Beiou Toray T700 Review: Mountain Bike With Carbon Fiber Body

Beiou Toray T700 Review: Mountain Bike With Carbon Fiber Body 1
beiou toray t700 review

Beiou T700 is a low weight bicycle for using carbon fiber as the body structure. All the features have been highlighted with detailed information in our Beiou Toray T700 review. Talking about speed, the Toray T700 has a speed value of 27 MTB and the diameter of the wheel is 26-inch.

Also, the Shimano Altus 370 is used as the speed control factor & designed with 3k glazing red body color. The total size of the bike is 17-inch with a flat handlebar which is also made of carbon fiber 600 mm/31.8 mm. The disc brake has been used for strong boundness while at the high speed.

Beiou Toray T700 Review

beiou toray t700 review feature

The Features of Beiou Toray T700

Beiou is one of the best brands for manufacturing professional bikes. The bikes are colored with the unique eye-catchy color to make the visibility even more perfect. The discussion about all other features is given with detailed information here. These will help you to buy the product.

3K Glazing Red Finishing

The red color has a high-frequency range and for that, the color can be seen from a long distance. The color has been used to the outer surface with 3k glazing finishing that makes the product more unique. Also, the visibility factor helps to make the bike identical and easy to indicate.

Carbon Fiber Body Structure

We know that carbon is a light material and also the weight of the material is very low. The frame that is situated to the outer side is made completely with carbon fiber to maintain a low weight. The surface also resists dust to make the bike functional for a long time.

600 mm/31.8 mm Flat Handlebar

The handlebar is a comfort zone of the rider’s hand. Because the balance of the cycle completely depends on it. Those who don’t know how to ride without hands, the place holder is very important for them. 600 mm width and 31.8 mm length has been implemented in the flat handlebar.

Disc Type Brake Resistance

Brake is a very important factor for a mountain bike like this. As the bike deals with speed, the brake must be strong If the brake is not functional the other features are not so valuable. A disc brake has been used in both the wheel to make the reaction force for stopping the bike stronger than ever.

350 mm/31.6 mm Seatpost

Seatpost need to be less reactive according to the given force for the safety of the rider. The weight taking capacity also needs to be perfect enough to maintain the proper weight of the whole body. By considering these situations, the dimension of the Seatpost has been determined 350 mm wide and 31.6 mm length.

Shimano Altus 370 Speed Controlling

Speed controlling is the passionate work of a professional rider. Because the road doesn’t seem nice always. The road may become so hard to drive with comfort. So in different situations, speed controlling plays an important role. Shimano Altus 370 has been used to control the speed.

26 Inches Wheel Shape

The wheel of the bike takes all the reaction force from the ground. So the diameter of the wheel needs to be perfect to make the reaction good enough. The optimal measurement is kept 26 inches. This is determined by the developer with proper inspection.

GTMRK 330/26 Inches Suspension Fork

The suspension is the main part that creates boundness while all the extra force that is being applied due to the speed breaker. To make the bike more stable in this kind of situation, the suspension spring needs to be strong enough. The GTMRK 330 is used as the suspension fork and the measurement is 26-inch.

Crankset With Integrated Pro-Wheel

The crankset is situated on the left side of the paddle area. This Crankset is connected to the rear wheel which is integrated like a professional wheel. The wheel is connected with the set by the help of a shaft that ensures the proper binding. The crankset plays a very important role, as it helps to turn the rear pro-wheel.

Good Cable routing

Cable routing means the use of the cable from the hand-brake to the tire. The combination of the cable needs to be perfect enough to avoid the damage of the brake. The brake is very strong which is hydraulic. So the Beiou bike has been manufactured with good cable with perfect routing.

17-Inch Full Length

The length of the product is determined by the preferred measurement of the customer. So by analyzing all the preferred list of the customers, the full length has been determined as 17 inches. This length is not ideal for everybody but quite average and one of a kind.

Only 11.9 Kg Product Weight

The product needs to be light enough to carry anywhere. So the total effective lead of each component also needs to be light. The whole weight of the product is 11.9 kg and the load is perfectly implemented to the center of gravity. While riding the load factor becomes an important issue.

11-32T9S Free Wheel

The free-wheel is situated at the front side of the bike where the whole is connected with the rear wheel by a chain. The condition of the free-wheel is being developed by the developer to make the force transition smooth. 11-32T9S is used as a free-wheel.


After researching the satisfaction level of the customer, we have found out the demand of our mentioned bike. To make the advantages clear for you, we have collected some important factors.

  • The finishing of the bike is glazing red and the value of the measurement is only 3k.
  • High-quality carbon fiber is used to manufacture the outer surface which is Toray T700.
  • The size of the bike is kept at an optimal measurement having a value of 26/15 inches.
  • To make the frame of Beiou, carbon fiber Unibody is used for high performance.
  • There is a flat handlebar with 600 mm which helps to perform a strong grip.
  • The Seatpost of the Beiou is integrated with fiber that has a measurement of 350 mm.
  • Controlling speed is handled by the Shimano Altus 370 which brings perfect balance also.
  • The brake system of the bike is styled with disc brakes which is a very strong one.
  • GTMRK 330/ 26-inch fork is used as a hydraulic suspension fork.
  • The cable of the brake area has been routed nicely for better performance.
  • There is a crankset that is integrated with pro wheel features


  • You might need to cover your bike after using it because the carbon absorbs heat and the bike will get warmer.
  • If you are not an expert or not aware of how to assemble the bike, you might need to take external help.

Final Verdict

Mountain bikes have a spatiality & that is low weight. The outer surface is completely made with carbon fiber to make the Beiou bike light for comfortable riding. This indicates that the company has been giving value to their customer. Their developers are updating the feature based on the customer reaction also. The total weight has been minimized for easy portability. So you can choose the product without any doubt.

Beiou Toray T700 Review: Mountain Bike With Carbon Fiber Body 2

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