Diamondback Recoil 29er Review: Disc Brake Mountain Bike 2021

Diamondback Recoil 29er Review: Disc Brake Mountain Bike 2021 1
diamondback recoil 29er review

Diamondback recoil is an average-sized bike with 18 inches of total length. The full body is covered with aluminum alloy and the wheel size is around 29 inches. We have discussed all the features of the bike with details in this diamondback recoil 29er review.

Also, the color of the outer surface is completely red. For using alloy as the body material, the weight becomes very low and the value is around 40 pounds. The bike consists of a strong brake system called disc brake. The hand build of the bike is made for travel and full suspension with a measurement of 4 inches.

The Features Of Diamondback Recoil 29ER

Diamondback produces high-quality bikes to hold the whole market-place. The bike is mainly for morose roads and the biker doesn’t need to be professional to drive this. The important features are being displayed below.

18 Inches Medium Sized

The total size of the bike is being determined by the customer requirement. But all the individual requirements cannot be fulfilled. So the optimal measurement of the total size is kept 18 inches and the size of the bike is medium.

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Body

The whole outer surface of the bike is covered with a very light material and that is aluminum. 6061-t6 aluminum alloy is used and it is one of the best quality metals. It makes the portability of the bike increased than before.

29 Inches Of Wheel Size

There are two wheels available with the product and the wheel is very high quality. But the size of the wheel also plays a very important role. The optimal measurement of the wheel is kept around 29 inches.

Disc Styled Brake

The brake of a bike is the most important component, as the stopping operation is being done by it. The brakes need to be strong enough to stop a mountain bike. A disc brake is used in both of the wheels to make the situation stable.

29ER Full Suspension

Suspension of the bike completely depends on the capability of the spring which is connected to the middle. This spring has a full suspension feature. 29er has been used in the middle spring which is a high-quality suspension factor.

Optimized Single Pivot

The pivot of the bike is situated in the wheel area. The pivot is connected to a rotating shaft and the shaft has only one spatiality. The shaft is connected to a singular pivot and the whole system is pretty much optimized to increase proficiency.

Sealed Cartridge Bearing

The bearing is the only reason for the bike to move forward. The bearing also plays a very important role to shift the gears smoothly. The bearing of the bike is sealed and manufactured with a cartridge to make the sliding smooth.


Diamondback is one of the most trusted brands that think about customer satisfaction. The features of the bike are outstanding and the performance is quite good. Here are some advantages of our mentioned bike.

  • Having a medium size of the bike brings comfort to the rider and almost everyone can use it.
  • The color of the outer surface is kept red which is pretty much gorgeous and can be identified easily.
  • As the body of the whole bike is covered with aluminum, the portability of the bike increases.
  • There are two wheels included with the bike and the measurement of the wheel is kept optimal.
  • Having a Shimano disc brake can ensure real-time stopping and avoid any kind of accident.
  • The weight of the item is kept at a very low level and the optimal measurement is around 40 pounds.
  • As the hand build measurement of the bike is kept 4 inches, the stability increases more than before.
  • There is a full set of suspension available on both sides of the bike which takes more reaction from the road.
  • The pivot of the bike is kept singular and for that, the pivot doesn’t need to be changed often.
  • As the bearing is pretty much important for a bike, cartridge bearing has been used.
  • The fork of the bike is made with strong material and the measurement is kept around 100 mm.


  • You are not an expert for assembling a bike, you might need a professional for that.
  • The gears of the bike might need to be tuned for better shifting while at a high speed.

Some Other Features Worth Mentioning

Some other features can be described with details but those are not so important yet worth mentioning. These features may help the professional stun-makers and the beginner level rider as well.

40 Pounds Item Weight

The weight of the whole bike is very important because the portability of the bike is a very big issue. If the item consists of low weight, it can be carried easily to anywhere. The weight of the bike is around 40 pounds.

Red Color Body

Red is a well-diverted color and can be seen from a very long distance. The color is also used to identify any object for a better view. The whole bike is being covered with eye-catchy red color which makes the bike super gorgeous.

100 Mm Parallax Fork

The fork of the bike is generally situated at the middle portion between the handlebar and the Seatpost. The fork is the only reason for which those two mentioned components can be attached. The size is around 100 mm.

Final Verdict

The bike is mainly manufactured for the rough road as it is called a mountain bike. But not every bike has a full suspension system situation in the middle portion of the bike. This kind of suspension can bring balance while at high speed. Hope our review can help you buy your dream mountain bike.

Diamondback Recoil 29er Review: Disc Brake Mountain Bike 2021 2

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