Top 7 Best Commuter Bike Unders 300 Dollar in 2021

best commuter bike under 300

Does your old bike need a revamp, or are you looking for an affordable bike? If you need more mileage on your regular ride, why not consider buying the best commuter bike under 300? We have some of the top quality commuter bikes under $300 for you to enjoy a commuting experience.

Using a commuter bike is an ideal option for keeping fit, and exploring your surroundings. Further, owning a commuter bike can also help save on gas, and can be more healthful for the environment. Using a commuter bike may be faster since you can avoid traffic jams during regular travel.

Moreover, commuter bikes are sturdy, with lots of features. It also ensures your comfort and safety. Apart from commuting, your bike can go to some splendid land and seascapes. So continue reading our review to select the perfect commuter bike under $300.

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Product Name




Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

28- Inch Wheels
21-speed Sram Grip Shifter
Multiple Colors

Firmstrong Urban Lady

26-inch Women's Bike
Classic Curvy Beach Design
Steel Frame Plus Aluminum Wheels

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

20-inch Wheels
Great for Camping
Rear Carry Rack

Stowbike 20-inch Folding

Stowabike 20" Folding City

6-speed Shimano Gears
V3 Compact Foldable Bike
Front Fender

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance

Vilano Diverse Hybrid Road Bike

Aluminum Frame
24-speed Disk Brakes
Upright Handlebar 

Takara Kabuto Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Single-speed Bike
Steel Frame and Fork
Alloy Rims 

Schwann Wayfarer Adult Bike

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike

7-speed Drivetrain
Steel Retro City Frame
700c Wheels

Top 7 Best Commuter Bike under 300 Reviews 2020

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

The product is a unisex commuter bike that offers a comfortable ride for beginners and riders of various ages. There are 21 speeds, a 28-inch wheel band, and comes in black and white. It has a lightweight, sturdy steel frame with an adjustable seat for comfort and reliability.

With a reliable brand like Schwann, you get to shift gears quickly, especially when climbing hills. The bike comes with a rear carrier rack to help hold your backpack and other gear. It’s the ideal choice for everyday commuting needs.

The all-rounder

The bike is suitable for use by bikers at any age and riding level. The unisex design creates an excellent choice for men, women, or children.

Straight up

The handlebars and seat positioning provides a comfortable, upright riding experience, especially over long commutes.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike


  • Protective rear fenders help keep dirt, water, and debris away from your feet, and clothing when riding in varying weather conditions.
  • Excellent 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and rear Shimano derailleur let you smoothly pedal when riding uphill.
  • There's lots of comfort with swept-back style, upright handlebars, and extra-cushioning in the saddle.
  • You can adjust the lift in the angle position for the alloy head stem.
  • It offers Promax alloy linear-pull brakes, and alloy twist shifter that works well with 4-prong brake levers.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable ride
  • Affordable
  • Attractive design


  • The bike seems heavy
  • The front brake may need adjusting

Firmstrong Urban Lady

Firmstrong Urban Lady

The product is perfect for women measuring between 5 and 6 feet tall.

There’s so much to offer in the stylish all-terrain bike. You can have an enjoyable time on the trail, at the beach, and around the neighborhood. You’ll experience effortless upright riding, and superior control and comfort.

The bike has a plush, roomy seat, and broad handlebars for expert handling and less pressure on your arms. The braking system is safe and secure and helps you glide over a range of road surfaces.

Just Cruisin’

The 26-inch, single-speed cruiser bike offers a hassle-free, consistently smooth cruising speed between three and fifteen miles per hour.

Bring the Bling!

You can select up to 13 colors in a trendy, modern design. Also, you get to choose unique fender colors to help enhance your style.


  • There's super-smooth riding with dual-coil spring and plush seating. Shock-absorbing, extra-wide, 2.125-inch tires complete the package.
  • Four unique gear options and a coaster brake system help you navigate any surface with confidence.
  • Top-class engineering ensures a smooth, steady riding experience over varying terrain.
  • Single-speed design is ideal for a range of recreational activities and commuting.
  • There are extra-wide cruiser handlebars and a blend of leather and synthetic grips for easy handling.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent quality
  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy


  • Brakes may need tweaking
  • Some parts are missing

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

It’s one of the best city bikes under 300 that’s also easy to assemble. Further, the bike folds easily fit your luggage on a train, bus, SUV, or RV for long-distance commuting.

When you’re ready to hit the track, unfold it, saddle up, and go! It’s perfect for road trips, picnics, camping, and more. Also, the low seat is excellent for older or physically challenged riders.

Carry on smartly!

The Schwinn folding commuter bike can go anywhere with the convenient folding mechanism. It also includes a rear rack to help carry an additional load when commuting.

A Steal of a Deal

Do you worry about locking your bike every time you hop off? Well, worry no more. Fold it up, put it in the storage bag, and take it with you, or keep it indoors when not in use.

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike


  • The 7-speed shifter smoothly glides over hills with the Shimano Revoshift twist system, while maintaining windy conditions. It has a sturdy, durable frame with steel hinges and kickstand and linear-pull brakes.
  • There's a lightweight aluminum frame, 20-inch smooth pavement wheels, and adjustable seat post.
  • A handy rear cargo rack makes it easy to store and carry extra luggage when traveling.
  • The convenient nylon carrying bag helps keep the bike out of sight from would-be thrives.


  • Folds easily
  • Sturdy frame
  • Convenient to carry
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to store


  • Tends to be heavy
  • The rear gear may wobble sometimes

Stowbike 20-inch Folding

Stowbike 20-inch Folding

The Folding City V3 commuter bike is suitable for riders of all ages and between 5 and 6 feet tall. It is comfortable, with an adjustable seat and a durable, foldable steel frame. Also, the handlebars can adjust for easy storage, and the unit folds quickly for convenient transport.

The unit is easy to handle and helps reduce strain on your arms, shoulders, and back. There are 18 ½-inch wheels, a carrier rack, and a 6-speed Shimano gear mechanism. It’s an excellent, affordable choice for short commutes.

Steer Clear

The convenient wrap around handles allows you to steer effortlessly. The gear shift is highly responsive, and the tires are smooth and sturdy.

Folding frenzy

The bike is easy to assemble and fold. It fits neatly into a vehicle trunk for convenient transport.

Stowbike 20-inch Folding


  • It has a compact, trendy design and comes in neutral colors that appeal to men and women.
  • This bike folds easily for transporting to family trips, exercising, or long-distance travel.
  • Provides a user-friendly, comfortable, safe, enjoyable riding experience.
  • The 6-speed gear system makes steering easy while reducing strain on your arms and legs.
  • It is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to assemble.


  • Super comfortable
  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable


  • The frame arrived twisted
  • The fenders may need aligning

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance

The Vilano model has a proven record of delivering high-quality, affordable, high-performing commuter bikes. It can track over a range of terrains with ease and stays on course over long commutes. It has a solid frame and durable disk brakes for safety and security.

You also get an ultra-smooth gear system, and a compact comfortable bike. The frame is lightweight plus easy to maneuver. With the Vilano, you also get lots of stability, control, and comfort in an attractive package.

Safe and Sound

Its unique engineering meets and surpasses the safety standards of most major product safety ratings.

Brake it up

The mechanical braking system offers superior braking capability. You get lots of traction in varying weather conditions.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance


  • The bike has highly reliable brakes that offer significant control, and superior stopping capability in wet and rainy weather.
  • It's a versatile, all-terrain hybrid, that goes smoothly on trails, and in all types of road surfaces
  • The product is obtainable in different sizes to help you find the ideal fit, comfort level, and security.
  • It's an excellent choice for durability, safety, comfort, and control when riding long distances.
  • The upright handlebar provides a comfortable steering experience.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Highly recommended
  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble


  • The brakes can be noisy
  • The derailleur may need tweaking

Takara Kabuto Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Road Bike

The sleek, modern design complements a comfortable, affordable, sturdy city commuter bike. It’s perfect for riding in and out of the city areas in ease and style. You can set it to operate on a fixed gear or as a single-speed unit without any additional parts or adjusting.

It comprises 700ccs, 32-inch tires, and 72-hole alloy wheels. The handy rear rack with lower rack mount eyelets also ensures a safe setup. It is a sturdy, reliable, safe, comfortable, and attractive bike. It’s ideal for all commuting types while shopping, going to work, school, keeping fit, or family outings.

Flip Flop

The rear flip flop style hub allows the option to update to a freewheel or fixed gear model.

Pull Over

It comprises front and rear alloy side pull brakes for additional traction and control.

6.6 Takara Kabuto Road Bike


  • The sturdy, durable, hand-crafted steel frame provides horizontal dropouts to help handle the rigors of city riding
  • It's an excellent all-round commuter bike suitable for all ages and seasons.
  • It comes in a range of frames for riders of varying heights ad body weights
  • The adjustable seat lets you tweak the settings to get the correct height and comfort level
  • It is versatile and enables you to upgrade the gear capacity and handlebar capability for additional speed and control


  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile
  • Solid frame
  • Reliable brakes
  • Comfortable handlebars


  • Can be heavy
  • The wheel bearings may need adjusting

Schwann Wayfarer Adult Bike

Schwann Wayfarer Adult Bike

The Schwann Wayfarer represents comfort, stability, and endurance. The 700cc super-sized wheels are ideal for riders between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches tall. It lets you sit on an extra-large, cushioned seating with upright handle capacity. The design includes a 7-speed gear system with twist shifters and sturdy Shimano components.

The model also provides an attractive steel frame and fork, with an adjustable seat post. It lets you set the ideal height for your body type. The handy rear cargo rack helps make commuting more manageable and convenient.

Stop it!

You can stop and start at will with the alloy front and rear linear-pull brakes system. It is safe and highly responsive.

Summer Splash!

The bike handles well in all types of weather conditions. The convenient fender shields help protect your feet and clothing from puddles and other wet patches on the road.

7.7 Schwann Wayfarer Adult Bike


  • Lightweight, yet sturdy alloy wheels ensure stability and safety when riding
  • This all-weather bike keeps you on course while on the dirt path, city streets, or neighborhood.
  • The 3-wheel modern engineering offers additional durability and safety when commuting over long periods
  • Its upright riding capacity makes cruising comfortable and hassle-free.
  • The SRSM twist shifters and speed drivetrain full and linear-pull brake mechanism provide reliable, safe stopping any time.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy brakes
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up


  • The paint may peel easily
  • It can be heavy

Things to Consider When Buying Top Quality Commuter Bikes Under 300

While there are several brands of commuter bikes available, choosing a bike with a strict budget will take some shopping around. Our buying guide provides a list of some of the best city bikes under 300 for you to consider.

Our selection offers a range of features that help ensure your safety and comfort without compromising on quality. Our review's bikes come in various sizes, colors, and features that will guarantee a pleasurable riding experience.


First, think about all places you want to ride and how far you plan to commute. These factors will help guide you in choosing the type of bike that's right for you. Our commuter bikes help provide fast, comfortable, reliable commutes to work, school, recreation, shopping, exercise, etc.

Most commuter bikes can handle a wide variety of road surfaces and weather situations. Moreover, some commuter bikes are flexible and can upgrade to the type of version you require. You can also choose from styles like road, hybrid, or mountain varieties, depending on your riding style and other preferences.

  • Each style of commuter bikes offers varying levels of weight, speed, and tire capacity.
  • Hybrid bikes offer a medium-range level of speed, weight, and tire density and are durable and sturdy over long distances.
  • Mountain commuter bikes provide a heavy-duty weight capacity, thick tires, and medium-slow speeds.
  • Road bike tires are thinner, with lightweight frames and faster speeds.


Since your commuter bike will often be on the road, you need to ensure it can go the distance. Choose a bike that's reliable with fewer parts and maintenance needs. Your bike will also be able to ride in varying terrains and weather conditions with little to no issues.


Most of our commuter bike selections come with a range of suitable gears for long and short trips. You will need gears that offer lots of traction and control when stopping, or traversing in wet, dry, and rugged terrain. A reliable gear system will also let you shift quickly and confidently when necessary. Gears come in ranges of single speeds or as many as seven or twelve gear options depending on the model.


Sturdiness is one of the most significant areas to consider when buying a top-quality commuter bike under 300. Most bike frames come in solid steel or aluminum frames. These materials are lightweight and help improve speed and manageability. Therefore, it's a priority to ensure you select a bike frame that's easy to maneuver and endure rugged conditions.


Commuting is a cheaper way to travel, especially on a tight budget. It helps eliminate the need to purchase gasoline and other costly vehicle parts and accessories. However, riding over long periods can strain your arms, shoulder, back, and legs.

Choose a commuter bike that lets you move around in ease and comfort. Look for and try out the seats to see how well they handle your body weight and height. Additionally, try out the handlebar and see how well it fits your arms to help minimize any strain when riding.


Commuter bike wheels are usually a bit bigger than most standard bike wheels. Your bike wheels help provide a high level of stability, speed, and shock absorbency. The wheels also help keep you steady by reducing the impact when riding over varying road surfaces.

Further, most commuter bike wheels offer 700cc capacity for easy handling and overall comfort. Most tires come between 23 and 32 mm and up to 42 mm for some varieties of models. The wheel mechanism also helps protect your tires from punctures while providing high traction and rolling resistance level.

Benefits of Commuter Bikes

Using a commuter bike is a growing trend worldwide over the last decade. Many cities now provide bike trails, parking, and other user-friendly amenities for bike commuters. Some of the benefits of commuter bikes include:

Environmental awareness

One of the best ways to reduce harmful emissions from exhaust fumes and other travel gases is by commuter biking. Studies show different types of transport may release significantly more noxious fumes than commuter bikes. These emissions can harm the environment and overall air quality.

Financial gains

Using a commuter bike can also provide substantial savings in petrol, maintenance, insurance, and other expenses that come with standard vehicles.

Health and Wellness

Improving your fitness levels and overall wellbeing is another incentive to own and operate a commuter bike. Research shows numerous benefits from riding that can positively impact the brain, heart, lungs, and mood levels. Commuting can help you lose weight, save time and money, and increase your overall fitness and general wellbeing.

Further, a commuter bike can help provide many hours of recreation, fun, and family time. You can ride to the beach, campgrounds, and picnics, do scenic tours, and host other travel arrangements.

Easy Travel

Today, many commuters spend considerable time in traffic jams while traveling to and from work, school, or play. Riding a bike is faster, easier, and more convenient than a regular vehicle. You can zip in and out of traffic freely with more agility and speed to help save travel time when necessary.

Further, most commuter bikes require little to no storage and parking space, so they hardly block city streets.

Commuter Bike Maintenance Tips

Keeping your commuter bike in ship-shape will help ensure you continue to enjoy many miles of riding pleasure. Our maintenance tips will also make it easy to set up a regular maintenance schedule to help keep your bike running smoothly.

When seeking to maintain your bike, pay attention to these areas:

  • Nuts and bolts
  • Derailleur
  • Gears
  • Chain
  • Air 
  • Brakes


Test the front and rear brakes to see if they are holding correctly and make any necessary adjustments.


A well-lubricated chain helps keep your wheels turning efficiently. Frequent oiling will also help keep the derailleur and gears running smoothly with fewer noises when riding.


Check the air in the tires to help maintain the correct levels of air pressure. Also, tweak other parts around the wheel axle to ensure no leaks or faulty parts. It's also a perfect idea to check the toolkit and patching to ensure they are in good working order.

Nuts and bolts

Loose nuts and bolts can cause your bike to squeak and wear down quickly over time. Tighten any parts that may slacken up with regular commuting to help improve safety and overall performance.


Your bike goes through a wide range of terrain, including dirt, sand, rain, mud, sludge, water, snow, and sleet. Vigorous brushing will help clear away any debris that may clog moving parts. After brushing, give a thorough wash down to clear away any remaining particles. A clean bike is an ideal mood booster when out with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much mileage can I get from a commuter bike?

Commuter bikes are fast, convenient, and easy to steer. Therefore, depending on where you are traveling and weather conditions, studies show you can get almost 12 miles per one-way trip. Moreover, you can also expect up to at least 50 minutes of comfortable riding pleasure per trip.

2. What size wheels are best for commuter bikes?

At least 700ccs is adequate to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Tire sizes range from 23 to 32mm wide or for uniqueness, between 25 and 28 mm. Tires also come in a range of features for better control, function, and puncture resistance. You also need to ensure your tires offer lots of speed and traction when navigating various terrain.

3. What are the available varieties of commuter bikes?

Commuter bikes come in a variety of styles to fit your unique style and travel needs. You also choose between a road bike for flat riding, a mountain style for rugged surfaces, and off-track riding. A balanced bike lets you ride in the upright position for more comfort and control.

Folding bikes are convenient to help save on storage, parking, and carrying space when commuting. Hybrid varieties adapt some features of touring, mountain bike, and road bikes in one efficient unit. Hybrids are also ideal for helping to maintain a health and fitness routine.

4. Are commuter bikes comfortable?

Most commuter bikes are super sturdy, durable, and reliable. Many brands offer adjustable features on the seat and handlebars to suit varying heights, weights, and riding styles. Most seats have extra cushioning to help ensure a bump-free riding experience. The wheels also offer a smooth ride, with high levels of shock absorbency.


The best commuter bike under 300 in our review is replete with many features, benefits, and general information. You can be confident in selecting any from our acceptable range of bikes at affordable prices. Each bike can stand on its recommendation for quality, safety, reliability, and top performance.

We highlight almost everything that you can consider to help you make an informed decision on the best bike for your commuting needs. Our top choice in commuter bikes is the Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike. It offers a blend of class, speed options, reliable gear system, and comfort. Moreover, the bike is sturdy, lightweight, and suitable for riders of any age or riding ability.

Our bikes are easy to assemble, maneuver, and maintain. The braking systems offer high traction and control for confident, hassle-free riding. They also perform well in various weather conditions.

We highly recommend any of our bikes for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable commuting experience.

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