Can I Use MTB Shoes on a Road Bike?

Can I use mtb shoes on a road bike?

Having the right shoes can make your trip super and comfortable as well. You might feel a dilemma to select the right types of cycling shoes for you. If you want to ask me a question like this Can I use MTB shoes on a road bike? Then my answer would be both.

You might be wondering, to have these kinds of answers? The reason is straightforward: having the right shoes can depend on some conditions. If I answer your question directly like yes, then you might be misguided.

Most of the people are using MTB shoes on a road bike. They are happy to have MTB shoes for road biking. MTB shoes are those shoes that are usually made for mountain biking. You can use these shoes for rough roads.

If you are a beginner level cyclist, then you can use the shoes. Therefore, professional cyclist must need to consider some conditions. Before having MTB shoes, they might think about weight and performance as well.

Let's have some knowledge about those conditions here. Usually these conditions are depending on 3types of consideration that are given below.

Type of Riders

If you want to use MTB shoes on a road bike, firstly define yourself. Do you want to know how you could define yourself? It's easy; you have to find out what type of rider you are? Are you a beginner level rider?

Then you can use MTB shoes on your road bike. Let me explain; for your practices and training, you need to have cycling effectively. Therefore, you have to walk or keep rest while cycling. As a beginner, you don't have much strength for long time riding.

In that case, if you have MTB shoes, you can easily walk then road bike shoes. In my own experiences road, bike-shoes have a much plain-sole and are stiffer. Whereas, you might find the road-bike shoes have three cleats for clip less pedals. These three-cleats with a plain-sole make you feel uncomfortable while walking on the road.

Therefore, MTB shoes have a deep-grip sole with two cleats for clip less pedals. What does this mean for you? This two-cleat means, you can walk on the road comfortably rather than road bike-shoes.

But professional level cyclists like climbers, punchers, sprinters and all-rounders prefer road-bike shoes. Yeah! It’s true because to maintain high-speed regularly while riding, they need lightweight shoes. MTB shoes are relatively heavier than road bike shoes, which may cause extra pain.

Type of Pedals

Can I use mtb shoes on a road bike?

Before deciding to use MTB shoes on a road-bike, think about your pedals. Do you ever check your pedals? Are the pedals flat or clip less? You can find different types of pedals in the market. The professional cyclist uses the pedals according to their needs while riding.

However, you might find three types of pedals available in the market. Types of pedals that using commonly for cycling are here,

  • Platform or flat pedals
  • Toe clip or clipped pedals
  • Clip less or clip-in pedals

Let's get started to find out the roles of pedals that play while having shoes.

Platform or Flat Pedals

Platform or flat pedals are those pedals that are generally used for the mountain bike. Or you can find flat pedals for dirt jumping bike, downhill bike or BMX bikes. Platform pedals usually design with wider sizes than other pedals and metal constructed. These kinds of pedals have a pinned or spiked system for gripping while riding.

As a result, you can easily use MTB shoes on your flat pedals. If you are using a daily commuting bike or normal-bike, then you can use it. For your day to day communication, you don't have to bother speed riding. So, MTB shoes can be used on your road bike.

Toe Clip or Clipped Pedals

Toe clip or clipped pedals mean those types of pedals which have toe support. Usually, you can find these kinds of toe supported-pedals on city-bike, road-bike or casual-bike. But pedals with straps and toe clip for casual shoes, also known as clipped-pedals.

As you already understand, these kinds of pedals help to support the weak-knees cyclist. Most of the time, cyclists need to pedal while racing competition. For this reason, they have to take a lot of pressure with their knees as well. These clipped pedals give them immense support.

Therefore, these pedals are also very useful for MTB shoe riders. The shoes with no cleats are also possible to cycling effectively with these clipped-pedals. But on the road bike, especially climbers or sprinters, they need to use cleats.

So, cleats with MTB shoes may not possibly have these kinds of pedals. In short, if you are using clipped pedals, you need to use casual shoes. MTB shoes which don't have cleats are possible to use on clipped-pedals as well.

Clip Less or Clip-in Pedals

The pedals without any toe clips mean clip less or clip-in pedals. These kind of clip-in pedals are design with a pull-up system. As a result, you can easily pull up the pedals without any stress. But you need two or three attached cleats system bike shoes.

However, road bike shoes have a system of cleats that you can quickly cycling on the road. On the other hand, road bike shoes are typically lightweight for continuous riding. As we all know, the MTB shoes are a little bit heavy for mountain-riding.

What's the bottom line? The bottom line is using MTB-shoes on a road-bike for competition won't be a wise decision. For better practice and obtain the ultimate goal, road-bike shoes are perfect for road biking.

Type of Shoes

Do you know what? If you decide to have great shoes for you’re cycling, then think twice. The reason is there are different types, and design shoes are available in the market. According to your needs and choice, you can pick the best one.

Now the question is, can you use MTB shoes on a road bike? My answer is yes, you can, but it won't be right for you. Why? Let me explain; first of all, you have to understand the differentiation of cycling-shoes. Then you can understand what you have to put-on for road-biking. Three types of shoes are available in the market that is given below.

  • Road shoes
  • MTB shoes
  • Hybrid shoes

These three types of shoes are designed for three different situations. Road shoes typically design for the high-performance cyclists who are professionals. These types of shoes are lightweight and stiff so that you can easily carry them.

In my own experiences, MTB shoes aren't perfect for road biking. The reason is MTB shoes are a little bit heavy. For continuous peddling, it's very tough to carry this kind of shoes every time. And no wonder it will play a vamp role if you are a professional bike rider.

Therefore, Hybrid shoes are also suitable for road bikes. Most of the hybrid shoes are a little lightweight and made with soft fabric. For the soft-lined design, you can feel comfortable for a long time riding. 

Conclusion of Can I Use MTB Shoes on a Road Bike?

Now you can get the overall consideration before having MTB shoes on a road bike. Though, it is an individual preference to have shoes. But you have to think twice before making any decision.

Usually, it seems like you can use MTB shoes on your road bike with no trouble. What about your best performance that you want to give as a professional cyclist?

So, before making any decision, you have to think about your cycling performance as well. Road-shoes on a road bike for a high-level performer are playing the most crucial role ever. 

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