Are Cruiser Bikes Easy to Ride? The Classis Bike Riding!

Are Cruiser Bikes Easy to Ride

Cruiser bike, mainly known as a beach cruiser, is exactly the way out for those who simply like to bike. But Are Cruiser Bikes Easy to Ride as they seem? Yes, you will get the essence of a pure riding only while mounting on it. A heft structure, simple design, and a friendly look cruiser are the ones to instantly steal your mind. Yet the road bikes, mountain bikes or BMX gets major attention nowadays. They serve different purposes for a long time, though. But do others tempt you like a cruiser if you are only after riding?

About Cruiser Bike

These bikes become popular from the '90s actually. And till now, it is. When it comes to gear, it is distinctive, among others. As this cycle does not profile multiple speed gear. Instead, it features 7 single individuals in the market to have the option at your court. Compatibility at its best, I must say.

Similarly, you will find huge occasions to upgrade. Front light, tail light, buskets or fenders, you can include whatever you like. While other types are already loaded with features.

On the other hand, these sorts of bikes feature curved handlebar and balloon tires, which eventually encourage coaster breaks and upright seating. And clearly, it turns out to be for cruising only. It does not support intense riding. As a result, it was much popular in the beach town, which wind up the name “beach cruiser."

Types of Cruiser Bike

Continuous progress and evolution make 5 standard types of cruiser bikes. These 5 bikes are very specific with types and differences in criteria. Besides, they are now widely available as well.

They are individuals with their own specialty, but they are all the same at their core. They provide you comfort and a sense of casualty at their best.

Are Cruiser Bikes Easy to Ride

Advantage of Cruiser Bike

Different people have different kinds of needs while Biking on a cruiser. Some actually prefer high pedaling with turtle pace. The 7-speed gear of such cycles is perfect for them to adjust. It allows the user to derail while changing gear.

Additionally, When you are on a cruiser, you are on the safest bike. And who doesn't know the safest thing is always the easy one. Who doesn't know easy and safe goes hand by hand. Moreover, the balloon tires and soft cushiony seat pad makes your ride comfortable.

It makes your journey effortless on any terrain you wheel around. It is not always plain and tidy, even if you are on city lanes. There are always ups and downs on the surface. It is better to have a changing gear option on the bike. As you are not doing exercise, there is no need for additional exhaustion.

The major advantage e is affordable with the highest durability as traditionally it's a single-speed bike. And it has a heavy structure than a road or mountain bike.

The Disadvantage of Coaster Breaks

Though in use till now, cruiser bikes that have coaster breaks have a visible disadvantage as well. You may feel a little ambivalent using these breaks if you use others.

  • Cruiser bikes are now not often prominent on the highway and busy traffic. Therefore it’s quite annoying to pedal backward to stop the bike. Now, who used to squeeze the lever on the brake to slow off? Instead, it is less intuitive comparing modern age bi-cycles.
  • Similarly, coaster breaks take a long pause to stop the bike, unlike the v breaks and Disc breaks traditionally available on the mountain or road bikes. This sort or coaster brake is easy on transition.
  • You may find it practical and useful, but most troublesome it is. While in a hurry, you may find it hard to stop the bike immediately. And you will understand the usability of handbrakes then.
  • Cruiser bike that has coaster brake is less withstand when it comes to durability. It needs a hard push at the moment of the stop. Hence, the brake levers get loose often.
  • If you are a biker, it’s so obvious that you might face the chain drop while pedaling. However, in cruiser bike, it's quite important but savage one, while you are on the top speed. You just have to push the break how hard it may need. Then slow down and pause. Otherwise, you may face trouble without a backup break.

So, I do not recommend a coaster brake at all on a cruiser bike. Instead, use other breaks if bikes possible. If you are fond of their aesthetics, use a backup break, like a hand brake on the cruiser.

Is It an Easy Ride?

Honestly, you may start questioning after reading all these. Are Cruiser Bikes Easy to Ride? It makes sense only if you are riding one of them. If you are familiar with road or mountain bikes, it is fair to stop thinking of it. Still, a cruiser is always an easy ride to me. If you tend to make your bike a speedy ride, these are few nibs you must strive.

That includes lubricating the bike chain, tire pressure and adjusting the saddle. Besides, don't forget to align the brakes as well.

Smooth lubrication allows you to build the speed quickly, whereas tire pressure tends to smooth-rolling resistance.

All these tiny little adjustments, build major impacts on your ride. That is how faster you run with the bike and how much fun you gain.

Conclusion of Are Cruiser Bikes Easy to Ride?

If you are simply enjoying the weather or relish the sea waves on the beach, cruiser bike is the best option you've got. However, for regular use and long term assistance, I would recommend you to find among others. These fancy beach bikes are easy to ride for sure, but how far it serves the purpose matters. Till then, you enjoy the breeze on the seaside road and ride.

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