Benefits of Cycling

benefits of cycling

Cycling is an activity enjoyed by so many people around the world, it is appreciated as a sporting and leisure. The reasons cycling is well received with millions of people are not far-fetched, because not only does it provide a means of having fun, it is appreciated because it is a stress-free way to relax and wind. Cycling offers a means of escape from the stress of everyday living; there is lots of health benefits of cycling.


Well, having known that cycling has been an interesting sport enjoyed by many interested individuals for a very long time. From records, bicycle riding was introduced in the 19th century and has today become a viral sport in the world history of sports.

Currently, bike riding is appreciated as a convenient means of transportation by so many individuals, while others derive other useful purposes from it. This shows that bicycle riding is embraced and welcomed by lots of individuals since its introduction in the 19th century.

Cycling has many benefits, it does not contribute to air pollution, and is noiseless. As a means of transportation, it drastically reduces the much traffic experienced in our daily movement.

Cycling has many health advantages, and this makes it very attractive and well received by so many people. Due to the fact that lots of evidence shows that cycling aids the functions of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. More so, the respiration system of any individual that engages in cycling often is enhanced by this activity.

Outlined Below Are Comprehensive Benefits of Cycling:

  • Cycling alleviates anxiety.
  • It gets rids of depression.
  • Cycling helps the proper coordination of one's body.
  • It Increases the body's flexibility.
  • Cycling helps one's joints move freely.
  • It helps to strengthen muscles in the body.
  • Cycling helps to reduce stress.
  • Cycling helps to reduce stress.
  • It helps to shed unnecessary body fats.

In Other to Expatiate More, Some of the Benefits (Physical Health Benefits) of Cycling Includes:

It Helps the Joints

At any time when you sit on a bicycle, your weight is supported by a pelvis bone instead of the legs. With this, people with pain in the joint or stiffness associated with age have significant benefits from such postures.

It Serves as an Excellent Opportunity for Aerobics

Cycling, which is an aerobic session prompts the release of some chemicals in the body. The chemical helps a person feel renewed, while and improves the way the blood vessel, brain and heart function. So, when a person rides bicycle pedals, he gets the benefits of being involved in aerobic sessions.

It Enhances Muscle-building

In cycling, primarily when you use the pedals, some muscles are put to work such as quadriceps, abdominal muscles, flexor and hamstrings which are all strengthened while cycling.

Cycling Has an Enormous Impact on Day-to-day Activities

With cycling, one's daily activities such as climbing, walking etc. are improved.

Cycling Builds a Strong Bone

When one engages in activities such as pedaling, there is a pull on the muscle and the muscle, in turn, pull the bones. This process helps to build healthy bones.

Cycling boosts cognitive activities, it affects and influences cyclists in many ways, some of which are listed below:

Cycling Raises One's Confidence Level

Maybe you desire to build and increase your confidence, then cycling may be the answer. How? During cycling, there is a release of a hormone. This hormone ensures one's mental stability, releases positive attitudes, and keeps you in shape. All these help your overall confidence level.

It Motivates and Energizes You

Cycling does this by prompting the release of a hormone which keeps one's body motivated and energized.

It Alleviates Health Issues

Depression is one major disorder that many people suffer from. In fact, a lot of people have committed suicide because of this. Cycling, however, triggers the release of hormones which help to deal with depression. With about thirty minutes daily cycling, someone who suffers from depression may not need to go through psychotherapy because cycling does the job.

Cycling Enhances Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is something we all get involved in at one point or the other. Whether it is to generate an idea for a project or to get a good idea for a painting, we all need to think creatively. In this regard, cycling enhances the ability to get fresh ideas and think deeply.

Cycling Gives You a Sense of Responsibility and Pride

There are millions of cars and other vehicles on our roads globally. Some of these vehicles produce dangerous smokes, which affect human beings and the environment negatively.

For a cyclist, you get a sense of pride and responsibility that you are not adding to the environmental hazards because bicycles do not emit smoke.

Cycling Helps to Reduce Stress

Stress is now common among people of all ages and gender. Although people engage in different activities for combating stress, cycling remains one of the ways to handle it because it is a physical exercise.

Physical exercises, according to health experts release endorphins.

The effect of this is that tension is reduced, a person's sleeping pattern becomes stable and while the mood also becomes better.

Cycling Decreases Nervousness and Helps Productivity

Although it is not unusual to feel nervous before, during or after certain activities, nervousness or anxiety can become dangerous. Stress can be hazardous when it negatively affects and cripples a person's activities such as performance on the job, social engagements and maintaining relationships.

Cycling comes to the rescue in the situations described above because it is an aerobic session and medical experts and researchers have suggested that aerobics go a long way in reducing nervousness and anxiety.

How Cycling Affects Some Health Conditions

Having introduced you to both the physical and mental benefits of cycling, I will also draw to our notice some critical health challenges that cycling can help minimize (if not eliminate them).

Cycling and Weight-control

Gone were the days when only a few people had challenges with weight control, most especially, obesity. No thanks to the sedentary lifestyle which we adopt these days. A lot of people are becoming overweight.

To help shed unnecessary weight, cycling is recommended because it increases the rate of metabolism, it builds the muscle and it burns excessive body fats.

Cycling is also suitable for weight loss because it is flexible. It allows you to choose the time and speed with which you want to get involved.

Cycling reduces about three hundred calories within an hour and to get the best from cycling, people who want to shed weight must stick to a healthy meal plan to get the best result.

Cycling and Cardiovascular Diseases

When we talk about cardiovascular diseases, they include heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure.

With regular cycling, one's heart and lungs are properly stimulated. When this happens, circulation of blood is improved, and one's risk of having these cardiovascular diseases is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, Cycling has been found to reduce blood fat levels, strengthen the heart muscles and lowers resting pulse. Amongst cyclist, there has also been an improvement in the way the lungs function due to less contact with pollution. This is no doubt one of the most significant health benefits of cycling.

Cycling and Malignant Cells

The development of malignant cells in the body which is popularly called cancer is increasing all over the world. This has encouraged some researchers to conduct studies and researches into how to deal with it.

One of the ways by which cancer could be dealt with is cycling. Many facts suggest that the tendency to develop both colon and breast cancer can be reduced if one engages in cycling. Some others have also indicated that breast cancer may not develop if one engages in cycling.

Cycling and Diabetes

In this age when one can control almost everything with a remote control, people are now involved in less physical activities nearly all day long. A sedentary lifestyle among people, especially the busy executives, is now high and this is why diabetes is also increasing.

Cycling helps prevent exposure to some form of ailments like diabetes. With an average 30 minutes of cycling, the body system is engaged, and almost all the organs are made to work as they should.If this can be achieved, a person need not worry about developing diabetes.

Cycling and Injuries

With Cycling, the balance and coordination of the body are significantly improved. This means that one is not likely to fall and develop injuries or fractures.

Cycling is also a good exercise option for people living with arthritis since it does not place much stress on one's joint.


With all these health benefits of cycling, it is clear that cycling is worth investing in. Anyone who adopts cycling as a leisure activity, as a form of exercise or as a means of transport would have little regrets because the many health benefits of cycling are more than its disadvantages.

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