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In a world where the emphasis is on improved fitness and balanced health, you must have fitness goals. Unfortunately, fast-paced living makes it challenging to commit to proper fitness. Since you can’t always spend time in the gym, you can bring the gym to your house in the best exercise bike under 500.
Exercise bikes are excellent equipment for achieving and improving your fitness goals. Luckily, you don’t need more than an hour on the machine to stay fit. If you have been looking to buy one, our review of the best exercise bike is for you.
Read on to look for the top products in the market that you can buy without breaking the bank. You can read our buying guide also for tips to buy or maintain the one you have. 

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Product Name




Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

High speed and high inertia drive system
DualTrack 2 LCD screen
22 preset workout programs

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Safe To Use
LCD Monitor and IPAD Mount
Personalized Fit Spin Bike

3 Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle

Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle

Durable Steel Construction
Ergonomic design
Safe To Use

4 L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike

L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike

Heavy-duty steel frame
LCD Monitor and Tablet Holder
Tough Cage Pedals

FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike

FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike

Steel Frame
Adjustable Arm Support
Digital display meter

Nautilus Upright Bike Series

Nautilus Upright Bike Series

29 unique training programs
25 levels of resistance
High speed and high inertia drive system 

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

SGS Certificated bike
TPI High Intensity Bearing
Quiet Indoor Cycle Bike

8 Sunny Health & Fitness Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Bike

350lb high weight capacity
Double position handle grips
Large seat plus back cushion

Exercise Bike Recumbent Spin Cycling Bike

Exercise Bike Recumbent Spin Cycling Bike

Adjustable height grips plus benches
Easy to move
Adjustable resistance

SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike-Belt Drive

SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike-Belt Drive

Suitable for 4.9-6.5ft users
Resistance and Emergency Quick Stop
Comfortable Saddle

Top 10 Best Exercise Bike Under 500 Dollar Review in 2020 

Schwinn Recumbent Bike

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

The Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series comes with user-friendly features and is comfortable to ride on for optimal value.

Heavy-duty recumbent bike

The exercise bike is easy to use, eases pressure on the back, and takes the load off your knees. Thanks to its recumbent features, the bike places you in a reclined and relaxed position. It is one of the best bikes for beginners, seniors, and people who have joint conditions.

The machine is quiet and allows you to watch TV when you work out. It is also adjustable; however, you need to unscrew it, move it to a new position, and re-screw it. Nonetheless, you can always customize the seat the way you want.

Plenty of smart features are a handful

The bike works for all resistance without thumps. Besides the LCDs, there are different programs that you can choose from, and you can also download and upload sessions that you desire. The Screens is a streamlined console that offers up to 22 workout programs, fitness metrics, and goal tracking.


  • There are twenty levels of resistance and 22 preset workout programs for various workout intensity options
  • High inertia drive system and high-speed design allows smooth and quiet operations and an easy start-up
  • Goal tracking and custom user program capability lets you track your fitness goals
  • Large seat designs and ample padding make it comfortable, and the pedals are soft


  • Many programs to select from
  • Two LCD monitors
  • Comfortable seat
  • Great tension capability
  • Quiet performance


  • The fan is not too strong, but it’s an excellent addition
  • Some customers found it hard to get an accurate reading from the pulse monitor

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

The stationary indoor cycling bike by YOSUDA is a flywheel steel-framed exercise bike that guarantees stability during use.

Flexible and versatile design

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike design lets it simulate a real road bike, and its momentum keeps it in place when you ride. Although it has a max weight of 270lbs, you won’t have to worry so much about instability. The bike comes with heavy-duty aluminum alloy cape pedals. By implication, the pedals give more support, and your feet won’t slip during use.

Stable for indoor use

Sturdy wheels on the bottom of the bike allow you to move it with ease. All you need to do is tilt it and roll. As such, it eliminates muscle strain associated with heavy lifting. A belt-driven system on the bike also provides a quieter and smoother ride than bikes with chain transports. As a result, you can utilize it indoors without disturbing the house occupants.


  • There is a continuous infinite resistance adjustment feature that lets you customize the resistance
  • The seats are designed to support longer rides; however, you can adjust it to any direction
  • An LCD monitor displays the speed, time, calories burned, calories, and odometer to track your progress
  • There is also a bottle holder at arm’s length where you can place water or other beverages to stay hydrated during a workout


  • Two-way adjustable non-slip handlebar
  • Padded seats
  • Adjustable cage pedals
  • Multi-functional monitor
  • Phone and bottle holder


  • The pedal came off easily for some buyers, but it was an easy fix
  • The bike is a little heavy, but the wheels make transporting easier

Marcy Club Revolution Bike

3 Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle

Make light work of your cardio exercise with the Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer for Cardio Exercise. The bike lets you enjoy an intense cardio workout in a stationary position.

Quality backed by reinforcement

The bike trainer comes with fully adjustable seats and handlebars that are sure to put you in the best place to maximize your posture and efforts. It also has a road-bike style saddle, and the handlebars are padded with foam for excellent ergonomics.

Plus, you can adjust it either horizontally or vertically for customized use. The frames on the bike are of durable steel. Hence, it won’t corrode or rust quickly. Power-coated finish and sturdy welding point also guarantee continuous use without falling apart.

Durably made for safe usage

The bike comes with a quick-stop mechanism that lets you stop the wheels quickly, even in motion. Its reliable pulley system also supports 300lbs regardless of the posture. Transportation from one place to another is quick and convenient, thanks to its wheels.


  • The resistance knob is simple to use, and it lets you customize the intensity of your workout
  • Balanced and soft 40lbs flywheel ensures a smooth ride
  • The basket cage pedal is adjustable, and you won’t slip while in motion
  • Vertical and horizontal chrome seat adjustment provides a comfortable ride


  • Quick stop
  • Water bottle holder
  • Adjustable seats, pedals, handlebars, and resistance
  • Small footprint


  • Some users wished it had a seat cover
  • It doesn’t have a phone holder

L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike

4 L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike

The L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike is another excellent belt-driven cycling bike for a cardio workout.

Optimal customization for ultimate user compatibility

The workout machine is powered by a belt drive system that gives it a quiet performance. As a result, it qualifies as one of the best indoor cycling bikes.

It also comes with an adjustable handlebar so that you can customize your ride for comfort. Plus, transport wheels allow you to move it about and store easily. There is also a metal bottle holder and a tablet holder so that you can keep water and devices near for a fun session.

Sturdy parts guarantee a durable use

The device is equipped with a single high-quality resistance pad for smooth operations. It also comes with tough pedals that ensures safe and comfortable use. An aluminum alloy pedal design and the adjustable cage will provide more support and prevent feet slip during use.

It also combines an electroplated bi-directional flywheel, a belt reel, and a leather transmission belt that smoothen and muffle your workout. Not just this, it ensures abrasion-resistant and anti-rust performance.

4.4 L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike


  • Pulse sensors and LCD monitor lets you track your pulse, distance, speed, and calories burned, and time used
  • The bike supports multiple riding postures for a more comprehensive workout session
  • An open phone bracket and an aluminum alloy bottle holder
  • High-quality belt and belt reel ensures lasting performance


  • Adjustable resistance
  • Tablet and monitor holder
  • Non-slip handlebars
  • 35lbs flywheel
  • Sturdy cage pedals 


  • The flywheel sometimes clicks loudly but will stop with usage
  • The seat is a little stiff 

FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike

FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike

The FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike is one of the most functional and versatile bikes you will ever find thanks to its table surface. As such, you can use it in the home or office.

Office use design

A non-slip table surface on the bike is a handy place to place your laptop and tablets. The surface is so large that you won’t have to bother about slip off and falls. Plus, it has a soft-grip top; hence, things won’t fall off easily.

It also comes with a tablet and cell phone holder with storage panels to store earphones and small accessories. This way, you can go about your daily work and exercise.

Adjustable and durable design for extended comfort

The bike seat has a backrest and an extender that can be adjusted for semi-recumbent use. An adjustable armrest is also one of the product’s exciting features as contoured massage rollers provide comfort and support for the forearm. Eight calibrated magnetic resistance settings offer an even and smooth pedal control, and an easy-to-read meter tracks performance.

FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike


  • Steel and aluminum gearbox components, high-velocity flywheel, and twin belt ensure smooth operations
  • Rigid and durable powder-coated steel frame and adjustable backrest gives comfort
  • Folding frames and wheels allow quick transport
  • Adjustable non-slip work surface


  • Massage rollers
  • Performance meter
  • Folding steel frames
  • Beach cruiser set
  • Built-in tablet holder


  • A little too tall for individuals of medium leg length
  • Some buyers had a hard thing assembling the product

Nautilus Upright Bike

Nautilus Upright Bike Series

The Nautilus Upright Bike Series features seamless digital connectivity and impressive physical features for a smooth ride.

Smooth and seamless connection

With enhanced Bluetooth settings, you can monitor and track your progress with app-based tools built for that purpose. The app lets you explore the World and digitally involve yourself in virtual and online activities, even during training.

A comprehensive option of 29 training programs allows you to choose from a custom preset programs to track your cardio health or weight loss. Not just this, you can customize each program to suit your specific goals.

A few downturns but still kicking it

The bike’s resistance is different from the one on a 40b flywheel bike with a felt brake pad. As a result, it will take getting used to. Nonetheless, it puts up an excellent performance. You should also note that it gives off a considerable amount of vibrations and noise that is negligible. If anything, you will appreciate the bike for its maximum seat height.

Nautilus Upright Bike Series


  • You can pedal the bike without plugging it to any resistance. However, you cannot change the resistance level without electricity.
  • The bike comes with a USB port for device connection, stereo speakers, and a three-speed fan
  • A comprehensive option of resistance with a small footprint
  • You can track different users of the bike by their name, weight, and age, and you can transfer or upload them to the Nautilus health monitoring app.


  • 25 resistance levels
  • Two dual-track LCDs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • High inertia drive system
  • 300 lbs maximum weight


  • The chord is a little short
  • Occasional thumping sounds

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

Special features on the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bikes makes it safe for indoor use. The bike is SGS certified as safe for use for low impact rides.

High-intensity bearing bike

The PYHIGH Indoor Bikes comes with a 35lbs bi-directional flywheel and a unique design screw that eliminates wobble for convenient use. It also features PK anti-losing grade belt, high-intensity belts, and reinforced pedals for easy movement. Plus, an extended seat post accommodates up to 280lbs with falling apart.

As with most high-quality bikes, the product comes with an LCD monitor that is handy for tracking your performance while cycling. The handlebar is also adjustable, and it has a non-slip design. Combine with its particular screw system; it won’t wobble during use.

Adjustable foot and body protection

The pedals on the bike are made of aluminum alloy and are adjustable for adequate foot support. Hence, this eliminates slip offs and falls. You can also change the pedals and substitute it for spin shoes. Since it has a transmission belt and TPI bearings, it is heavy and sturdy for lasting use.

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike


  • A smooth felt fabric brake system lets you conveniently adjust resistance quickly
  • A big and oversized saddle is cushioned for a comfortable ride
  • The four-foot support covers can be adjusted horizontally to fit uneven floors
  • Transport wheels allow effortless moving and storage


  • Adjustable seat
  • Anti-skid handlebars
  • Extra-wide base
  • Neat labeling aids assembling
  • Comfortable seat


  • Some buyers didn’t like its simplistic monitor design
  • The plastic phone stand is a bit small

Sunny Health & Fitness Bike

8 Sunny Health & Fitness Bike

Keep your fitness on track with the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike. The recumbent bike is easy to adjust for various users of different sizes and is easy to put together and use.

Pulse sensors and adjustable resistance

The machine features an 8-level resistance that you can customize and adjust with a tension knob.

With a twist, you can decrease and increase the resistance to change the bike’s intensity to fit your workout goals. Pulse sensors also let you monitor and keep up with your heart rate and targets. Since it is a recumbent bike, a step-through design is safer and puts minimal strain on the legs and bike. Hence, whether you are sitting out or in, the bike embodies all-round comfortability.

Built for different people for multiple uses

The product also doubles as an arm exerciser. This feature is thanks to its design that lets the leg and arm exerciser move separately. Besides, the bike seat comes with an easy-to-use seat adjuster that enables you to adjust the machine conveniently from a sitting position.

8.8 Sunny Health & Fitness Bike


  • The machine is relatively easy to assemble and doesn’t make much noise since it doesn’t use electricity
  • Intuitive design and incorporated rollers facilitate easy and convenient transportation
  • Dual-positioned handlebars with handle grips
  • The magnetic tension control system and the inseam height are adjustable


  • Comfortable seat adjustment
  • No wobbles
  • Sturdy design
  • Smooth pedal operations
  • Digital monitor


  • The arm exerciser is not connected to the monitor
  • Its seat is firm you might consider using a pillow

FWD Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Recumbent Spin Cycling Bike

The Exercise Bike Recumbent Spin Cycling Bike by FWD Functions as an indoor cycling stationary workout bike. It is backed with some of the most impressive features that allow you to monitor your health in real-time.

Rubber sponge for comfortable cycling

The workout bike has a rubber sponge grip that is comfortable on the hand, and as a result, allows lengthy ride time without getting tired. Cage pedals also provide more pedaling support by preventing foot slippage during use.

Besides, it has the utmost weight capacity of 220 pounds. The product has a resistance system that is adjustable thanks to a fitted resistance knob. By implication, you can custom your training session to different levels of difficulties. Two rollers located in front of the machine also lets you move it about with ease.

Real-time update of activities

The 22lbs flywheel bike is equipped with an LCD that provides real-time information on speed, distance, calories, and odometer. Hence, you can always check your status during a workout session to match your targets. Its flywheel system simulates the track and makes it possible to enjoy outdoor riding experience from anywhere.

Exercise Bike Recumbent Spin Cycling Bike


  • Pull-down emergency brake feature comes in handy for stopping the bike at full speed
  • Alloy pedal and PU foot sheath are comfortable to use and increase foot support
  • A functional bottle holder keeps drinks close to you during a workout
  • Adjustable cushions, grip, and seat system makes riding more convenient


  • Two rollers
  • Adjustable grip
  • Emergency brake
  • Bottle holder
  • Cage pedals


  • The resistance knob looks prehistoric but works
  • Most users wished it had a cell phone holder

SYRINX Indoor Exercise Bike

10 AuWit Magenetic Exercise Bike

The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike-Belt Drive Indoor Exercise Bike is another excellent home and gym cardio workout product. The 35lbs belt-driven flywheel bike gives enough momentum to challenge your exercise routine.

Your foot won’t slip

The SYRINX stationary bike will fit different users between 4.9ft-6.5ft. However, its anti-skid pedal cage is made from an aluminum alloy that will keep your feet from slipping. Not just this, it provides cycling support for constant use.

Its bi-directional flywheel system provides momentum and stability and an adjustable felt pad for different resistance levels. The belt drive system also makes your ride more comfortable and quiet. Plus, the brake pads are made of pure wool felt; hence, it gives low whistles sound. It is also durable; therefore, there will be little need for change.

Multi-functional handlebar and LCD monitor

The product comes with a multi-grip adjustable, durable, and ultra-tough vinyl non-slip handlebar. Put all of these together, and you have a handlebar that you can adjust up and down conveniently. An LCD monitor also tracks your performance, and there is a counter where you can place your mobile devices. An aluminum alloy bottle holder is a handy feature for keeping water close by during your session.

SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike-Belt Drive


  • Adjustable tension and resistance without throwing the bike off balance
  • Adjustable saddle absorbs cycling shock
  • 2-way handlebar and 4-way saddle adjustment
  • The saddle design allows heat dissipation and air permeability


  • Big saddle with spring buffer
  • Inseam adjustments
  • Big monitor screen
  • Phone holder
  • Anti-skid pedal


  • The package arrived damaged for some buyers
  • An initial squeaky sound that disappears with use

How to Select the Exercise Bike under $500

The Bike Design

There are several bike designs with specific advantages and differences. Three of the commonest ones are:

Recumbent Bikes:

Recumbent bikes are easy to use and are the most relaxing of the three. This is because it places you in a reclined position, easing pressure on the knees and joints. The bike is also well padded at contact points and is best for seniors or people with joint conditions.

Spinning Bikes

Bikes in this category are versatile for a high-intensity workout. The design is such that it places the handlebars and the seats on the same level, and you would need to stand or lean towards it during use. As a result, it involves more muscle work and burns calories faster. The bike seats are also not very comfortable.

Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are the most common and are best for a cardiovascular workout. Although it is more comfortable than spinning bikes, they are not as relaxing to use as the recumbent bikes. The seat on the bike is placed below and away from the handlebar, and the seat is well-padded. Therefore, you can use it for a lengthy session without getting tired quickly.

Frame and Support

Bikes made of stainless steel are the most durable of all types. The most popular materials are steel and aluminum. However, steel is more durable, while aluminum is lighter. Hence, if you are passionate about wanting your workout bike to last, we recommend sturdy steel frames.

If you do not have much area around, you can shop for a bike with foldable features. The only disadvantage is that foldable bikes don’t last as long as the non-folding bike since the latter has more stability.

Resistance Level and Flywheel

The flywheel feature is one that is common to all exercise bikes regardless of the design. Together with the resistance, the flywheel makes it harder to pedal the bike for more intensity. Hence, efficient flywheel means more efficient resistance and higher workout intensity. Magnetic resistance creates friction by using magnets for greater consistency.

Since it uses a magnet, it doesn’t touch the flywheel and is quieter. However, it is more expensive. In contrast, direct-contact resistance connects the flywheel for a consistent and more accurate resistance. However, it wears the brake pad faster and can be noisy.


The height of the bike is another factor that determines how comfortable your ride will be. Inappropriate height selection will either leave you cramped and short or make it harder to reach the handlebars. Hence, it is essential to buy a bike that will conveniently fit your height. Alternatively, you can look for bikes with adjustable height features. This way, you can customize the height to fit you.


Bikes differ in controls and programming. Some of the most popular control features are a large LCD screen that tracks your calories burned, heart rate, distance, etc. Some models take it up a notch and allow connectivity to Bluetooth or a web database for a real-time update.

There is no yardstick for measuring how much controls a workout bike should have. However, it would help if the product comes with a considerable amount of smart options and digital controls. 

Extra Features

Features like phone holder, water bottle, inbuilt speakers, cooling fans, and USB charging ports make a workout bike more desirable and efficient. If you are forced to select between a close rival, choose the product with more extra features as it could be all the difference that you need. Above all, make sure the product suits your fitness need and riding goals.

How Do Exercise Bikes Work?

An exercise bike, especially the stationary ones, are designed to look like your regular bicycle, except that there are no wheels. First, the bikes have pedals that are attached to a weighted flywheel. There are also knobs attached to the handlebar that lets you adjust the resistance levels. The pedals, in most cases, are covered in cages to protect the foot from slipping.

For models where the handlebars are connected to the pedal, you can exercise the lower upper and lower bodies. If it is not, then the flywheel lets you apply resistance to the pedal. When this happens, it increases the intensity of your workout. Resistance mechanism can be made of friction, magnets, and fans.

The magnetic resistance mechanism makes use of electricity to generate resistance. It does this by allowing current pass through to force a magnetic force to close the flywheel. Belt-driven resistance models have a chain or belt and a weighted flywheel attached to either side’s pedals. By implication, when you pedal the bike, it transfers motion from the chain or belt to the flywheel to enjoy your routine.

Some workout bike models come with preprogrammed settings that automatically adjust the resistance to match your demand.

Resistance System of Exercise Bikes Under 500

Like we have mentioned, a bike’s resistance lets you adjust the tension of the pedal. As a result, it a sole factor that determines whether your workout will be challenging or easy. While some bikes come with a manual and adjustable tension control, others feature digitally adjustable tension. That is, manual adjustment lets you change the resistance by turning a knob while you only need to press a digital adjustment button. However, all mechanism serves the same purpose.

Bikes in this category usually come with two types of resistance. They include:

Magnetic Resistance

This type is more advanced, unlike the other type. It involves the use of two magnets on either side of the flywheel to create resistance. When the pedal resistance increases, ether magnets move close to the flywheel to create tension and make it harder to pedal.

Conversely, the magnets move away from the flywheel when you decrease the resistance. For this type of resistance, it can either be manual or digitally adjusted. For the manual resistance, the magnet is controlled by a tension knob through cables. However, an electronic signal controls it for digital resistance. 

Strap or Belt-Driven Resistance

This type of resistance is more peculiar to older bikes. The resistance system works thanks to a belt that runs through the brakes. When you turn the tension knob, the brake grabs on the belt to increase pedal tension. If you turn it reverse direction, the brakes detach itself from the belt so that you can turn the pedal quickly.

Maintenance Tips of Exercise Bike under 500

Daily Maintenance

It is essential to wipe and clean your bike after every workout session. This procedure will prevent rust build-up and will extend the life of your machine. Plus, it prevents leaving sweat marks on your bike. However, be cautious not to spray directly on the bike frame.

If you must, spray on a piece of cloth and use it to wipe the bike clean gently. You can also use water and soap; however, avoid oil-based and abrasive cleaning products as it can strip the frame of paint. Clean the pulse sensors, handlebars, seats, and console. The cleaning procedure should take less than a minute.

Weekly Maintenance

General routine maintenance should be carried out weekly to check your bike’s performance. Check the excessive vibrations, loose assemblies, and other such features that can affect overall performance. We recommend checking the bottom bracket to know if the pedals and crank arms are flexible or firm.

Monthly Maintenance

A comprehensive monthly inspection is another aspect of care that you should pay close attention to. Your attention should be on the brake pads, lubrication, and resistance. When you notice a grinding noise or if the resistance starts to skip, lubricate the flywheel where it rubs against the brake pads and rotates it gently. You should also check the tightness of the screws, seals and bearings, and the belt.

Before all of these, we recommend checking the products’ manual for the manufacturer’s maintenance suggestion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do exercise bikes help with weight loss and losing belly fat?

You gain weight and belly fat by taking in too much energy and giving little out. Other causes include stress, consumption of alcohol, sugar-rich foods, and lack of exercise. Exercise bikes are handy for pushing yourself to burn more calories so that you can lose belly fat and shed some weight. When you combine a lengthy session of an exercise bike with a heath diet routine, it will let you lose weight faster.

2. Should I buy an exercise bike or stick to walking for burning calories?

If it were that you could lose enough calories by walking, there would be no need for exercise bikes. As such, the machine is more effective for achieving your fitness goal compared to walking. If you want, you can combine the two. However, do not substitute an exercise bike for walking.

3. How long should I spend on an exercise bike?

The ultimate decider of how long you should exercise on any of these bikes is your fitness goal. For example, if you only desire cardiovascular health improvement, you can stick with a 30 minutes session and do this for five days a week. A session like this is sufficient to let you burn as many calories as possible. However, if the purpose is for weight loss, you can buff your exercise time to an hour or 90 minutes daily for five days weekly.

4. Are there exercise bikes for seniors?

Exercise bikes are for everyone, including seniors. Since everyone needs muscle stimulation, it won’t hurt to try out an exercise bike. However, you should stick to a recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes are the most comfortable of all the bike types and are easy to maneuver – a feature that is essential for a senior. They are also well-padded, and backrest eases tension on the back. Plus, they are easy to mount and get off and won’t strain the muscles.

5. Is riding a stationary bike bad for my knees?

Stationary bikes have low impact and won’t affect the knee health. Since the bike has a closed system, it keeps your feet close to the pedals and puts less stress on the joints.


The best exercise bike under 500 is an excellent way to stay engaged in cycling and improve your overall health performance. Not one, but ten products in our review give you enough options to choose from for flexible selection. Regardless of the design of the bike you want, we have covered different models of upright, recumbent, and spin bikes to make your purchase worth it.

However, we recommend the Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series as our top pick if we must choose for you. More than being a user-friendly bike, the product comes with enough adjustable settings and is customized with 22 preset workout programs for flexible selection. Plus, you can track your fitness goal, and it boasts of quiet operations.

This is not to tell that other products on our lists are not versatile. A few products can only rival all the products in this review in the market. So why not go ahead plus pick one that suits your fitness goal and matches your style. 

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