Diamondback Cobra 24 Review: Perfect Mountain Bike for Young Riders

Diamondback Cobra 24 Review: Perfect Mountain Bike for Young Riders 1
diamondback cobra 24 review

Hunting down the perfect mountain bike for youngsters is no longer difficult with Diamondback. It introduces an exclusive Junior Boy’s bike through the Cobra series. The comprehensive design easily adopts your kid’s playful & adventurous mind. You should stick with Diamondback Cobra 24 review for exploring all the details. In the very end, guaranteed satisfaction will get your kid on the trail.

Glamor, glitz, or hip design will get attention for your kid’s right bike. But you’ll have to translate all the features into a safe riding option. And Diamondback outmatches every of the cheap, unreliable & asthenic options. The 24” sized mountain bike is going to hold your little buddy with optimum safety. A worthy framework makes it one definite choice to unveil all the cycling secrets.

Features of Diamondback Cobra Bicycles

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike

There is certainly something special when it comes to the right mountain bike for kids. It’s not easy to get the most suitable bike to make your youngster move on dirt easily. But with Diamondback Cobra, you have nothing to worry about anything.

In fact, plenty of mechanical actions you’re your kids safe while moving forward over the trails. Satisfactory combo of essential features keeps it ahead of other competitors. Convenient features with relevant benefits will have your kids entertained all along. You better look into the explained features individually to understand the facts clearly.

Adaptive Bicycle Design

Kids do love colorful design for anything they prefer. It’s no different for MTB either. DB brings in a solid green outlook for the hollow connecting tubes. The combined effect of medium green with solid black can certainly fill your buddy with joy. But its 2014 version features red for the tubes to offer versatility in appearance.

Supportive Steel Frame

Aluminum is indeed the ultimate material for common bikes to hit abusive terrain. However, it goes rather well with adult bicycles only. But kid bikes have to withstand lots of rigors for ensuring good durability. And DB introduces sturdy steel to promote the overall strength towards longevity. The steel certainly imparts higher weight, but it also offers robustness. Not to mention, you’ll have to handle almost 40 pounds of weight. Despite the weight, you can rely on the steel to get away with your kid’s roughness.

40mm Suspension Fork

Absorption of shock or impact is definitely a crucial point to ride mountainous trails. And the importance reaches the peak with your kid to ensure safety. Diamondback did a good job to deliver a minimal amount of shock to the body. As it happens, the integrated fork comes with a satisfactory travel of 40mm. Therefore, your kid won’t have to deal with any fatigue over frequent impacts. The suspension system keeps working in all-terrain conditions to lower the bump effects.

36 Spoke Aluminum Wheels

Cobra MTB features 24” sized wheels to meet the growing physique. Of course, the size initiates an excellent balance between kid’s height & rougher terrain ride. The bicycle fits perfectly for users having 4’-0” to 5’-6” height. Featured aluminum easily withstands the bumps or other rigors to keep the structure intact. Unfortunately, your kid may not use it for long due to growth in tallness. But still, your kid is to enjoy the adventure with mere risks.

High-Quality Rims with Tires

Overall off-trail experience highly depends on tire performance. Bike features here also include a standard tire choice to cover the wheel. The tires are reasonably sturdy to support the ride on irregular terrains. Changing the tires let you switch the junior bike into an adult bicycle. Meanwhile, the R-1000 alloy rim comes with 36 nutted holes hub. Balancing shape allows the youngster to overcome obstacles with ease. It obviously keeps the ride enjoyable without compromising safety.

Linear Pull Braking System

You have to pay attention to the brake efficiency for any bicycle. Likewise, it concerns with the rider safety on the undulated path. Immediate halt over quick response is the ultimate output of a supportive braking system. DB Junior Boy’s Bike integrates linear-pull braking action for both the front & rear portion. Your kid can manipulate its move on the trail without any hassle in the system. Thanks to built-in reach adjustment, it’s possible to control the response on demand.

7-Speed Freewheel Facility

What actually makes DB Cobra 24 so special for younger riders? The answer lies with its wide range of speed. Functional integration of superb gear amount is to surprise you for sure. Premium Shimano components let your kid switch between 7-speed settings. Not to say, you’re to receive 14 – 28 speed through Shimano freewheel. Derailleurs on the front & back enable precise shifting of speed in no time. In fact, built-in twist shifters on the handlebar allow you to change the speed with ease.

Integrated Triple MTB Crankset

Aside from freewheel convenience, you should check out the crankset. Standard MTB steel makes up the whole crankset to support the mainframe. A decent combo of steel parts triggers unrivaled durability against all odds. There are 3 different chainrings integrated to ease your ride on inclined surfaces. Likewise, 42t/32t with 24t pushes the entry-level cyclist towards the destination.

Non-Slip Pedal & Handlebar

Metal pedal or plastic handlebar poses a potential threat to riding safety. You shouldn’t settle down for anything to trigger any accidental occurrence. Diamondback realizes the same for its Cobra 24 Bike. The pedals are of heavy-duty plastic without any clips. Its flat design enables an effortless movement of the pedal. Also, there comes a hi-tensile steel handlebar on the top side to ensure maximum user control. Covering a premium grip will grow further confidence in your adventurous kid at every step.

Easy Riding Saddle Seat

Long haul on the harsh road condition requires patience to overcome all barriers. And you can’t possibly hold your attention sitting over an uncomfortable surface. DB attended all the details to keep the journey pleasant for your little one. Sufficient padding under the top supports the back rather well for a long time. The featured Seatpost comes with limited adjustment to set the perfect seat height. Again, the included saddle ensure proper accommodation of kid to promote relaxed cycling.


  • Sturdy steel framework for durability.
  • Light metal wheels with standard tires.
  • Constant suspension to reduce shock.
  • Excellent braking system for wheels.
  • Operational twist shifters for speeds.
  • Precise response as per road condition.
  • Integrated rims to ensure riding safety.
  • Supportive handle with gear shifters.
  • Adjustment of Seatpost for fitment.
  • Enduring plastic pedal for full control.


  • Slightly heavy in weight.
  • Kickstand isn’t available.
  • Assembly feels difficult.
  • No actual storage space.

Final Verdict of Diamondback Cobra 24 Review

Not a lot of mountain bikes come with quality & performance to serve youngsters. And you’re to place the bet here, thanks to all the fantastic features. Of course, Diamondback Cobra holds the adventurous kid on off-road areas with tricky trails.

Despite the limitations, your little one can certainly settle down for the advantages quite well. Even the price tag is just right enough to enjoy all the benefits on outdoor rides. It’s the right choice to start early for your growing kid towards cycling.

Diamondback Cobra 24 Review: Perfect Mountain Bike for Young Riders 2

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