How Often to Replace Bike Helmet? You Should Know

how often to replace bike helmet

The cause of using a helmet, the factors that we should consider while buying a helmet, and of course the best selling brand, we all know these, right! But do you know how often to replace bike helmet?

Most people don't know about this, and some may don't care. You may think that a helmet doesn't contain any expired date. So if you want to know, then continue reading this article.

Factors You Should Consider

You should find out any kind of crashes near the vents and EPS foam. If you find crashes, then you should update your helmet. Color turning into pale might be an indication that the condition of the plastic turns out fragile.

So in case of an accident occur, the helmet won't be able to protect you. The cover of the shell can also become loose, and it is also a sign that you should change the helmet. If you find dents in the internal area, then that also becomes damaged.

You should replace your bike helmet instantly if the two ends of the buckles break down. When you wear a helmet, and it doesn't fit you well, then you should change it. A changing condition or weather requires a new helmet to match the shape.

In Case of a Severe Crash in Your Head

It is crucial to change the helmet if you mess up in a severe crash or bike accident and your head crash in that accident. The protection layer of the helmet is manufactured for only a one-time purpose. So if any severe accident occurs, then it doesn't remain usable.

Though the helmet looks okay to wear, you should instantly change it. Regardless of keeping the helmet may prove to be dangerous for you. Now, let’s know how frequently you should change your bicycle helmet.

how often to replace bike helmet

The Time You Should Change the Helmet

The helmet can be damaged for dropping accidentally by you on a harsh floor. You may not be able to notice it. So you should take it to the factory and ask them the condition of the helmet. If it requires to be changed, you don't have to worry. Cause they will replace it at a minimal charge.

Be Careful While Using the 80’s Design Helmet

You may fall in lust with the 80's design helmet. They have a very excellent and unique look. Maybe you are one of them who have this type of helmet. If yes, then you should be careful to use this.

First of all, you have to know your helmet really able to protect you in case of any severe accident that hit your head. That time they may not produce the helmet with a hard shell; as a result, it may not be able to fulfill the existing standard.

Though a few 1970s helmets are constructed with hard shells, they don't have thick foam. They use Styrofoam, which is actually quite thin to give protection at the time of an accident.

You should change the old one with the new one to make sure you get the highest protection while
riding a bike. If the old one meets up with the current requirements, then it is okay to use it.

The Quality of the Helmet

Almost all helmet manufacturer suggests replacing the helmet after the use of five years. But the high-quality helmet produced by renowned brands can be used for more than five years.

In case you ride so many paths like thousands of miles in a year, then you should replace it within five years, and it is right for you. Though it is a rumor, you don't need to change your helmet with age.

It proves that foam liners keep their durabilities and operation for many years. They test over 600 helmets. And the performance remains good with age. So you may don't have to replace your helmet in case it remains in a good position and serves better.

Do Not Use a Bicycle Helmet for Non-bike Actions

When you utilize your helmet for non-bike actions, and you hit regularly, then you should change it frequently, even it looks okay. It will be dangerous for you in case you don't change the helmet as soon as possible.

Because when you will hit further, it can cause severe injuries. Even you should not over-utilize your helmet, it can similarly lead to injuries or death even in case of a severe accident.

Almost all bicycle helmets are designed to use them for skateboarding and some other kinds of sports. We suggest that you should purchase a helmet that is made for that particular sport. At the time of riding a bicycle, take your bicycle helmet.

Compare Your Helmet With the Latest Available Design

You should compare your helmet with the latest model available in the market. You should check if your helmet has an ideal sticker, thread shell, thick foam, and so on. And most importantly, the helmet should fit you well.

If you find that your helmet doesn't serve better than the latest design available in the market, change it immediately. In short, you must buy a helmet that will give protection at the time of an accident occurred.

Conclusion of How Often to Replace Bike Helmet

After reading this article, you may understand that the need for replacement relies on various factors and circumstances. Again if you have any confusion, you can contact the company and ask them for their help.

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