Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Hills? You Should Know Before Riding!

are cruiser bikes good for hills

Not just the hobbyists, there are also lots of cyclists who live from climbing regardless of punchy, and sort hills or big mountains passes. That's why this is a general question "Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Hills?" or not.

You'll love it if this is uphill. And it's doubtless that climbing is not an easy task. But, the issue is that whether using your time in the uphill is genuinely hurting for the general cycling performance.

So, you can consider cruiser bikes as one of the great options. It's because they're the eventual comfort bikes as they're meant for trouble-free riding on typically flat surfaces along with few gears.

As a result, it can be a better counterpart for you if you're living in hilly geography with many off-road paths. Let's know more about why cruiser bikes re suitable for hill tracks.

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Hills?

Good Gearing

You can ride uphill with a proper, large gear if you have strong legs with big lungs and heart. Indeed, you'll be able to cope well with a typical chain set, usually fitted with a 52 by 39 or 53 by 39 cranks.

If we explain it, a 53 by 39 crank has two rings for the chain at its front side with 52 teeth or sprockets while another with 39 teeth. With a different selection of sizes, its back chainrings' cassette will remain with 8-ring to 12-ring.

But, the target is to roll a comfortable gear for mere mortals. These days, most modern bikes come with solid chain sets, especially with the sportive style bikes.

They usually come with 50/34 or a 52/36 gear system. Also, you have the option to add one or two granny cogs to its rear cassette, such as replacing 32 sprocket rings with a 28.

are cruiser bikes good for hills

Get Out The Seat

Studies have suggested when you're cycling uphill, this is better to stand up or sit down. It also said that road cyclists produce the perfect power level. And they conserve energy while remaining on the seat until the slope hits 10%.

Also, that's time to set with the heart with reliable pumping. But, it may look like an unfeasible task to keep on standing while pedaling. Mainly it happens if the slope is above 25% or more.

Moreover, some people find they want to take a seat to maintain on the ground of your front wheel. Again, as 25% is faster to ride while standing up, hard and steep places will be fastest!

It may help with standard power with the ratio of weight while getting a lower center of gravity. You'll have to aim it for your own and find what works well for you.

Practice Makes Anyone Perfect

It matters very little you're using a cruiser bike or something else. But, you should practice more to be perfect riding on the hill. It indicates the saying that "practice makes a man perfect."

You have to find out a variety of hills from steep and short to shallow and long to try them each one. If you repeat single-minute efforts, it's useful for enhancing the strength as well as aerobic capacity.

You'll be in the right shape if you undertake a standard climb. So, you can take a look at some iconic climbing efforts of your nearby areas if you fancy enough climbing.

Shifting Gears While Cycling Uphill

You get the opportunity to take a test of your true grits with will-power while cycling uphill. As you climb some stages of the hill, you can be an expert on the essential gear changes.

A large number of cyclists get it challenging to go up hills as they don't know the perfect time to change gears. Because they typically just ride slowly and remain in the same gear and then change up when they go to the hill's top.

When you're keeping intense force on its pedal, the gears tricking is to change; it is the best. The gear becomes incredibly effortless to shift if you decrease the pedals' pressure.

There is an issue while trying to get the gear to downshift that sometimes you get stuck with equipment. As a result, the gear not just sticks; it also prevents your bike stop moving forward unexpectedly. That means you must not remain in similar gear while cycling.

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Cycling Techniques While Going Uphill

While cycling climbing, the method you use will decide whether you'll get an unbeaten riding experience. You must hold back your cruiser while pedaling. But, but footing up might be helpful for you to get some additional pace in a bit.

You can simply control to its lower gear when you obtain a bit of pace from the harder peddling. And yes, it's presuming that the bike is not by now in the lowest gear. It's better to get defeat and take off your bike to try pedaling harder if you're close to the hill's top.

But, you should fee slowing down a bit faster. Your feet may slip off its pedals easier, so it may injure yourself when you're pedaling harder. 

Get Ready To Get Down And Walk To The Hill

It might sound a bit comical. But, pedaling up to the hill may be painful for you as it can provide you with terrible riding experience. It happens if your bike's gears on the bike are very high. If the bike is not agreed to you to shift gears, don't be uncertain about getting down.

But, it doesn't suggest you need to climb up the whole hill walking. You should have some parts of this hill that might have less steep, so you can mount it again to ride in it again.


So, we found cruise bikes are suitable for hills if you know and follow some rules. That means you can use beach cruisers for uphill, but they're ahead of the best bike.

However, a hybrid bike or road bike is also a great option if you frequently need to ride uphill routes. Depending on their sizes, the large numbers of cruisers can manage small and medium-sized hills.

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