Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle

Cruiser bicycles known as beach cruiser is a bicycle with a combination of durable steel construction, upright seating posture, balloon tires and single speed drive train. Cruiser bikes are majorly designed for paved roads, they can be categorized under the class of non-racing/non-touring moderate speed and moderate distance bikes. Cruiser bikes are mostly used by casual bicyclists and vacationers who enjoy cycling. Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle is one of the top and latest bike for all types of beach biker.


This beach bike is known for its durability and style. Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle is a bike modelled with great functionalities in mind, it is a unique combination of functionality and style that serves more than just a transportation purpose, it creates an exhilarating experience for its riders. It is impeccably designed to glide smoothly on rough and smooth paths, streets, trails and boardwalks, with firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle you are guaranteed to have an unequalled fun and experience.

Unlike other cruiser bicycles, this bike is one bike that ranks top in performance, functionality and unique features, it is sturdily built and guaranteed to last longer than other bikes, it features a strong frame and a special pedalling design and a comfy and firm seating system.

Special Features to Look for in Cruiser Bikes

Before now cruiser bikes are majorly owned and used by the rich, it can be termed a luxury item, but over time the trend began to evolve and consumer friendly cruiser bikes were built and made more affordable. Cruiser bikes are prominent for its comfortability and excellent designs, built for passionate cyclists who ride for fun, it is best for short distance commute, roads that have steady and flat surface.

These are the features to look out for when purchasing a cruiser bike as it will help you to select the appropriate bike that suit you:

firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle

1. Size

Size is one important feature to take into consideration while purchasing the best cruiser bike, the comfort level of the bike is dependent on the appropriate size, the comfortability, efficiency of the bike gets compromised if the wrong size is picked. Decide on the type of cruiser bike you need, is it a male or female cruiser bike? This is an important decision because the frames are built differently. he frames are exclusively designed to fit into easy manoeuvring by both sex, hence, a female rider that choose or purchase a cruiser bike with male frame might encounter some difficulty in manoeuvring the bike.

In terms of size, another thing to look out for is the size frame of the bike, the ideal frame size for women and men above 5.2 foot and less than 6.2-foot-tall is the 26’’ frame size, the 24’’ cruiser bike is the best option for anyone less than 5.2’’ foot tall while 29’’ cruiser bike is appropriate for men and women over 6.2 foot in height. Purchasing the right frame sized cruiser bike will ensure that one cycle in style and comfort.

2. The Material

Most cruiser bike are either aluminium or steel frame, most affordable bikes are steel framed while aluminium framed cruise bikes are comparatively more expensive than the steel frame bikes. The steel framed bikes are generally known for their average quality operation, low resistance to rust, affordability and heavy weight, the aluminium framed bikes on the other hand are sturdily built to last longer but more expensive than the steel framed bikes.

Although both materials have advantages and disadvantages, deciding on the appropriate one is dependent on your preference and the purpose of the bike.

3. Gears

Deciding on the appropriate gear is dependent on the type of riding. Cruiser bikes comes in single, three, six or seven speed depending on the model and manufacturer. The best cruiser bike that comes with a single speed is the typical classic beach cruiser, it possesses a freewheeling ability and it is ideal for short distance.

So, before deciding on the right cruiser bike based on this factor, figure out the type of riding you will be doing with the cruiser bike.

The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

It is a cruiser bike that comes in a two in one package, it is one of the few cruiser bikes that is efficient and economical. Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycleis made of high quality materials and incorporates a modern and exclusive design; feature that are beyond its price. It is one cruiser bike that is worth more than its price which comes with undeniable special features and loads of advantages and you can be rest assured that its quality is not compromised as a result of its price.

Not only are you purchasing a low priced cruiser bike, but a durable, sturdy and efficient bike that beats your expectations. Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle is a 26-inch and 24-inch single speed urban man cruiser ideal for casual riding by the beach, around towns and on paved paths. It comes with three different gear options i.e. one, three or seven speed which enable you to choose the appropriate speed option that matches your terrain and preference.

Highlighted Features of Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

  • ​Single speed: This cruiser bike offers only one gear, although a single speed cruiser bike, it offers its riders unmatchable riding experience, it is well known for its simplicity, and it is easy and fun to operate.
  • The brakes: It comes with single, three and seven speeds. The single and three speeds model have rear coaster brakes, and the seven speeds offer front and rear handbrakes. This to enable easy manoeuvring of the bike and for added versatility.
  • Frame Size: Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle comes in a 24-inch and 26-inch frame size, the 24 inch framed size bike is ideal for men from 4 to 5 foot in heights while the 24-inch frame size is suitable for men from 5 foot 4 inch to 5 foot 2 inch in height. So, no matter your height, urban man beach cruiser bicycle is modelled to fit into it.
  • ​It is a steel framed bicycle that is resistant to rust and guaranteed to last long.
  • It weighs approximately 38 pounds.
  • A classic cruiser frame design with an over sized dual spring saddle which makes riding smooth, it 2.125-inch-wide tires absorbs all bumps for a hitch free and effortless ride.


  • Comfortable seat that is soft and wide tires that easily absorbs all bumps to ensure a fun and effortless ride.
  • A riding speed of 3 to 15 MPH
  • Riding distance up to 20 miles and can ride on pavement and hard packed trails.
  • A great combination of high quality and affordability.
  • Classically designed to fit into all preferences, with its eye catching colors, it is available in 13 color variants.
  • It has a foam grip type to protect the palms.
  • It comes partially assembled, hence, little assembling is required.


  • None identified.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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