7 Gear Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

7 Gear Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review 1
ancheer folding electric mountain bike review

Ancheer bikes are one of a kind for their effective activity. The folding capability with a 20-inch body & addition of a 36-volt Li-ion battery has taken them to the next level. The bikes come in white & red colors. The aluminum frame is used for the main body of the bike. The details are explained in the Ancheer folding electric mountain bike review below.

The stress is minimized by using the disc styled brake which has a size of 20 inches. The height of the user has an optimal margin for man 6.08-inch & women 5.75-inch. There are 7 different gears to increase real-time speed. The handlebar length is 22.2 inches & the bike weight is 50 pounds.

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ancheer is one of the best brands for producing good quality mountain bikes. But they have improved the bikes by adding electricity with them. Now you don’t need to paddle by your foot. The proper charge will give you enough mileage to reduce interruption while riding.

Frame Made With Aluminum

We know that aluminum is a light material and also very durable. The frame at the outer side is made completely with aluminum to maintain portability. It also gives protection to the oxidation effect.

20 Inches Wheel Shape

The wheel of the bike takes all the reaction force from the ground. So the diameter of the wheel needs to be prefaced according to the carrying weight. The optimal measurement is kept 20 inches.

Disc Type Brake Resistance

Brake is a very important factor for a bike. If the brake is not functional the other features are not so valuable. As the bike deals with speed, the brake must be strong. A disc brake has been used in both the wheels.

36 Volts & 8 Ah Li-Ion Battery

The power comes from a battery which supplies direct current. This kind of vehicle needs a strong and stable battery. Li-ion battery is used in the bike with 36 volts and 8 amp capacity.

250 Watts Motor Capacity

As the motor needs to cover a long way journey, the power needs to be vast enough to maintain that. For this kind of bike, the power has been set to 250 watts and that is enough for a long shot.

7 Speed Increasing Gears

Gears are mainly used to control the speed of the motor that is attached to a chain. The change of different gears makes an impact in wheel rotation as well as the speed.

Carbon Steel At The Front Fork

The front fork doesn’t require any kind of metallic substance. So instead of aluminum, the front fork is covered with the more light material. Carbon steel is used to cover that area.

LED Torch & Horn

At night it becomes very hard to drive for the darkness. To get rid of this situation, an LED light is attached to the front. Also, a horn creator is attached in the middle of the bike.

Foldable Frame

The main attraction of this mountain bike is it can be folded. That means it can be fit in another big vehicle and can be carried anywhere easily. The main body parts are kept protected.

25-30 KM Riding At Full Charge

The adjusted battery is powerful enough to show high performance. If the battery is fully charged, you can go to a long drive and 25-30 km distance can be easily covered.

3 Functional Modes

The bike can be used in 3 different modes. As it is a bike it can be used as an ordinary road bike. It will turn into an automobile if electricity is used. Also, it can be used as an assisted bicycle.

20 Inch Slip Resisting Tire

The tire is a very important component because by this the vehicle moves ahead. The rainfall sometimes makes the road very slippery. To get rid of being slipped, a 20-inch slip resistive tire is used.

Height Range 5.09-6.25 inches

The bike can be used by people with a specific range of height. Because the size is optimized according to the range. The optimal range of height is 5.09 to 6.25 inches both for men and women.

58.1 Inch Full Length

The full length of the product is neither so big nor so small. The length is determined by the advantage of the people with a particular range of height. The full length is 58.1 inches with a proper dimension.

50 Lbs Product Weight

The product needs to be light enough to carry anywhere. So the total effective load of each component also needs to be light. The whole weight of the product is 50 pounds which increases portability.

300 Lbs Load Bearing Capacity

This is a very important matter, as the bike will have to take the full weight of the body. So the load-bearing capacity is being increased by the developers and it is 300 lbs.

Maximum Speed 15-17 RPM

The motor is very powerful with 250 watts output power. This power leads the wheel to perform more rotation. The maximum speed is 15 to 17 rotations per minute which leads to obtaining more mileage.


Are you looking for some solid information about the product? You will find the best points here, as we have collected based on the review of the customer. The points directly indicate the merits of the product.

  • Folding capability makes the mountain bike portable.
  • Having a different color makes visibility sharper & identical.
  • To reduce metal corrosion the frame is made with the light aluminum metal.
  • The wheel size is kept 20-inch to conduct proper reaction force while driving.
  • Having a voltage capacity of 36 volts ensures the required power production based on gear.
  • There is an 8 amp battery of Li-ion to maintain direct current.
  • The bike has a huge power production of 250 watts that is enough to cover 25-50 km at one shot.
  • To make the real-time modification of speed, 7 different gears are attached to the paddle area.
  • For night riding a dazzling LED is attached to cover the maximum view at dark.
  • There are three different modes available that can be used based on circumstances.
  • The assembling of the bike is not time-consuming & 85% is pre-assembled.


  • Before assembling the mountain bike you might need to take proper training to ride safely.
  • This is not an ordinary bike so you might need to take it away from the children.

Final Verdict

Mountain bikes have a spatiality & that is low weight. As Ancheer folding bike is an electric mountain bike, it also needs to have enough portability. The outer surface is completely made with aluminum to make the product light. After folding, it becomes much easier to carry into any vehicle. The electricity has reduced the fatigue that is caused by paddling manually. So choose your product with self-satisfaction.

7 Gear Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review 2

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