Cheap Bike Vs Expensive Bike: Think Twice Before Buy!

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

Why should I buy an expensive bike? Why not a cheap bike? Everyone has the same types of queries before having a bike. In that case I suggest people consider their necessity.

Necessity means, if you want a bicycle for your daily-commuting, then you can choose a cheap bike. On the other hand, with an expensive bike, you can perform like a professional. So, professional cyclists need expensive bikes for the best performance.

Two significant considerations play an essential role here. The role of these two concerns can help you to understand the differences. I'm going to disclose all these so that you can get a clear idea.

Most of the people buy a bike based on the outer look. They don’t bother about the quality or performances. But cheap bike vs expensive bike both have different types of pros and cons. You have to consider these things before having a bike.

Which one is better for you; it depends on your budget and necessity. Let's talk about the factors of consideration here to make the best decision.

Structural comparison of Cheap bike Vs Expensive Bike

The expensive bike has an attractive look that anybody can feel amazing at first sight. But think about the structure of cycles at the early age of bicycles' invention. From 1818 till now, we got the revolutionary anatomical-changes of bikes according to consumer-needs.

Now the consumer preferences also change like the early age of bicycles. In this era, we want to buy a bike for many reasons except communication. Mountain bike, cruiser bike, commuter bike, kids bike, ladies bike, and road bikes are the outcome of the consumer's preferences.

Therefore, many of us like to have cheap-bikes rather than expensive-bikes. Consequently, you can find some anatomical differences between cheap bikes and expensive bikes. Let's have a look at the comparison according to the structure of cycles.

1. Frame-Design

The essential part of a bike is the frame, the backbone of a bicycle. Also, you can find different types of frame-design according to the bikes’ type.

Cheap Bikes’ frame-design

Usually, all types of cheap bikes have the same design because of materials. Most of the cheap bikes' frames are made with aluminum or steel. It is tough to give a different shape like an expensive bike.

For this reason, the manufacturer tries to make a simple design for a cheap bike. Most of the cheap bikes' frames are diamond-shaped. The top-tube, down-tube, and seat-tube has a straight triangle shape design.

On the other hand, the seat-stay and chain-stay design are like a vertical triangle. Both triangles jointly give a diamond view like an early age bike. All kinds of cheap bikes-frame designs are the same with little bit bend systems.

For ladies bike or kids-bicycles, you can find minor changes like step-through frames.

Example of the design of a cheap bike:

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

Expensive Bikes’ frame design

Most of the expensive bikes also have a diamond-shaped frame like early-age. But you can find lots of revolutionary frame-design according to consumer needs and demand. Think about the mountain-bike, BMX, and cruiser bikes.

All the bikes have different types of top tube, seat stay, chain stay, and seat tube. The materials of expensive bikes are carbon fiber or titanium. These kinds of iron or metal are very flexible to give different shapes and bend.

For this reason, expensive bikes have attractive frame design and shape according to cycling-performances.

Example of an Expensive-bike's design:

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

2. Wheelset Comparison of Cheap vs Expensive Bikes

Together the front-wheel and rear-wheel make a pair. And we call them in a word that is wheelset. The wheelset could be single-speed/fixie and fixed gear, which usually has the same pattern. All kinds of wheels have common-anatomy that are tires, rims, spokes, and hubs.

However, the cost of the wheelset depends on the type of tires-rims and spokes. Usually, the prices of aluminum made rims/spokes are lesser than carbon fiber made rims/spokes. Let’s have some ideas about these things here that can help you effectively.

Cheap Bikes’ Wheelset

First of all, let's talk about the tiers of your wheels. The essential parts of your bike are wheels. By which you can ride smoothly. As we all know, there are three types of tiers, depending on the structure. The types of tiers are the clincher, tubular, and tubeless.

Usually, clincher tires are cheaper than tubeless tires. On the other hand, the cost will be increasing by using expensive-rims. The single-wall rim has a lesser price than double-wall rims.

Similarly, the pinned rims are cheaper than the welded rim. According to your necessity and budget, you can assemble all these components. Likewise, you can have aluminum spokes, hubs, and braking-surfaces for your budget constraint situation.

Aluminum/steel made bike-components are cheaper than titanium/carbon fiber. Let me explain to you that cheap doesn't mean bad all the time. An affordable wheelset can perform tremendously good like expensive one.

Therefore, I want to share with you for better understanding here. If you're going to perform as a professional cyclist, then you must consider your budget firstly. The reason is fixie, or cheap bike wheelset has lots of downside than expensive wheelset.

Example of a cheap bikes Wheels:

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

Expensive Bikes’ wheelset

The carbon fiber deep-rim wheelset means aerodynamic speed. You know that most of us who are passionate about bicycles always like to ride aerodynamically. Bump-free smooth riding can be possible only on the deep-rim lightweight wheels.

If you don't have budget-constraints, you can buy expensive-wheelset. The tubeless-tires, pentagon style hub, and Presta-valve stem together all make your bicycle wheels expensive. Usually, expensive bike wheels are lightweight so that you can ride on it confidently.

Example of an Expensive-bike’s Wheels

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

3. Brakes

If you want to limit your speed, brakes play the crucial role of your bicycle. You can get many types of brakes available in the market for your bike. You can choose any one, but the most popular brakes type now is Disc brakes.

Another one is rim brakes that are made for road bikes, BMX, and commuter bikes. On the other hand, the disc-brakes are for mountain or MTB bikes. But most of the bikers use both brakes on their bike for best results.

Therefore, you can find many kinds of rim brakes like cantilever or caliper. As well as, you can find different types of disc brakes like hydraulic-brakes. Now the question is which types of brakes are cheap. As well as which kinds of brakes are expensive?

Cheap Bikes’ Brakes

It's pretty obvious once you think about the budget the rim-brakes are cheaper than disc-brakes. Even-though the rim brakes are cheaper but lighter relatively disc brakes. Also, these brakes are very easy to assemble and maintain.

For day to day traveling or commuting, you can choose rim-brakes undoubtedly. Nowadays, the prices of disc brakes are decreasing also. Most bikes are commonly designed for both brakes. But the disc brakes constructed bikes are more expensive.

Example of Cheap bike Brakes:

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

Expensive Bikes' Brakes

One of the most important reasons for the increasing cost of expensive bikes is disc brakes. All professional cyclists like to have these brakes because of high powered modulation capacity.

No wonder if you want to build your career as a cyclist, then think twice. Most of the professionals bikers, especially climbers, mountain bikers, and all rounders, need well performed reliable brakes.

In that case, disc brakes are the best solution to control their speed efficiently.

Example of Expensive bikes’ brakes

Cheap bike vs. Expensive bike

Performance Level Comparison of Cheap Bike Vs Expensive Bike

You might be wondering about this type of comparison between cheap bikes and expensive bikes. But it's essential for those people who want to be a professional cyclist. The experienced cyclists already know the differences by which they perform incredibly best.

I tried both types of bicycles and got the idea about the real differences. And you know what? I found terrific results that vary performance wise for a cheap one and expensive one. Structural differences can affect only the style of the bike as well.

But performance wise, cheap bikes can affect your cycling competition. If you decide to be a professional cyclist, you have to think about it. A professional level cyclist always think about three things for their bike that is:

  • 1. Quality
  • 2. Durability
  • 3. Effort

Let's talk about these three variables that can help you effectively.

1. Quality

When we are talking about the quality, then it means the overall bike-quality. Overall means the bike finishing, suspension-design, frame-component, wheelset, and many more. It is obvious the expensive bike has all the requirements for best performances.

You can cycle with the expensive-bike aerodynamically which means very fast riding. Expensive bikes also have some cons which are maintenance and security. An expensive bike needs more effort to maintain it properly.

On the other hand, you have to consider all the time about your bike security. The reason is expensive bikes are the main target of bike thieves to steal it rather than a cheap one.

If you think about the quality, then you have to take the pain. The pain means to think about an extra budget to buy an expensive bike lock system.

2. Durability

Even Though expensive bike needs more maintenance; you can go with it for a long-time. Steel made components are less durable than carbon fiber made components. No wonder durability is a significant variable for a pro-level cyclist.

The reason is less-durable bikes may cause an accident while cycling. Think about the climber or mountain biker while they are cycling on the mountain. If they got broken forks for cheap constructed bike, then what could be the situation?

Yeah, they may face a massive accident and injury for their whole life as well. For this reason, durability is more important than other things. So, never compromise 'safety' with the budget if you are going to be professional cyclist.

3. Effort

Usually, we all know that cheap bikes are weighty than expensive bikes. Bike weight is an essential factor for the biker while cycling on the road. The reason is more weight needs more energy to peddle for moving. As a result, if you want fast riding, you need lightweight.

Moreover, most of the expensive bikes are designed with aerodynamic features for fast riding. A combination of lightweight, deep-rim, tubeless-tiers, and bike-component makes your trip or riding faster.

Comparison of All Variables at a Glance

Name of Variables

Cheap Bike

Expensive Bike


Less attractive

Very attractive


Less reliable

More reliable


Need more time to control the speed

Require less time to maintain the speed



Titanium/Carbon fiber


Less durable

High durable


Need more effort

Need less effort


Most of us did the wrong thing. That is, we only think about the budget and forget the cost. Yeah, it's true because the cheap bike can give you a low budget bike. But its quality, durability, and performance may affect your pocket for expending more money.

However, not all cheap bikes are of low quality. You can get the best quality bike at a low price. You can ride on that and enjoy your riding as well. If you want a bike for daily-commuting or long-trip, then you can choose a cheap-bike.

But pro-level bikers need an expensive bike for their best performances. So, choose wisely for the best solution. It will help you to keep your budget within the limit.

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