Diamondback Trace Review: Dual Suspension Hybrid Road Bike

Diamondback Trace Review: Dual Suspension Hybrid Road Bike 1
diamondback trace review

A hybrid bike is not only a sports bike but also a regularly used road bike. To inform you of all the features about such a bike, we are here with the diamondback trace review. Diamondback has a dual suspension module and the total size of the bike is around 18 inches.

Bule color on the outer side makes the bike look dashing. The aluminum frame is all over the bike which makes the bike portable. Both wheels have a decent measurement of 700 inches and the maximum achieved speed is 21 units. A linear-pull brake is included in both of the wheels for increased safety.

The Features Of Diamondback Trace

There are a lot of features of a bike which has a dual purpose. Our mentioned bike can only be driven to a smooth road. The brake of the bike is kept very strong to pull-over in real-time. The important features are listed below.

Blue-Green Color Combination

Not only the body material but also the look of the bike can make the product eye-catchy. Our mentioned product is made with blue color at the outer surface of the bike. There is also a greenish color that makes a perfect combination.

60661-T6 Aluminum Body Material

The total weight of the hybrid bike is a concerning issue as the bike needs to have proper portability. High-quality aluminum such as 60661-T6 coded aluminum is being used in the bike as the outer surface as body material.

18 Inches Total Size

The long length is required for those who have a wide body and the air needs to be resisted more. The size of the bike is determined by the sample of the riders. 18 inches has been kept to the bike which is an average optimal size.

700 Inches Wheel Size

The developers have been trying to estimate and upgrade the wheel size to bring smoothness. There are two wheels included with the hybrid bike. The size of the wheel is determined 700 cm and this is applied to both wheels.

Fork Made of Steel

The grip is being maintained by the fork at the front area of the bike. To make the area comfortable for the rider, a special alloy is used. The high hardness steel is applied and the moist is deducted without any trouble.

Linear-Pull Brake As Brake-Factor

High velocity makes high momentum which causes high kinetic energy. But it is always hard to tell whether you will get into an accident for high velocity. To handle this situation a linear-pull brake is used.

Maximum Speed 21 Units

Talking about Diamondback hybrid bikes, it is quite natural to have a high-speed velocity. The complete build has been manufactured with aluminum which is a very light material. The speed value of the bike is kept 21 units.

Double Suspension System

The suspension is a very important component as it takes all the reaction force from the ground. Both sides of the bikes consist of suspension and this dual-action minimizes the maximum amount of reaction from the road.

21 Gear Combination

Gears are the main component that makes the speed higher. The shifting of the gear also needs to be perfect to maintain a constant velocity. There are 21 gears available in total and the combination is well-constructed.


We have talked about all the important features of the bike in the unique section above. But the features are not enough for such a bike. So we have come up with the main advantages that can be got from the mentioned bike,

  • The total size of the bike is kept at an optimal level and the measurement is eighteen inches.
  • Having a blue on the outer surface of the bike makes the appearance eye-catchy.
  • There is only one frame called aluminum that is used on the outer surface of the bike to bring portability.
  • As the bike is a hybrid bike the wheels of the bike need to be perfect and the measurement is 700 inches.
  • The brake of the bike is used as the linear-pull brake which makes the stopping situation smoother.
  • Having a top speed is quite natural for this kind of bike and the maximum speed can be got 21 units.
  • As the weight of the bike is kept around 41.89 pounds, the bike has become easier to carry.
  • The fork of the bike is made with high hardness steel which makes the joint stronger than before.
  • There are high-quality rims which are adjusted to the wheel area to make the wheels stable.
  • Having a nice combination of the gears makes the shifting process even smoother than before.
  • As the Shimano speed drivetrain is used to the system, the uninterrupted velocity can be obtained.


  • If you are not an expert for maintaining a road hybrid bike, you may need someone professional.
  • The tire of the bike is specially made for riding on the road so you cannot drive it on the rough road.

Some Other Features Worth Mentioning

Some other features can be discussed for such a hybrid bike. The features are pretty much common and some of the features are preferred by the professional riders who perform to sports-racing.

Diamondback Bicycles Trace St Dual Sport Bike

41.89 Item Weight

The weight of the item is very important because the bike may need to be carried somewhere. For making the portable enough, the item weight is kept at an optimal unit. 41.89 pounds is the maximum weight of the bike.

Shimano 3x7 Drivetrain

The drivetrain is situated on the gear area of the bike. To maintain a proper gear combination, the drivetrain needs to be stable enough. The Shimano drivetrain is used with the measurement of 3x7 on both sides of the bike.

DB SL-7 wheelset

The tire of our mentioned product is very high quality. The Kenda 700 Inches tire has been used at both sides of the hybrid bike for better performance. DB SL-7 is the factor of the Kenda wheelset.

45 Mm Tire Width

The width of the tire is not so wide because the bike is not a mountain bike. The road bikes consist of an optimal measurement of the tire to maintain smooth driving. The measurement is kept 45 mm on both wheels.

27.2 Mm Adjusted Seatpost

The Seatpost of the bike is situated in the middle portion of the bike. There is no definite optimal size for the Seatpost. To maintain the average size of the Seatpost, the measurement is kept 27.2 mm.

Final Verdict of Diamondback Trace Review

Diamondback is one of the best and well-known brands for producing good quality road hybrid bikes. The main target is to satisfy the customers and fulfill their requirements as well. Our mentioned hybrid bike can only be used on the smooth road and strictly prohibited to use on the rough road. The weight is also kept low to maintain a perfect portable situation. So if you have a low budget but need a hybrid bike, this may be the perfect choice for you.

Diamondback Trace Review: Dual Suspension Hybrid Road Bike 2

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