Best Road Bikes Under 200 Dollar Reviews For Beginner

best road bikes under 200

The best road bikes under 200 help provide comfort and style, all in a suitable dime. These bikes are not only cheap but also rider-friendly. There is a wide variety of range that is being offered at a reasonable price. This is what makes these bikes so desirable and a must-have for the summer.

Moving around on a bike is convenient and healthier. These under $200 bikes encourage you to cycle more. For you to be able to ride a bike, you do not need a complex skillset. You will have no difficulty taking on cycling as a hobby with these bikes. Usually, beginners choose them for daily use.

The economic implications of these bikes are non-existent. They are worth their price. The needs they meet will be determined, evaluated, and selected. All these features are inclusive of their cost. Today the best road bikes under 300 are also readily available to new riders.

Some of the best models in this particular range of bikes have high-end features. We will overview the maintenance required to ride these bikes. We will also look at how we can select the best one to suit our needs.

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Product Name




Max4out Road Bike

Max4out Road Bike

Aluminum alloy frame
21 speed grip shifter
700C tires
Premium Performance

Outroad Road Bike

Outroad Road Bike

21 speed grip shifter
26 Inches wheel size
Stable aluminum road frame
Ergonomic design 

Sport Aluminum Road Bike

Sport Aluminum Road Bike

Aluminum road frame
Steel road fork
Alloy double wall rims
Disk brake

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

Dual Disc brake.
Steel frame
3-Spoke color
Rigid suspension

26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Powerful disc brakes
26 inches wheel size
Durable aluminum frame
Enables upright riding

Hiland Vernier Road Bike

Hiland Vernier Road Bike

Hiland hi-Ten steel frame
Aluminum rims
Shimano SY20A thumb shifter
Front suspension

700c Women's Giordano Acciao Road Bike

700c Women's Giordano Acciao Road Bike

High Tensile Steel Fork
High Tensile Steel Frame
Shimano Tourney STI Shifters
Alloy Dual Pivot Brakes

Top 7 Best Road Bikes Under 200 Review

Max4out Road Bike

Max4out Road BikeDo you want to warm up on an easy-to-ride bike? The Max4out Road Bike is your go-to option. Its lightweight and simple design encourages you to choose it. So if you are looking to ride through town leisurely, this one here is your perfect companion.

Ride free

The Max4out is the right choice for beginners because it is not too heavy on your pocket. You can experience a joyful ride without the implications of spending a massive dime. This one is worth your time. It is simple in design and is fully equipped with necessary features.

Smooth rides

It may be a beginner’s bike, but it has all the amateur road bike specifications. With its easily adjustable gear shift system, you have the promise of a safe and smooth ride. The tires are designed to deal with various rigorous conditions.

Max4out Road Bike Size


  • Durable structure with a simple design
  • Aluminum alloy framework promising endurance and reliability
  • Characteristic wheels with premium tires able to withstand rigorous conditions
  • Smooth-shifting of gears with an easily accessible system


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily accessible gear shift system
  • Sturdy Aluminum alloy framework
  • Faster and safer user experience


  • It has relatively limited features
  • The rim brakes heat up quicker

Outroad Road Bike

Outroad Road BikeAre you interested in a high-performance commuter bike? This one is not only reliable, but it is also durable. It provides the smoothest riding experience at a reasonable price. You now don’t have to spend a hefty amount on the excellent riding experience.

Be ready to go an extra mile

It may seem like another simple road bike, but it has more to offer concerning performance. Each part of the bike has been designed to provide a better performance feature. From its anti-slip tires to its durable steel fork, this one has it all. Each structural framework is equipped with an ergonomic design.

Stay healthy, ride every day

Don’t let the high-performance features of this bike fool you. The safety features of this bike have been upgraded to the same high-performance efficiency. It is ideal for everyday use. It will persuade you to ride a bike more often. The adjustable gears of 21 speeds are tight and precise. They allow smooth shifting of gears. This makes the bike suitable for a variety of terrains.

Max4out Road Bike


  • Steel fork gives it characteristic agility that promises an extraordinary riding experience
  • The ergonomic design of the handle that reduces the resistance during swift movements
  • Anti-slip tires that can withstand considerable wear and tear
  • Includes all the tools required for assembly and maintenance


  • Easy to handle fork
  • Equipped with anti-slip tires
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy shift between gears
  • Durable tires


  • The build is a little heavy
  • The front-wheel tends to get a bit bumpy with time

Sport Aluminum Road Bike

Sport Aluminum Road BikeSetting the trends for recreational cycling as a favorite pastime, here is a road bike designed to handle it all. This Sport Aluminum road bike was built for long, tough commutes. Its high-end design is engineered to precision to ensure comfort while riding.

Rides made better, faster, and safer

The original framework design in this bike is built for comfort. The handlebar, stem, and seats are lightweight to ensure travel at faster speeds. The oversized road tires also contribute to this function. The mechanical disk brakes have a quick release. All these factors help make the riding experience indeed a comfortable and joyful one.

Whether it all

The bike is made to handle it all. From its aluminum frame to its alloy double-walled rims, each feature is made to guarantee durability. This one was made for the wild. It is strong and sturdy with a durable build. It has a league of its own concerning features. It is set to weather all storms on a variety of terrains.

Sport Aluminum Road Bike Gear


  • The aluminum framework gives it a lightweight which promotes agility
  • Oversized tires can give you a smoother, faster-riding experience
  • Aluminum handlebar, stem, and seats are mainly responsible for the speedy rides
  • Alloy double-wall rims give added durability to the wheels


  • Agile steel fork
  • Extended durability of alloy double-walled rims
  • Lightweight because of the aluminum framework
  • Trendy Design
  • Oversized tires help the rides stay smooth and fast


  • The assembly time is longer than most bikes
  • It is difficult to replace the oversized tires

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road BikeAre you looking for the ideal road bike but are worried about spending too much? You can rest assured because this bike is both affordable and reliable. This bike is excellent for bicyclers who are just starting and want a powerful bike which is also pocket friendly.

Go Fast!

This bike will support the rise in your adrenaline and allow you to ride as fast as you want. Moreover, your speed will not compromise the smoothness and efficiency of your riding experience.


This bike is perfect for beginner and intermediate level bikers who want the best deal for their dime. It is durable, dependable, and has a splendid value price point. What’s more, eighty-five percent of the bike will come pre-assembled, so you don’t have to arrange for a professional to assemble it for you. You can do easily do it yourself!

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike


  • 21 Speed Shimano Shifting System for Excellent Control
  • Maintains a fast speed even while taking on a heavy load
  • Sustains a Maximum Load Weight of 330 LBS
  • Suitable for Bikers in the Height Range, 5'5" - 6'1"
  • All Tools and Instructions Required are Within Package


  • Durable and robust
  • Appropriate for prolonged use
  • Suitable for a wide range of biker heights
  • Affordable with fair value at its price
  • Dual Disc brake for Safe and Powerful Stopping


  • It is not lightweight
  • It may require an additional tune-up

26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain BikeThe 26-Inch Full Suspension is the most comfortable, safest, and smoothest ride that does not compromise the speed. Then search no more, because 26-inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike is just the finest choice for you. It provides a wide array of excellent features without being heavy on the pocket.

Sturdy design with a value-based price

Its aluminum frame, along with alloy rims, makes it durable and lightweight (35lbs). Simultaneously, the addition of 700C tires, premium paddles with dual springs, and powerful disc brakes ensure that you have the safest, most comfortable ride even in challenging weather. Moreover, its foldable structure makes it easy to carry and store as well.

Easy Assembly

If you lack expert hardware skills, then do not worry because this bike comes 80% pre-assemble. In contrast, the rest is easy to put together within 20 minutes using the tools already present in the package. Moreover, this bike is better than the best road bikes under 300.

26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike


  • The durable and lightweight frame
  • Robust and high efficient double disc brakes that are more sensitive
  • 700c tires perfect for high speed and smooth ride even on rough terrains
  • Ergonomic grips and slightly raised bar for comfortable rides
  • High carbon steel, along with double suspension, lends 21-gear speed


  • Foldable frame for easy carrying and storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight (35lbs.)
  • High-quality parts
  • Economical


  • There is extreme resistance in the fork-stem structure
  • The seat was subjected to tears and lacked durability

Hiland Vernier Road Bike

Hiland Vernier Road BikeIf you are looking for a bike that meets your daily commuting needs and is equally equipped to support long road cycling trips, the Hiland urban city commuter bike is the perfect choice for you. Its outstanding speed, agility, and efficiency can go smoothly on the city road and rough terrains.

Amazing quality minimum cost

This bike is equipped with the best quality parts, saving you from any replacement, even in the most adverse conditions. Its solid Hiland hi-Ten steel structure lends durability, high safety, and lightweight to the bike.

Its robust aluminum rims and heavy-duty tires make it suitable for the roughest of terrains and the most massive rainy season. In comparison, its high-efficiency front and rear brakes and excellent quality levers will keep any commuting accidents at bay.

Easy assembly

Suppose you are not the best with tools, then fear not because this bicycle comes 85% pre-assembled. At the same time, the rest can easily put together through guidance from the installation video available. Moreover, the assembly tools are included in the package and save you from trips to the hardware store.

Hiland Vernier Road Bike


  • Durable and lightweight structure
  • High-efficiency tires and aluminum rims that can withstand rigorous conditions
  • Easy shifting of gears for a high-speed, safe ride
  • Smooth and safe ride due to high-efficiency shifters and brakes


  • Assembly tools come along with the package
  • Installation video is available
  • Easy assembly
  • Modern and robust design
  • Well equipped for city roads and rough terrains too


  • Pedals are not updated

700c Women's Giordano Acciao Road Bike

700c Women's Giordano Acciao Road BikeThe 700c Women’s Giordano is the perfect bike designed to suit your needs and comfort level. Whether you are just starting or have been bicycling for a while, this bike will be the ideal choice for you. A bonus is that this bike is comfortable on the eyes as well so that you can ride confidently, comfortably, and in style!

Ideal for Women

This bike has been designed to be most suitable for female bicyclers. It has a smooth ride with a sleek and elegant look. It is easy to assemble, an excellent choice for daily commuting, and it available in both small and medium sizes so you can pick the size that fits you perfectly.

Robust and Budget-Friendly

This road bike is robust and will resist damage even after prolonged use. It is an outstanding choice for an entry-level bike that will stay with you for a long time. What makes it even more appealing is that it is easy on a pocket, providing you with the best experience at an impressive value price point.

700c Women's Giordano Acciao Road Bike


  • High Quality and High Tensile Strength Frame
  • Shimano Tourney STI Shifters for Excellent Control
  • Alloy Dual Pivot Brakes for Safe and Powerful Stopping
  • High Quality and High Tensile Strength Fork


  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • An excellent choice for women
  • Robust and economical
  • Reliable gear system


  • It is not recommended for use on rough terrains
  • There is not enough resistance in the tires from possible wear and tears

Road Bike Accessories

1. Helmet

A helmet is the most important thing you will need when you are out biking. The helmet you choose must be a good fit. It should also have adequate ventilation for long trips.

2. A good quality backpack

Whether you're going on a biking trip with friends or exploring the countryside on your own, it's a good idea to have a backpack to keep all things you might need in. Having a backpack with a large amount of space and pockets in it can help you carry all the supplies you might need on your trip.

3. Bike Multi-tool

If you use your road bike frequently, it's a good idea to be prepared for any problems you might have with your bike while you're riding it. A bike multi-tool with screwdrivers and Torx wrenches can be helpful should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

4. Bike Lock

If you frequently commute to public areas in cities, a bike lock is a must-have, especially if you're leaving it unattended for an extended period. It is crucial to get a durable bike lock to ensure it stays safe and secure.

5. Bike Lamp

While biking at night, especially in streets that don't have much lighting, it is vital to have a bike lamp. A bike lamp not only helps you see more transparent at night but also warn other bikers and pedestrians.

6. Tire Pump

If you often go biking in mountainous areas, it's a good idea to carry a tire pump with you if you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

7. Bike Cover

A bike cover can help keep your bike in pristine condition. A waterproof bike cover can protect your bike from the worst weather conditions while you're at home.

How to Select A Good Quality Road Bike Under 200

Enthusiasts and competitive riders typically use road bikes. These bikes are lighter and faster than other bikes. These bikes do not have a front or rear suspensions and come in a variety of different sizes. Some of the things to look out while searching for a quality road bike are:

Make sure you have a suitable frame.

The two most commonly used materials for making frames in road bikes are aluminum and carbon fiber. Aluminum frames are found at the cheaper end of the spectrum and generally provide users with a smooth and vibration-free experience.

This is due to most aluminum frame road bikes having a composite front fork made of carbon fiber. Aluminum frames are also responsible for smoother, faster rides.

Carbon fiber frames are more expensive than aluminum frames due to very high manufacturing costs. They do, however, provide a much more comfortable ride than their cheaper alternatives.

But, the ride quality can vary greatly depending on the frame's design, so paying more may not always be the better option. Nevertheless, there is no promise of a more satisfactory ride.

Your cranksets make up the key mechanical framework of your bike.

Cranksets are the bike's characteristic parts that the pedals turn, which proceed to turn the rear wheel by the chain further. A road bike can have a compact, double or triple crankset. They shift the momentum from one part of the bike to another.

Selecting from a varying range of crankset designs

  • Triple Crankset: Entry-level bikes for beginners tend to possess this particular crankset. It can help you shift between a high ranges of gears efficiently. There are 27 specific gear shifts. They generally have a 9-speed cassette with their three chainrings.
  • Double Crankset: This particular crankset offers only a low range of gear shifts. It has a 20-speed cassette in the back for over 20 gear shifts in their two chainrings.
  • Compact Crankset: It is pretty much like the double crankset. It has the same number of gear shifts. Its compact design makes it a suitable option for lightweight bikes.

Determine the wheel parameters available on the bike

The wheels on the bike hold primary importance as they have the most impact on the ride as a whole. The wheels were chosen to affect the overall weight of the bike. This is paramount for selecting bikes concerning required speeds. The wheels are supposed to establish a set momentum for the bike. They further accelerate the bike at faster speeds down varying terrains.

The wheels on a road bike, however, are not equipped to take on rough terrains. They are fit for paved terrains where the ground is generally sturdy and plain. Bikes must be chosen carefully concerning need. There is generally no choice of wheels when it comes down to buying the bikes as a whole. 

Estimating the aerodynamic strength of the bike

This is, in most cases, a determining factor in selecting a bike. The framework of the bike is designed in such a way to promote maximum airflow through it. The way the build of a bike can take on winds helps set the rider up for a blissful ride.

Get the most efficient brake leveler and gear shifter system.

If you want to enjoy a smoother ride, you need to make sure both these systems are set up to the mark. Their varying adjustments are made accordingly before selection.

Advantages of Road Bikes Under 200

Cost-effective value

You can get the right product at a reasonable price. Most of the features in these bikes are similar to the high-performance bikes. They just happen to have a simpler design. They incorporate budget-friendly parts. These parts are generally easy to assemble. This allows the road bikes to be cheaper than the other bikes available in the market.


Almost all road bikes are lightweight. Like the handlebar, stem, and seat, the bike's major components are made up of aluminum. This aluminum framework is responsible for the lightweight of the road bike.

Sturdy tires

The tires on a road bike are designed to withstand fast speeds. They have varying width concerning selected terrains. A larger width of approximately 28mm helps soften the road. This enables you to ride the bike on dirt and gravel pathways.

They can grip the ground better and help make the ride smoother. Most people who select road bikes prefer thinner tires, allowing them to ride at faster speeds. These bikes are ridden on smooth pavements as they lose their balance on rough terrains.

Upgraded brake system

Road bikes today have upgraded from the old cable-operated rim brake system. These brake systems are generally very efficient in clean and dry conditions. However, they have severe implications in wet and muddy conditions. They can damage the rims and pads on the bike.

Thus, bikes today have upgraded to the disc brakes. These brakes are not as compact as the rim caliper brake system, yet they are efficient in all conditions. This gives them an edge over all other brake systems. They give you more control over the bike. They are also easier to handle, resulting in lesser hand fatigue. These disc brakes provide the road bikes a quicker response.

Quick Speed

Road bikes are relatively faster than all other bikes. They are generally designed for competitive racing. They may be less advanced than recreational and sportbikes, but they have just as fast speed due to their lightweight. Their speeds are invariably tested on smoother surfaces. They do not offer smoother rides on rougher, wetter terrains.

Accessible brake and gear shifter system

While cycling at high speeds, your brake and gear shift system must be in your reach. Most road bikes are equipped with these systems on the handlebars. This allows you to have easier access from your fingers. Thus, both these systems are at your fingertips for use, giving you a smoother ride.

Maintenance Tips

1. Cleaning the bike

Maintaining the cleanliness of your bike is vital to keep it from wearing out. Cleaning your bike can prevent rust and corrosion. Cleaning your bike regularly can help extend its lifespan.

A bike-specific cleaner can get you much better results than regular washing. Spraying on a bike cleaner and washing it off after a few minutes is the best way to do it. Some extra tools you can use are cleaning rags, brushes, and a bike-specific degreaser to clean the chain.

2. Clean your drivetrain

If you frequently ride in wet conditions, it's a good idea to clean your drivetrain after a ride to prevent it from getting muddy and decreasing its lifespan. Cleaning your drivetrain can also help if you experience issues with the gear shift on your road bike. Remember to always reapply the chain lubricant after cleaning.

3. Check the air pressure of your tires

Bike tubes can lose their air pressure quite easily for a few days. You should check the air pressure in your tubes every few days. A difference in air pressure could significantly impact your handling while riding a bike. Most bikers keep the air pressure in their tubes somewhere between 80-120 psi. It's a good idea to keep a floor pump with an air pressure gauge at home.

4. Check that the nuts and bolts are in place

Ensuring that nothing is loose in your bike after a week of constant cycling is a good idea. When checking the nuts and bolts, it is crucial to do so according to the manufacturer's manual.

5. Check your brakes

Checking your brakes before going on any ride is important for your safety as well as the safety of others. You don't want your brakes to fail while going downhill at 20 kmph. Testing the brakes by holding the levers to see if they are functioning as expected and checking the wear indicator on brake pads on most bikes are good ways to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are road bikes with small wheels faster?

The wheels for bikes come in many different sizes ranging from 16', 17' and 20'. A lot of cyclists have concerns that smaller wheels hinder the speed of a bike. This is the opposite of what occurs. Small wheels can make the bike accelerate faster due to them having less wind resistance.

2. Why are the drop bars present on road bikes?

Road bikes have drop bars for multiple reasons. It is much easier to breathe in the leaning position it makes you do. To make longer rides more comfortable, the drop bars let you change your hand and body position while riding the bike. And lastly, they make you more aerodynamic to increase the speed at which you are riding.

3. What material is preferred for road bikes under 200?

Most road bikes on the cheaper end of the market use aluminum as it is much less expensive than other materials that can be used, e.g., Carbon fiber. However, different grades of aluminum have very distinct differences, such as weight and strength.

So in the case that there are two different bikes at varied price points, both of which use aluminum, the more expensive option likely uses a higher grade of aluminum.

4. For what purpose are road bikes used?

Road bikes are used by competitive racers and for people using bikes to travel long distances. Some people even use road bikes as an alternative to cars as they are a much cheaper option and have none of the drawbacks of fossil fuels.

5. Why do road bikes have narrow seats?

A road bike uses a narrow seat to help with forming the leaning position. It can also allow more freedom with moving on and off the seat. A wide seat can sometimes rub the inside of your thighs.

6. What pedals do road bikes under 200 come with?

Although higher-end road bikes come without pedals to allow the rider's customizability to ensure they get the best fit for their needs. However, road bikes under 200 can be sold with platform pedals, often with toe cages.


Road bikes have set up their legacy in the biking world. With their premium features being upgraded over time, their worth in the market is only increasing with time. They were initially designed for daily commuting. Today they have made their place in the competitive market and encouraged recreational cycling as a sport.

The Max4out road bike is one such bike that encompasses all premium features at a reasonable price. It is the perfect road bike for the season. With the promise of durability, the Max4out establishes its reliability. Its every part has been optimized to ensure maximum endurance. It is the ideal road bike with all characteristic features in play.

So if you are looking to take on cycling, it is better to start with the Max4out Road Bike. It is one of the best road bikes under 200. With a reasonable price, it promises absolute dependability. New bikers should opt for this one.

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