Giordano Bikes Review: Aluminum Frame Bike for Multi-Purpose Use

Giordano Bikes Review: Aluminum Frame Bike for Multi-Purpose Use 1
giordano bikes review

Are you in search of an affordable, multi-purpose usable bike? Then it would be best if you did not miss the Giordano libero 1.6 men's bike. The road bike costs around five hundred dollars but provides features of very premium quality. Giordano libero bike is a perfect combination of stability and comfort, which gives a thrilling riding experience to the riders. Our Giordano bikes review will provide you with an in-depth idea about the bike.

Giordano libero bike provides some essential features that made the bike a multi-entertainment bike. You can use it for fun riding, racing, exercise purpose, and for daily riding. It has features like an aluminum body, high profile alloy rims, 16-speed Shimano drivetrain with STI shifters, 700cc wheels, kickstand, bottle holder, etc, which are very rare in this price range. So, if you have different intentions with your bike, then give it a try.

The Features of Giordano Libero bike

The libero bike can be a perfect partner for on and off-road tours. You may feel confused about its ability. But we are pretty sure that your confusion won't last long, after knowing the features of the bike. Let's dive deep into those.

Strong and Lightweight Aluminum Frame for Long Time Durability

Many customers think that manufacturers use the aluminum frame to keep the manufacturing cost to a low level. But the truth is, aluminum serves many purposes. The aluminum frame doesn't add up much weight to the bike's total weight. Besides, it gives the bike a durable and sturdy design to withstand any worst situation. So, there is no bad in using aluminum as the built material.

If you are a design freak, then this bike is your type. Because the bike features a stunning matte black design, which gives it a complete masculine look. And the tires of the bike also have some exciting design that adds a charming outlook to the bike.

16-Speed Shimano Drivetrain Provides Full Control Over the Speed

The manufacturer used a 16-speed Shimano drivetrain on this road bike to make it more precise. As we have already mentioned that, the bike is built for multi-purpose use so, if you go on adventurous tours on the weekend, you will need different speed options. Because there are many adventurous places with uneven and rough trails.

And that's where different speed options will help you a lot. With this 16-speed, you will get a smooth and fast riding experience. And if we talk about the quality, we all know that no questions can arise against Shimano's products as they are renowned for their premium quality products.

Shimano STI Gear Shifter Provides Smooth Gear Shifting

The company used Shimano STI gear sifters on this bike, which is very rare in this price range. Because STI gear shifters are famous for smooth and accurate gear shifting. That's why high-priced bikes mostly use STI gear shifter.

But the Giordano Libero bike is proving STI gear shifter at this low price range, to ensure enjoyable riding for their customers. And it needs no telling that the shifters are of excellent quality and will perform accurately for a long time without any maintenance.

Front and Rear Pull Brakes Provide Great Stopping Power

Brakes are one of the essential parts of a bike. That's why the company used one front and one rear pull brake on the bike. As a result, the libero 1.6 bike provides excellent stopping power in any situation. Though you may expect disk brakes in this price range, the company decided to use pull brakes instead.

We were also confused about the brakes power, at first. But after a test run, we can assure you that these pull brakes work just as fine as disk brakes. The V-brakes showed better performance in wet conditions also. So you can rely on these pull brakes, undoubtedly.


The Giordano Libero 1.6 men's bike has some fantastic features to support you at your daily riding or fun riding or adventurous riding. Its lightweight, comfortability, premium features, and affordable price made it one of the market's top-selling bikes. It has some positive and negative sides that you should know before buying it. Let's try to understand those.

  • The bike has a beautiful design that will win anyone's heart at first sight
  • It is made with aluminum material, which makes the bike very lightweight and sturdy
  • You will get various speed options as the bike have a 16-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • The handlebar tape of the bike is of very premium quality
  • It has 700cc wheels that give a more precise performance
  • The STI shifters work very smoothly while changing gears
  • The assembling process of the bike is straightforward and consumes a little time


  • You may need to tune up the bike most often
  • The handlebar tape is white, that’s why it gets dirty very quickly
  • Some customers complained about the comfortability of the bike’s seat

Some Other Features of Giordano Libero Bike

We have already discussed some essential features of the bike. But to surprise you with a little more, we have collected some more features of the Libero bike.

  • The bike has different colors and sizes so that you can choose the color and size according to your preference.
  • It comes with a kickstand, which is very rare in this price range.
  • It has dual water bottle mounts.
  • The bike has grippy cranks that hold the foot tightly.
  • An assembling guide comes with the bike so you can assemble the bike all by yourself.

Final Verdict of Giordano Bikes Review

The Giordano Libero bike is a perfect road bike for new or entry-level roadies. It's a well-balanced bike in which every significant feature is installed precisely. It has bigger wheels, an aluminum body, a double braking system, grippy cranks, good quality drivetrain, and gear shifters that offer convenience and stability for enjoyable riding experience. Besides, the company kept the bike's price at a mid-level so people can afford it easily. So set your mind, and get your Giordano Libero bike today!

Giordano Bikes Review: Aluminum Frame Bike for Multi-Purpose Use 2

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