Benefits of Indoor Cycling | Top 9 Benefits

benefits of indoor cycling

Cycling is an exercise that is beneficial for your health. You could be cycling in the outdoors with the wind as a companion. You could be within the four walls of a gym or even in the comfort of your home. No matter the location. Nothing beats the burst of adrenaline that accompanies such a rigorous workout. There have over dozens of benefits of indoor cycling.

Indoor cycling is yet more convenient than its equal as it affords you an opportunity to workout. Even when you cannot take your bike out due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Due to the many benefits and conveniences made available, Indoor cycling got popularity. Consider the following benefits of indoor cycling.

Top 9 Benefits of Indoor Cycling

1. It Reduces Stress

One of the important benefits of indoor cycling is that it helps to lower stress levels. When you lose yourself in the ride, your mind lets go of all worries and you'll feel a lot happier.

During exercises such as running, there is a point when endorphins are released in the brain. These endorphins often act as painkillers but more often than not, they bring about an increase in feelings of euphoria. The release of endorphins is something that happens during any form of physical activity and indoor cycling is no exception. When feelings of euphoria are amplified, it helps to reduce stress levels in the body.

2. No Age Limitations

It is essential for children and elderly people to maintain a healthy bone density. Indoor cycling is the perfect activity for non-athletes who are new to exercising.

Another good thing about indoor cycling is that its benefits are enjoyable for any age group. As there are no age limitations, it is safe to say that no matter your fitness level, you can participate in indoor cycling. Attempting this form of exercise is encouraged not only because it is a lot of fun. But because it is a great cardiovascular workout. While you're on the bike, the time goes by. Unlike other cardios, indoor cycling is one exercise that will give you a sense of achievement after every session.

3. Low Impact Workout

While mentioning the various benefits of indoor cycling, it is important to examine the fact, that this form of exercise is a surprisingly low impact. Although it is expected that half an hour or more of indoor cycling will be intense. For such a high-intensity workout, riding a stationary bike is low impact. This makes it a great option for people recovering from orthopedic injuries. During such exercise, the hip, knee and ankle joints are not jarred as there is minimal impact. This enables them to enjoy a workout without worrying about stiffness in the hips or throbbing knees afterward.

4. Increased Muscle-building

One thing, everyone hopes to achieve with any workout routine is well-built muscles. Muscle build-up is one of the benefits of indoor cycling. Because this exercise targets the lower muscles in the body. This form of cycling imitates riding in outdoor terrains and as you rise or lower in the saddle of the bike. Your movements stimulate the hamstring, quadriceps and gluteus muscles. While your arms are engaged, your core muscles will also be strengthened.

Another good thing about indoor cycling is that it enables riders to adjust their speed and resistance according to their individual capabilities. This helps to tone the muscles and ensure that your daily routine does not leave you tired and burnt-out.

5. Time Saving

While still on the benefits of indoor cycling, it is worth mentioning that this form of exercise saves time. Dedicated bikers can take advantage of indoor cycling classes in the gym when they need to work out. There are no distractions in the form of pedestrians, dog walkers and traffic, just you and your bike. If you have a stationary bike in your home. Then you are free from the hassles of leaving the house every morning to head to the gym. Now you can exercise in the comfort of your home.

6. You Move at Your Own Pace

When cycling in the outdoors, you have to abide by traffic rules and other road conditions. That may demand you to stop at certain times. In this regard, indoor cycling can be said to be more effective as you have the opportunity to set-up your own training course to fit your requirements. You can choose to do high-intensity intervals, increase your speed or end your session when you want to. One advantage of indoor cycling is you can move at your own pace and do what you are comfortable with.

7. Improved Techniques

This is one of the important benefits of indoor cycling. While cycling on a stationary bike, you have the advantage of being able to improve your cycling techniques. In this way, you can examine any flaws and figure out the areas that need more improvement. In all, this helps to ensure a smooth pedal cycle.

8. Burn Calories

indoor cycling Burn Calories

If you need to lose excess weight and burn calories, indoor cycling is an effective exercise that can help you achieve your goals. Studies show that an average person can burn up between 400 and 600 calories during a 30-minute or 45-minute class. This piece of information proves that indoor cycling can be even more beneficial than outdoor cycling. To burn off those extra calories, you can choose to add more resistance to your cycling session. In this way, you do not only lose weight but also build up the muscles in your body.

9. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Indoor cycling is very important as it helps you to maintain a healthy heart. Even as you push yourself to new limits, a structured cycle session enables a steady heart rate. When done, indoor cycling can increase blood flow to the body. And it encourages the lungs and heart to stay healthy and strong.


There are numerous benefits of Indoor cycling and you stand to have an improved workout routine when you adopt this form of cycling. You do not have to be an athlete to take part in this exercise. Even with low fitness levels, indoor cycling improves the strength of your muscles. It also ensures that your body says fit and healthy.

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