Bicycle Bell Left or Right Side! Which Side Do You Prefer?

Bicycle bell left or right side

Whenever we think about a bicycle, the “dring-dring" sound automatically comes into our mind. We are very familiar with the term 'bicycle bell.' It is a necessary tool to have for any cyclist. But do we know that we can mount a bicycle bell left or right side? That is, any side we want?

However, it is not the case for all bicycles. Some bicycles give you the freedom to decide which side you prefer in case of bell mounting. There are some factors on which your decision depends. If you don't know those factors, then you must go through this article.

Here, we will discuss the rules and factors to consider when mounting a bell. We will also learn if handedness is really a factor to consider here.

So let’s start!

Mounting a Bicycle Bell Left or Right Side - How Will You Decide?

Some bicycles have the option to mount bell on either side of the handlebar. Whenever you purchase a bike, try to buy those bikes. These bikes give you the freedom to install a bell according to your choice.

Bells come installed with some bicycles. Again, you can mount it manually too. Choose which bicycle type you want.

Some bell types have two versions—left and right-handed. You must have understood that the left-handed bells are positioned on the left side of the handlebars, and the right-handed one is used on the right side of the bike's handlebar.

Which side you should prefer depends on the roadside rules of each country. If people of your country drive on the right-hand side hand of the road, you must purchase the right-handed version. Same for the left-handed version. Whichever side you pick, you must use the other hand to give traffic signals. So, you must go through the rules biking in your country and always follow that.

However, in some cases, mounting a bicycle bell left or right side depends on the brakes' position on your bicycle.

Bicycle bell left or right side

Does Mounting the Bell Depends on the Handedness?

Well, the handedness does not affect much in the case of bell mounting. But if you have the freedom to mount the bell according to your wish, consider your handedness. You must agree there is a certain level of comfort and ease in doing tasks with your preferred hand.

In some places, bicycles are sold with a bell already installed. In most cases, bells are mounted on the left side. Why? Well, the manufacturers assume that most of their customers are right-handed. So they attach the bell on the left side.

It’s always preferable to mount the tool on the opposite side of your handedness. Like—if you are a righty, you should install the bell on the left side and vice versa. Why so?

Well, there comes such situations where you have to press the brake instantly when you are ringing the bell. If you are a righty and the bell is on the left side, you can freely use your right hand on the rear brake.

But if the bell were mounted on the right side, you would have stabbed the front brake instead, risking a cross-up and endo. Some agree that grabbing the rear brake is safer.

However, some might disagree, saying it’s more effective to execute the front brake as it is much shorter and quicker. And the front brake has most of the stopping power. Now, if you are concerned about risking an endo because of pressing the front brake, you must do more practice.

In that case, handedness will not be a problem. If you are confident enough that you can attain a certain level of proficiency through practice, well, then handedness will not be a problem.


Before deciding on which side you should place the bell, you must consider the factors mentioned above. You can consider your handedness or solely depend on your practice. Well, if you practice correctly, then handedness will not be a problem. Also, check the brake mounting as your decision might depend on it too.

Moreover, you should learn about the biking rules in your area. If your area allows you to choose either side, then it's okay. But if there is a fixed roadside rule for your area, you must respect that. You must mount the bell where your region or country allows you to.

What we give most importance to is safe riding. Use the bicycle bell properly. If you mount your bell and not use it when needed, what's the point of installing it? So learn and practice implementing the bicycle bell and make sure you have a safe and sound journey.

Bicycle Bell Left or Right Side! Which Side Do You Prefer? 1

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