Top 4 Reasons for Bike Chain Clicking: Enemy on the Road

bike chain clicking

Biking is my favorite time spent on weekends and holidays. Whenever I get the chance to ride a bike with my friends or alone. With this two-wheeler, I used to go miles after miles. And it’s really a fun and quiet trip, I have to admit.

But, suddenly, one day, there was a break in this silence. My bike chain started to click. No wonder every rider experiences this bike chain clicking for a while. Luckily, however, a little lubricating keeps my bike chain in place.

Still, maybe not all of the bikers will always get lucky. So, understanding the best possible reasons for chain clicking will help you get the answer as soon as you need it.

Why the Bike Chain Clicking:

There might be a lot of reasons why your bike chain could cause noise. If it's big or small, the chain creaking is, of course, distracting.

So let's explore what the reasons behind this irritation may be:

bike chain clicking

Your Bike Chain May Have Been Misaligned:

Misalignment of a bike chain is a widespread woe. This is primarily triggered by a poorly positioned spacer by the way. But the wrong size of the wheels and chainrings may also be the reason.

Ideally, the chain should have a straight and simple way out of the sprocket to the chainring. You can give a bit of distorting to your bike chain, but the chain starts clicking if it goes too far. Your bike part is going to be a tired one.

Moreover, if you're using a fixed gear bike, you probably need a straight line chain because there's no derailleur on that machine.

The Chain of Bikes Grows Older:

It’s quite normal, people have always overlooked the thing they need to do the most. Hence, there's no difference in taking care of the bike. A bike chain is one of the most essential pieces you need to take care of. But as usual, this is the most overlooked part as well.

You know, you’re not going to feel any awkward or distracting vibration from a snug bike chain. But such a chain usually extends over time as it travels both vertically and horizontally. As a result, an empty space begins to open up as the gaps loosen up.

And there was no question that the most stretched chain clattered, and that was not suitable at all, for the chainring and sprocket as well.

Derailleurs, Poorly Balanced:

Well, if you own a geared bike, you need to know how necessary it is to have derailleurs. They are responsible for the smooth pulling and pushing of the chain in gear. This is why, even a low change would make your bike click—a lot of it.

But how is the derailleur responsible for the cranky bike? The derailleur and the shifter need a cable to change the gear. If this cable is too loose or too tight, the bike chain tends to fall out of reach.-which will finally be worn over time.

And then, everything you need to do is tune up a bit.

Damaged Components:

This is the least popular reason to press the bike chain though. Generally, bike parts are likely to get older every day. But it's not always the reason to feel guilty.

When the chainring gets old, it won't be able to carry the chain any longer. On the other side, other pieces like cranksets, shifters or derailleurs can be worsened, which just needs replacement. Nothing's going to change and how much you're going to adapt if these pieces get the worst.

However, these are more or less typical facts when the bike chain is causing the noise. There are others, too. But starting with these explanations, see where you're going to end up.

A Solution to The Problems:

When the reasons behind a Bike chain clicking are clear to you, you must also be in an appetite to know the solution. Check it out.

Lubrication and Replacement

If you notice that it's a loose chain that causes a clicking problem, it's just a substitute for the chain- that will do. Don't get a version of repair. It's going to cost you more because the chain is going to cause trouble again.

Or if it's the dry chain that sounds, use a few drops of your favourite lubrication. Meet the oiling rules, and don't forget to clean off excess liquids. Or else it's going to accumulate dirt and grime.

Strong Alignment of the Chain:

Often check the front part of the derailleur if there is an alignment problem. The chain is possibly rubbing against the derailleur event.

In this situation, you can trim the derailleur a little. Today's derailleur comes with such versatility that it can be changed. Also the shifter has a few leeways and can adjust the housing a little to shield the chain from rubbing.

Note the Gear:

Notice the gear when your bike chain starts clicking. Probably the chain is in the smallest chainring, and the most oversized gear can be packed. Or vice versa, yes.

You should deal with such an abnormality with a trimmed derailleur. Grasp the front shifter and keep the trigger. A tiny click is going to restore your peace.

Replace the Faulty Parts:

Whenever you find a defective crank set or a ruined chain ring, replace it immediately. You can even use a fixed one, but it's not healthy for me either. It could have split the business at any moment.

On the other hand, you don't necessarily have to replace the pieces every day.

Besides all these precautions, always lubricate your chainring, breaks and pedals. Most of all, a quick check every day and good maintenance will help you reduce the cranky sounds of your bike.


I mean, it’s obvious, no one's going to ride with a bike chain with clicks and cranks. Besides, anger is a bonus. But the solution is very straight and simple. What you need to do is to figure out the cause and fix it.

But above all, you've got to inspect the entire bike before you get out with it. A little protection and security will give you an enjoyable journey all day long. What else is needed! 

Top 4 Reasons for Bike Chain Clicking: Enemy on the Road 1

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