company warranties. So, you have to follow the given instructions in the manual.

Ninth Step: Wipe The Inner Sun Shield

It's likely not too dirty if the helmet has an inner sun shield. But, if they fall away blind gets a bit messy over time, then a quick water sprit and wipe with a towel of microfiber will make the trick.

Tenth Step: Reassemble Your Helmet

Finally, it's time to reassemble the helmet. You have to start by dry liner as well as cheek pads. After that, reattach the faceshield and some other accessories that have removed initially.


In conclusion, we're strongly suggesting avoiding any hard chemicals or cleaning reagents to use with water to clean your bike helmet. For example, a bleach solution that’s just enough to damage and make your helmet out of order forever.

So, as we said above, you should use baby shampoo. It's not just softer to use; it's also good to work with when you need to clean your bike helmet.

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