Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review: Ride Down Terrain Obstacles

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review: Ride Down Terrain Obstacles 1
genesis v2100 mountain bike review

Only a few options can surpass the functionality of the Genesis mountain bike. And the excellence ahead of your off-trail ride starts with V2100 men’s bicycle. Plenty of convenient features impart superior riding efficiency for any adventurous adult. You better stick with our Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike review to get the details. We have everything in order to help you understand the points.

Mountain bikes can fill the gap city road riding or suburb commuting. You obviously want a break from the busy regular life through off-road cycling. And that’s where you’ll feel the necessity of a good-quality bicycle. As it happens, men’s V2100 comes with everything you’re to require ahead of the ride. Not to mention, there are a good number of reasons to keep it on the top of your checklist.

Features of Genesis V2100 Dual-Suspension Bicycle

You can find several mountain bikes for professional riders. But the crisis starts to appear when it gets to entry-level requirements. Any beginner cyclist still to adopt higher speed over rough terrain is likely to face trouble. Genesis manufactured its supportive V2100 bike for the passionate individual looking for improvement.

There are convenient features to help with the growing skill. Of course, relevant benefits are likely to push you forward towards the goal. You should check out the explanations for all the integrated features right below.

Splash of Appealing Design

The very first impression should go with the appeal. And Genesis certainly did a good job of that. The style feels awesome under skill-developing hands. Overall aesthetics seems the ultimate outlook for off-trail male riders. The major portion includes back coating with certain colorful spots. Wheel connecting tubes along with the pedals come in white having red marked labels. Reasonably sleek profile is to match the adventurous lifestyle of willful cyclists.

Perfectly Fitting Measurements

Assembled dimension has to fit the size of the male grownup. Unfortunately, the manufacturer comes without any variation in the size. It’s more like one particular size to fit everyone. But the structure measures standard for the dimensions. The fully assembled model is likely to measure about 68” x 24” x 39”. Almost all average-sized men can ride on the bicycle without any fitment issue.

Aluminum MTB Framework

Frame material is indeed the most crucial factor regarding durability. And modern adult bicycles mostly utilize aluminum to make up the body. It’s no different for the Genesis V2100 bicycle either. Aside from tire, pedal & wheel, the mainframe interconnects sturdy aluminum tubes.

The lightweight metal enables better control over bike movement. Not to mention, you can maneuver the riding motion with ease. You’re to handle an assembled 35 – 37 pounds of weight. There come 4 integrated bar linkages to promote overall performance.

Fully Suspending Fork

You’re to go through lots of bumps, undulations & roughness on the way. Therefore, it’s essential to have a reliable fork system to reduce the aftershock. Almost all high-quality MTB features the part to ensure rider safety.

As it happens, the intended model includes a steady fork of aluminum for the ride. The lightweight yet heavy-duty material maintains a solid balance for your physique. You can attend the trail without hurting your joints or backs. Completely suspending installation enables the system to curtail the impact.

Convenient Brake System

Appropriate brake functionality is a must to ensure secure riding along the way. In fact, the brake system causes a significant difference in terms of bicycle suitability. Genesis emphasized the safety for sure, featuring standard brake action.

The bike’s front side comes with a disc brake specifying 160mm linear-pull brake. Whereas the rear includes a convenient V brake system. Of course, the lack of disc brake for the rear side is one minus. Still, you’re to enjoy the almost immediate response from the wheels through the brake.

Precise Drivetrain Function

It’s rather important to change the cycling speed to tackle certain obstacles. And smooth gears can let you switch to the righteous one right away. Genesis features a comprehensive gear system to offer a 21-speed drivetrain. You’ll obviously require additional features to support the perfect functionality of integrated gears. And Genesis happens to take care of that part quite well. Trouble-free riding will help you to enjoy a heightened experience over rougher terrains.

Built-in Gear Shifter

One supporting feature to assist the drivetrain comes with a gear shifter. Without a shifting mechanism, it’s almost impossible to make the change in speed. Like the other parts, Shimano makes up the system to promote smooth practical action. You’ll find the shifter right on the built-in handlebar. Conquering any downhill or uphill becomes a five-finger exercise with the proper adjustment.

Shimano Derailleurs Action

Of course, the bike lets you trigger speed change. But you’ll need something to ensure a precise switching between the speeds. Functional derailleurs can help with the smooth clicking without the slightest interruption. And any MTB has to include dependable derailleurs ahead of customer satisfaction. Both the front & rear derailleurs come from world-renowned Shimano. For the rear portion, you’re to get TZ40 SIS Shimano Tourney.

Supportive 26” Wheels

Wheel is let you move forward, overcoming all the obstacles on the way. Therefore, you can’t compromise with the wheel quality under no circumstance. Each of the featured wheel pair comes with a standard 26” size. The measurement is just right to bear & distribute all the loads. Its specialized stock tires have 2.1” width.

The combined action can withstand all the random bumps over irregular ground. In the meantime, alloy black rims measure 26” x 1.5” to support the entire mechanism. The edges remain completely intact to initiate an aggressive tire tread.

Workable Handlebar & Pedals

One underrated feature concern with the quality of the handlebar & pedal. It’s not even possible to imagine any good-quality bike without either of the two. The built-in handlebar comes with sufficient flexibility to allow better control. Obviously, there are rubberized covers on both ends to enable a sticky but comforting grip.

Meanwhile, the pedals aren’t exactly state-of-the-art for V2100. Plastic structure can break apart upon heavy impact loads. Somewhat slippery surfaces can make pedaling difficult on specific terrains. Despite all the drawbacks, both pedals can offer satisfactory support for the feet. You may think of replacing the plastic with metal ones.

Comforting Seat Integration

Another troublesome consideration lies with the seat itself. Customers often end up complaining about supporting surface quality. But you can definitely count on V2100 MTB integrations. The Velcro padded seat enables long-term comfort to hold your back. Likewise, the surface is somewhat rugged to withstand all the outdoor rigors.

Seatpost adjustment is necessary to enjoy the utmost comfort. Adjustment range is pretty limited within 27.2mm to 300mm only. Thanks to the quick release function, you can simply readjust the Seatpost height in no time.

Reasonable Maintenance

Maximum retention of performance & efficiency results from regular maintenance. Of course, you may want to skip the part to save your effort. But you’ll feel the requirement of satisfactory cleanup or inspection at some point. For the best part, you won’t have to go through much trouble there.

Scrubbing the exterior finish will mild water can take out the staining spots. You have to pay attention to the brake pads & cables, in particular. Bumpy ride is likely to affect the mechanism. But simple maintenance can save you from any accidental occurrence.


  • Lightweight aluminum structure.
  • Elegant design, perfect fitment.
  • Integrated linear-pull disc brake.
  • Optimum safety against bumps.
  • Minimal shock to affect physique.
  • Effective tire action through rim.
  • Standard Velcro padded saddle.
  • Unrivaled drivetrain functionality.
  • Precise gear shifting mechanism.
  • Comfortable handling with grip.
  • Usable adjustment for Seatpost.
  • Simple, easy maintenance tasks.


  • Frequent loosening of handle.
  • No rear disc brake is available.
  • Setup seems slightly difficult.
  • Plastic pedals may feel flimsy.

Final Verdict of Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review

Fully functional MTBs are rather difficult to find, no thanks to overwhelming options. Quality & serviceability – both remain at the peak with Genesis V2100. Looking at all the offers, the bicycle promises to deliver satisfactory performance.

The bike comes with everything to meet your on-road demands at once. Even from the pricing point, the model is well worth your precious investment. With the bike to take down the roughness, you’re set to enjoy a secure off-trail adventure.

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review: Ride Down Terrain Obstacles 2

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